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Five atypical mistakes when raising a dog

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There are 5 untypical mistakes when raising a dog much less obvious than those which certainly knows each of us. Probably every dog guardian will agree that there is nothing worse than not understanding the needs and expectations of a pet towards us. If you want to avoid such situations, it is worth learning tips that will help you communicate with your pooch to maintain good relationship.

Physical activity above all

Certainly, you have heard many times how important physical activity is in the life of your pet. Keeping your dog in good condition is one of the main pillars of building his health and well-being. Of course, this is perfectly correct, but there is one aspect that is often overlooked. Not every dog likes physical activity. Moreover, I do not mean the character and embodiment of a given breed, but rather the individual taste of a dog.


The fact that a given breed of dog is known to love movement and all physical activity does not mean that it will apply to absolutely every pooch. Perhaps your pet exhibits features that are completely opposite to those known for the breed. There is nothing wrong with that. It is important to be understanding in such a situation, do not try to convince your pet to become a sports enthusiast.

This is one of the mistakes made when raising a dog. Your pet does not like physical activity? Remember that not only training or exercise can keep him in good condition. Long hikes, swimming or playful exercise are great alternatives.

Listening to the advice of others when raising a dog

As you probably noticed, when you decide to take a pooch under your care, all kinds of advice and tips are coming from everywhere. Of course, this is very nice, but it is important not to lose yourself in listening to others. Each doggy is different and the fact that a given thing worked for one dog does not guarantee that it will be the same for your dog.

Try to be rational when it comes to raising a dog. Impulsiveness is not advisable. Use good advice as a guide, not a determinant of your actions. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, ask vet for help.

It’s not enough to train your pet’s body

To fully take care of the doggy good development, you often attach great importance to keeping him in the best physical condition. You design strength training that will be appropriate for his abilities. Unfortunately, we forget how important it is to take care of our pooch’s intellectual health. The physical training itself will not make your dog gain more wisdom or understanding of the functioning of the world around him.

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Regular mental activity is the key to keeping your pooch in good shape until late years. Systematic exercises aimed at the intellectual development of your four-legged friend should be a permanent element of your educational process. As in our lives, physical strength is not everything. The intellect and light of mind play a very important role in the pooch’s everyday life.

Obedience at the expense of good relations

Taking care of the pooch, we want him to always fully obey our commands. However, we must consider whether we want to have a well-trained dog or a best friend.

Of course, every pooch should know and respect generally accepted rules. Nevertheless, it is a mistake to strive for the pooch to be fully disciplined and obedient. That way you can prevent your pet from making independent decisions. You can deprive him of his personality and temperament. The doggie will start treat you like the person to whom he must obey, not like a friend.

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I love the nature of my pet. I know that during our walks together, he will come running at my call. However, I do not forbid him to get to know the world, hide under a pile of leaves or make new friends with other dogs.

Friendship with your pet is very important

What other mistakes do we make when raising a dog? We often forget that friendship guardian-dog is not everything. Dogs also need to maintain good contact with other quadrupeds. My pooch has a canine friend and loves to spend time with him. Their favourite activity is stretching and wrestling with the BULLET dog toy from the Bowl&Bone Republic brand. I am impressed with the strength of this toy compared to these two rascals.

These five atypical mistakes in raising a dog can be a form of warning. It is not worth checking their negative effects personally on relationship with your pet.

My goal is to make you realize that raising a dog requires real commitment. If we only try from time to time, our relationship with your pet will suffer severely.

If you have any questions or would like to express your opinion on this matter, please visit the comments section.


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