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How to choose the right dog sleeping bag

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Dog sleeping bag

When choosing a proper bedding for your pet, it is worth considering slightly less popular solution than a standard dog bed. As an excellent alternative, we propose a dog sleeping bag. It is exceptionally convenient and comfortable for daily use. What’s more, it’s perfect for dogs who love to bury and wrap while sleeping. Some dogs especially appreciate the feeling of a cozy environment – which gives a bed in the form of a dog sleeping bag. In addition, this dog bedding model is comfortable to carry. Perfect for both – at home and during travel. A dog sleeping bag is a combination of exceptional comfort and a practical solution.

The characteristic of a dog sleeping bag

On the market for dog accessories, we can find several types of dog sleeping bags. How do you choose the right one that will meet the expectations of your pet? You have to pay attention to a few important details, first of all considering the preferences of your pet in everyday life.

  • The sleeping bag cutting

Usually we meet with two types of dog sleeping bag: closed and open.

The “open type” characterize a construction that resembles a sleeping bag known to us from everyday life. Such sleeping bag has an entrance only from one side and there is no transition in the back.

Another solution used to create the dog sleeping bag is the use of two overlapping parts of the material. The decisive advantage of this solution is that the dog is not lost inside the bag without being able to get out. This is especially important for dogs who are extremely anxious and could feel uncomfortable in this situation. Sleeping bags with such a cut can be found in the assortment of the Bowl & Bone Republic brand – the DREAMY line.

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  • Dog sleeping bag fabric

A dog sleeping bag in most cases consists of two different types of materials. The top layer should be made of a relatively dirt-resistant fabric, however soft enough for the dog to be able to lie cosily and comfortably on it. The interior is usually a very pleasant to touch material. Dogs love sleeping bags just because they can cuddle in their soft center and take a nap in hiding from the whole world. Therefore, when choosing a dog sleeping bag for your pet make sure that its inside is enough soft and delicate to the touch.

When choosing a suitable dog sleeping bag, make sure you can wash it in the washing machine. It is an extremely convenient solution. In addition, it allows you to keep the dog’s accessories in excellent condition, complete hygiene and cleanliness. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions during washing, otherwise the sleeping bag may become distorted and the material may lose its original properties.

  • Design is also important

It can not be denied that we often pay attention to the design of accessories we choose for our dogs. Dog bed is a permanent element of our home decor. That’s why we want it to blend in perfectly with the rest of furniture and decorations. A dog sleeping bag should not only be comfortable and perfectly suited to the needs of our pooch. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that it has stylish and fashionable design that pleases the eye every day.

DREAMY dog sleeping bags are available in four different color: silver (similar to gray), mint, nero (black) and lily (similar to lavender). A wide range of interesting colors will allow any dog fan to find a variant that fully meets his expectations. In addition, the outer material of the sleeping bag has elegant, symmetrical stitching wich forming the shape of rhombuses. The inner part is made of white, pleasantly soft and fluffy fabric that add lightness to the bed. The whole looks extremely stylish and elegant.

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Advantages of a sleeping bag for a pet

The unquestionable advantage of a dog sleeping bag is its lightness and ease of handling and transport. We can relocate it at home without any effort. What’s more, thanks to its relatively flat shape it will look good both on the floor and on the sofa. The material from which sleeping bags are made should be soft enough to provide the dog with a comfortable sleep. Even if the bed is directly on a floor or ground.

Easy folding of sleeping bag makes it perfect for travel. We can ably put it in a bag or a suitcase and go on a trip with your beloved pet. This is especially important if your dog does not tolerate the change of place well, even the momentary one. Then the comfy sleeping bag will give him comfort. The familiar scent in that situation is also important. It will make him feel a bit closer to home.

A dog sleeping bag is especially ideal form of a bedding for dogs, which during sleep feel safe only when wrapped tightly in their bedding.

Sleeping bag perfectly fulfills this function. It gives the dog the feeling of being in a safe hiding place where he is not in any danger. The dog wrapped in a nice to the touch material will sleep without fear, no bad dreams will bother him any more.

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A healthy and calm sleep of your dog wrapped in a sleeping bag

If we want to take care of a quiet, undisturbed sleep of a pooch, first and foremost, we should provide him with a suitable place to sleep. A dog sleeping bag gives the dog a nice feeling of wrapping and warmth. It will certainly improve the quality of his sleep. This is a good alternative to a standard dog bed, which will surely steal the heart of every dog.

Sleeping bag is also an excellent option when you care about the bedding, which can be anywhere where you go with your dog friend.


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