dog mat CLASSIC grey

If you often travel with your dog and take him on closer and longer trips, not only by car, the CLASSIC travel mat will be the perfect companion for your escapades. You can roll it up for transport and handle it easily with a handy. The filling is made of insulation, so it is perfect as a dog bed in new places.

By choosing the CLASSIC travel mat in grey, you can be sure that, regardless of the place and time, your four-legged friend will rest in luxurious conditions. The familiar smell of the lair will give him peace and carefree rest and will guarantee your pet’s well-being. What more could you want? You would wish only great weather and many adventures worth remembering!


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Design CLASSIC travel mats for dogs in grey

Grey CLASSIC dog travel mat is a determinant of above-average quality, comfort, and functionality. We have prepared it for dogs who, above all, value relaxation in comfortable conditions – also when they are away from home and travel frequently.

The filling with insulation perfectly protects the quadrupeds from the cold and increases their thermal comfort. Maltese, Yorkies, Shih-Tzu, French Bulldogs, Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Jack Russells, Schnauzers and Dalmatians will be delighted with the quality of grey CLASSIC mats!

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The comfortable CLASSIC mats are light and handy. You can roll them up, which makes transport much easier. Fastening with solid latches and a sewn-on handle makes it easy to carry and protects the dog bed from uncontrolled unfolding. As a result, the CLASSIC grey travel mat is perfect as a dog bed during trips and holidays. You can easily put it in a beach bag, attach it to a backpack during hiking or take it on a trip in a van.

By choosing a CLASSIC travel mat for your dog, you can be sure that your pet will love it with all his heart from the very first nap and will be happy to relax in the park, on the beach, in the clearing or the garden, even when colder days come outside. In the set with the BULLET GREY toy and the ZEN blanket, the CLASSIC transport mat will create the perfect setting and make your dog feel happy wagging his tail!

The CLASSIC rolled-up dog travel mat guarantees the comfort of your dog!

At Bowl & Bone Republic, we know dogs’ needs very well and we are constantly expanding our range with new premium elements for pets. The CLASSIC line has joined the mats appreciated by dogs and their keepers, whose designer appearance and well-thought-out cut guarantee the comfort of pets during trips and trips.

CLASSIC grey mats are also suitable as additional beds in homes. We especially recommend them to dogs who like to rest in various places – in the garden, in the park, in the backyard gazebo or front of the fireplace, when the days are getting colder.

For sewing the CLASSIC grey mat, we used durable and high-quality materials. Inside, we have used insulation that ensures thermal comfort, thanks to which the mat is perfect as a dog bed in various conditions and at almost any time of the year. A quite important advantage of the mat is that it is easy to keep clean, which is very important in the case of dog bedding.

A handy design and the possibility of folding into a roll for transport are other advantages in favour of choosing a CLASSIC travel mat for a dog. We also made sure that its colour could be easily matched to the other elements of your pet’s layette. For this reason, the CLASSIC travel mat is also available in cream, red, graphite, brown and beige.

Sizes of dog mat CLASSIC
in grey colour

S – 70 cm x 50 cm (≈ 27,6″ x 19,7″)

M – 80 cm x 60 cm (≈ 31,5″ x 23,6″)

L – 100 cm x 70 cm (≈ 39,4″ x 27,6″)


Dimensions of the CLASSIC grey mat have been measured in a folded form.

CLASSIC foldable dog mat – easy to keep clean

If your four-legged friend directs his first steps towards his bed right after being active, then choosing the CLASSIC travel mat, you do not have to worry about keeping it clean. We used durable and washable materials to sew it. You can quickly restore the original shine to the bed by washing the mat by hand or in a washing machine in a program dedicated to delicate fabrics.

We recommend that you do not use harsh chemicals that contain chlorine or bleach for cleaning. After washing, it is best to let the CLASSIC Mat dry completely in a flat position. Additional information on cleaning the CLASSIC grey travel mat for dogs can also be found on the label attached to the product.

If you have not found a suitable size for your pet in our CLASSIC travel mats, please contact our designers at Send them your preferred lair sizes and they’ll do the rest.


The order will be ready in about 5 business days. After this time, we will send them to the address indicated, packed in aesthetic and fully ecological packaging made of up to 70% of recycled materials.