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Dog in bed – should you sleep with your pet?

Each dog guardian faced the dilemma of whether to let a pet stay in his bed or not. Keeping close ties with your pet is extremely important, however, you must define clear boundaries for the pet to understand. The dog should know what is allowed and what is not allowed in your home. This applies, among other things, to sleeping in your bed. This is one of the things to think about before a new four-legged friend arrives in home. I will try to bring you all the pros and cons of letting your pet sleep in bed.
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Advantages of a sleeping pooch in our bed

Is dog in bed good idea? Many new pooches owners face this question. In the beginning, I will present you the advantages of allowing your pet to sleep in your bed. First of all, it allows you to strengthen relationship with pooch. Most quadrupeds love to spend time with their guardians. They feel good and safe then. While sleeping, the pooches also want to feel calm and confident that nothing is wrong with their beloved guardian.

You have certainly noticed that the pet often chooses for a nap the part of the house where you are present. This is not accidental. Doggy acts in this way with full awareness. Not only during the afternoon nap your pooch wants to feel your presence and be close to you. At night, your pet will sleep much more peacefully knowing that you are right next to him. Good sleep has a great impact on the dog’s everyday well-being. Makes your pet more relaxed and rested.

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A dog in bed is also a positive effect on your well-being. The close presence of a pet during sleep reduces the level of stress in the body and also increases the feeling of relaxation. People feel more rested and positive about the new day. The sense of security from mutual closeness is noticed not only in four-legged friend but also with us. Besides, it is a great way to expand your level of empathy and understanding of another being.

The close presence of the pooch during sleep has a positive effect on the quality of sleep. People who fall asleep in the company of their quadruped quickly enter the deep phase of sleep and are less prone to accidental awakening. In the morning they feel more energy and well-being.

Disadvantages that result from hosting a dog in your bed

One of the key negative effects of letting a pet sleep in your bed is the difficulty in taking care of hygiene. Although you certainly care about the cleanliness of your pooch, hair loss is an obvious for every dog. For people who are particularly sensitive to cleanliness, finding doggy on their bedding is unacceptable. In this situation they can feel a lot of discomfort during sleep.

It is also worth mentioning about allergy sufferers. This applies not only to those who are allergic to dog hair but to everyone who belongs to this group. People suffering from allergies of any kind should avoid sleeping close to their pets. A dog in bed can aggravate already irritating allergic reactions.

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Some pooches behave loud while sleeping. Their snoring can make it difficult for a person who will be in the same room to fall asleep. Unfortunately, many breeds due to the construction of the muzzle are characterized by a tendency to snore. Unfortunately, this is a type of problem with almost no effective solution.

It is not only snoring that pooches can cause that his presence will negatively affect your sleep. Some pooches are extremely restless at night. They often wake up and walk around the room which could wake you up a little. A dog in your bed, spinning when you try to fall asleep at all costs is not very nice feeling.

Or maybe doggy bed?

If you want to find a compromise in the above situation, there is a very simple solution. Own dog bed. It can be placed close enough to your bed so that the pet can feel your presence and have you at sight. This is a great way for everyone to be satisfied.

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So how do you choose the right bedding for your dog? Be sure to check out my previous entries about choosing a sleeping bag for a dog and how to choose the right dog bed.

The bed should be primarily adapted to the size of our pooch. Comfort and convenience of use are very important. The dog should feel fully relaxed in it. Well-fitted dog bedding directly affects the quality of his sleep. Hence, it affects his good mood.

I especially recommend comfortable beds from the urban URBAN line, soft-loft LOFT line or big city line – COSMOPOLITAN by Bowl&Bone Republic. They are ideal for even the most demanding quadrupeds. A dog with such a bed at his disposal will think twice before try to replace it for your bed and this is already a start 🙂

And what are your experiences on this topic? Do you let the dog sleep with you or not necessarily?

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