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How to choose the right toy for your dog?

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Having toys for your dog is the right thing to do. What's more, not having things to play with can actually have bad effects on the health of your pet. Toys allow your dog to play out his instincts. For him a toy is more than an object that makes him happy and allows him to have a good time.   

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Why are toys so important for your dog?

Dogs have an innate need to sniff, chase and hunt. They treat toys as lively opponents that they must capture. After a successful hunt, dogs will chew the object they have captured. This natural instinct helps dogs to strength their jaw muscles. After chewing, we can also expect that the hunted toy will be given to us. In this way, the dog shows his attachment and willingness to share his prey with his companions. Dogs do not grow out of toys, they only change their preferences as to the types or shapes of toys that they like.

How to choose the right dog toy?

Choosing the right toy is a key issue because not every object will meet the needs and preferences of your pet. It is important to pick toys that are adjusted to not only the age of your pet, but also his character and individual taste. A well-chosen toy will provide your dog with great satisfaction and an excellent way to grow and develop.

  • puppy or adult dog

Young dogs have completely different needs and preferences in relation to toys and fun. Puppies, for instance, need teething toys that will allow them to relieve the pain caused by growing teeth. Chewing and biting is a way for your dog to alleviate pain and find relief.

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If a puppy does not have a toy to chew on, it is likely that he will start chewing on other things, like shoes or furniture. When choosing a toy for teething purposes,  it is worth paying attention to the size, so that your dog can grasp it and chew without restriction. Considering that the newly grown teeth of puppies are not yet very strong, it is also important to ensure that the toy you choose is not overly hard.  For young dogs, all kinds of little toys with which they can not only play, but also fall asleep are perfect.

Bowl&Bone Republic  offers many toys for dogs such as BAX, REX or DEX, which, because of the material they were made of and their shape, are perfect for any puppy.

When choosing a toy for an older dog, it is worth searching for one that will not require excessive physical activity. For senior dogs, toys that can be rolled, bitten and tossed will bring great joy. In the case of older dogs, it is worth giving up play that overloads their joints.

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  • dog’s unique temperament

Dogs, like people, differ in their character and preferences. When deciding to buy a new toy for your pet,  take into consideration his personal needs. If your dog is lively and energetic, look for a dog toy like a frisbee. Toys that allow your dog to chase and retrieve are great options.

Dog BULLET toys that can be found in Bowl&Bone Republic’s vast assortment of products, are perfect for playing with your dog. If your doggy prefers less absorbing entertainment, choose a ball that can be retrieved or any type of teething chew toy.

  • dog’s security

When choosing a toy, first of all, pay attention to whether it could harm your dog. The toy you choose should be large enough to prevent it from being completely swallowed. Another important thing to make sure is that the toy you choose for your dog doesn’t have any small elements, like little plastic eyes for instance, that could easily fall off or be bitten off by your dog. Small pieces to toys can be especially dangerous if you leave your dog alone while he is playing, because you may not be able to react fast enough if he starts choking.

The material itself from which the product is  made is also important. Especially in the case of inexpensive toys. Cheap toys are often constructed with very poor materials that can easily be damaged by your pet, or even contain harmful substances.

Control the condition of your dog’s toys

Let’s also remember that no toy is safe when its condition indicates strong wear. For the sake of your four-legged friend, you  should soon replace such a product with a new one.

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Dogs use toys to unload their accumulated energy and get rid of boredom. This is especially important for puppies. Choosing the right toy for your dog doesn’t have to be difficult. That being said, it should be remembered that the toy you choose must be tailored to the individual needs of your pet. It is also important that the product itself is safe and does not pose a threat to the life or health of your dog.

Taking into account the above tips, the owner who knows his dog well will not have any problem choosing a toy that will make his beloved companion as happy as can be.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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