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Dog hoodie – how to choose the right one?

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What is a dog hoodie?

Among the many clothes for a dog, you are considering a hoodie. Which pets will it be a good choice? First of all, for all those who value freedom a lot. What do you associate a hoodie with? For me, it is a piece of clothing that is very casual, very comfortable and gives me a feeling of full comfort while providing nice warmth. It is the same for a dog hoodie. Some dogs dislike wearing sweaters and need extra protection from the cold on cold days. Nothing wrong with that, in such a situation we have to find another solution. Perhaps a jacket or a dog hoodie will perfectly fulfil its function.

What to look for when choosing a hoodie for our pet?

So the decision has been made by you and you want to buy a hoodie for your dog. You think okay, just what next? You want to choose a dog hoodie that your pet will love, putting it on will be simple, and also one that will be well and fashionable cut. So this is what you need to pay attention to when choosing a dog hoodie:

  • cutting
  • material
  • production quality
  • look
  • size
  • price

You already know what has a direct impact on whether you will make the right decision when choosing a hoodie for your pet. However, just knowing these determinants is not enough. That’s why I’m here to help.

dog hoodie yolo grey bowl and bone republic ps2sa

I will answer questions such as:

The cut, but what? Thin or thick material? What is the price/quality ratio? How to choose the right hoodie size? And many others.

Dog hoodie cut

A hoodie is a rather vague name for one of the items of clothing. Under this one slogan, there are several possible cuts and styles. So our task is to choose one that suits the needs of our pet. First of all, we have a choice of a hoodie with or without a hood. Will the dog wear a hood willingly? I think only in some cases. So it can be considered that this is an element that mainly affects the appearance of the hoodie, and we will deal with that later.

A dog hoodie can be simple or with welts. I recommend the latter option. Why? The answer is simple. The puller provides additional protection against the cold. It makes our pet more sheltered from cold wind.

A dog hoodie can have a fitted cut or be looser (oversize). Your pet feels better in fitted clothes, or does he appreciate clothes that do not fit closely to his body? I know that my pooch feels best in a hoodie with cuffs at his feet. That’s why my choice was the CLOUD dog hoodie by Bowl&Bone Republic. It has an original patch in the form of a cloud, which perfectly reflects the gentle nature of my quadruped.

What material of hoodies for a doggy?

The material is important when it comes to dog clothes, including of course the hoodies. If we want the hoodie to fill the combination well, and thus protect the pet from the cold, it must be made of good material. 100% acrylic or polyester will not provide our pet with proper warmth.

Acts that the hoodie you have chosen is not made of finding material. Cotton or wool are the materials you should look for when reading the garment label. Moreover, the quality of these materials is also important. It influences, among other things, the design of clothes.

The quality of the dog clothes

Undoubtedly, the quality of the product has a direct impact on its durability. So what gives us the purchase of a good quality dog hoodie? First of all, the certainty that it will serve your pet longer than just until the first wash. Unfortunately, it often happens that poor quality clothes completely lose their cut and style after the first wash. Thus, becoming useless or very unsightly in terms of appearance.

The solidity of the hoodie makes that the dog will not destroy it in the course of everyday use. I think that no canine guardian wants to sew up holes in his hoodie after each walk, or repair tore buttons.

dog hoodie cloud coral bowl and bone republic ps2sa

Fashionable hoodie look

What your doggy is wearing is quite important. It is much nicer to walk in a nice, well-kept outfit. Testifying to our good taste and sense of taste. It is the same with our pets.

The appearance of a dog hoodie is also important. It’s not about making other dog owners know that our pet looks good in its clothes. A well-tailored and selected hoodie gives others a signal that we attach great importance to providing our dog with the best. What’s more, a pet can also sense whether a given garment matches its character and temperament. Therefore, choose a hoodie that, in your opinion, is fully compatible with your doggy.

The size of the dog hoodie is important

Although it might seem that the size of the hoodie is not that important, the situation is completely different. Often, dog keepers are guided by the belief that a hoodie is quite a loose and loose part of clothing. Of course, this is true for ourselves. However, we sometimes forget that our dogs have different needs and possibilities than we do.

Too loose a hoodie? No problem! Quickly and efficiently, you can roll up slightly oversized sleeves that disturb you while performing basic activities. Remember that doggie cannot do this. The wrong size hoodie will restrict his freedom of movement. It will become cumbersome to use. As a result, instead of giving him nice warmth and protection, it will put him in a bad mood.

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The price of a dog hoodie

In most cases, the quality of a given product is directly proportional to its price. Of course, there are also exceptions to this rule. In the case of some brands, the price of a given product does not result from the high-quality materials it is made of. The price is then mainly influenced by the logo with which the item is signed. That is why it is so important to read the specifications of a given product, be it directly on the label or in the form of a description on the website. Make sure that the high price of the hoodie is because it is made of high-quality materials.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a dog hoodie. The success of the choice is based on the above-mentioned guidelines and drawing individual conclusions from them. As soon as you manage to find the perfect hoodie for your dog, be sure to share your choice with me in the comment.


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