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How a dog shows trust

The dog shows his trust in his guardian by lying on his back and exposing his belly while allowing it to be touched. If the pooch comes up to you on his own, looking for physical contact, it is a sign of his trust. In such situations, the dog often puts his head in the lap of the person he trusts.

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What will you learn from this article

  • the dog shows his trust by showing his belly and letting him touch it
  • if a pooch is looking for physical or eye contact, that is a sign of his trust
  • dog shows you great confidence by the fact that he allows you to freely see his mouth

Do you know when a dog shows trust?

For your pooch you are his whole world, the most important person he pays the most attention to. In you he seeks consolation on bad days, as well as sharing joy in good ones.

The basis of a good relationship with the pooch is communication and trust. The latter is especially important for a dog. However, do you know how your pooch trusts you? The fact that the pooch likes someone very much does not mean that he fully trusts such a person, these are two completely separate issues for him.

Want to find out how your dog shows trust? If so, I have prepared a few tips for you to identify this crucial matter.

Why your dog’s trust is important

Trust in another person is the basis of a good relationship. I can’t imagine creating a strong bond with someone I don’t trust. It is then very difficult to rely on someone if you are not sure that the other person will keep his word.

It works exactly the same with your four-legged friend. For him, trust is one of the most important things that create a strong bond with his guardian. When it is gone, it will be very difficult to re-create.

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Dogs are very memorable

It cannot be denied that the dogs are very memorable. Especially when we are talking about situations when something is happening in them that evokes very strong emotions. Then such an event will remain in your pet’s memory for a long time. Whether it’s something positive or negative.

One day while playing with my pooch in the park, his ball rolled towards a small pond. He chased after the toy, hoping that he would be able to intercept the ball before it fell into the water. Of course, I already saw from a distance that it was absolutely impossible.

The doggy fell into the pond with a loud splash. As he is not very passionate about swimming, he ran out of the water with almost the same speed as he ran into it. It was a very unpleasant event for him, which he remembers until today.

How do I know that the pooch still has this situation in his memory? Because every time we pass this place, he tries to go as far from the pond as possible. I can see that as he looks tense and alert. I am sure that in everyday life with your pooch, you also notice this kind of situation when your pet shows that he remembers very well a situation that took place in a specific place.

I think now you realize how very rememberable dogs are. That is why it is so important to cultivate the trust that your four-legged friend has placed in you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to repair it.

What if the dog doesn’t trust you

The distrust of the dog is very noticeable. Your relationship is then not as strong as it could be. Your pooch may be looking for support and a feeling of safety in someone else. I think it wouldn’t be nice for any dog guardian to experience such an attitude from his pooch.

The lack of trust from your dog means that despite the fact that you are his guardian, you may notice that he is looking for support from other household members. He picks up your behaviour with a reserve and keeps a close eye on you when you address him directly.

A doggy who doesn’t trust you may not want to follow your commands, even if they’ve always done them smoothly in the past. This can be very troublesome in everyday life with your pet.

How a dog shows trust?

Your dog can show trust in you in several different ways. Watch your pooch’s behaviour and see if he shows signs of trust in you. Some of the situations that I am going to intrioduce may not even be noticeable by you in everyday life with the pooch.

The dog allows you to touch his belly

For a dog, his belly is one of the most sensitive areas on his body. The moment the dog lies down on his back and shows belly means that he trusts this person a lot.

Moreover, if he allows him to touch his belly, it is a sign of very big trust. The doggy knows you won’t hurt him, and he doesn’t have to worry about anything wrong with you, even if he lets you touch the most sensitive area on his body.

Therefore, if the dog allows you to stroke his belly, you can be sure that you are not a random person for him. He trusts you very much.

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The dog is looking for closeness

You can also see your dog’s trust in his little everyday gestures. One of them is searching for your closeness. If your pet comes to you very often and lies next to you, you can be sure that he trusts you.

One of the most characteristic behaviours of a dog in such a situation is placing its head on the lap of a very close person. This way, the pooch shows that he feels very safe in your presence and that he trusts you fully.

In a situation where the tucked into you pet decides to fall asleep, it is a signal for you that your pet feels completely comfortable and well with you. He knows he doesn’t have to worry about anything while he is asleep. He trusts you and knows that in the event of an emergency, you will certainly ensure his safety.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the pooch expresses his trust through such small gestures that you may not notice on a daily basis. Notice when he puts his head in your lap, or just comes to lie next to you.

The dog allows you to look into his mouth

Checking a dog’s teeth can be very troublesome. The fact that the pooch allows you to look into his mouth requires a lot of trust from him. The doggie needs to understand that he is absolutely safe from your side.

If you want to develop this level of trust from your pooch, then I refer you to the post on how to teach your dog to show teeth. You can find it on this blog as well.

It is a very personal zone for the dog, so even if you are really close, your pooch may need additional assurance from you that he is safe.

The dog is looking for eye contact

Eye contact is a very important part of a dog’s communication. If he is intentionally avoiding eye contact, it is definitely not random behaviour. So if your pooch looks you right in the eye and expects you to do the same, that is a sign of the trust he has in you.

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The dog’s trust is very important

The basis of a good relationship with the pooch is mutual trust. Without it, it will be very difficult for you to form a lasting and strong bond. Therefore, do not let any of your behaviour make your pet lose confidence in you.

Do you think your pooch trusts you? In what of the ways I mentioned above he shows you that he trusts you? Write it to me in the comment below.

If you have any questions for me, want me to bring up a topic in the next post, be sure to share it with me in the comments section.


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