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How to encourage a lazy dog to be more active?

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My lazy dog

Although for some an undemanding dog is a dream come true, we must remember that this behavior does not have a positive effect on our dog’s health. It might seem like an upside that a lazy dog requires less duties. However, we need to bare in mind that spending time with our dog on varies activities not only gives us joy but what is more important strengthens our relationship.

Let’s not forget that the sluggishness of a pooch is not only a feature of his character. First of all, the dogs who avoid physical activity and napping on the couch is their favorite hobby, they are exposed to the danger of gaining weight. What’s more, not very active dogs are more susceptible to all kinds of fractures and injuries. Therefore, if your dog is a lazy dog, start acting to protect his health and assure better well-being.

How did your dog’s apathy begin?

Do you ever wonder how it happened that not long time ago your pet was almost a volcano of energy? He was filling the entire room with his presence and positive energy, moreover, you could hardly manage to tame his spontaneous character. It took a few years and after your extremely active pooch remained a lazybones lying on the couch blissfully. How did it happen? How did the apathy come into your home?

There can be many reasons for your pooch’s energy loss. First of all, remember that the puppy is characterized by a completely different temperament than an adult dog. It is obvious that the young pooch has almost infinite reserves of energy, which, with its maturation, exhausts slowly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the fact that the dog is slightly less active than during his puppy years. This is perfectly normal, of course to some extent. If you feel that your dog has become completely different from what he uses to be then you can’t ignore it.

Dog can become dejected as a result of various experiences that have had an extraordinary impact on his psyche and well-being. Relocation or appearance of a new family member may be a cause of depression in the dog, as a result of which he might have lost all desire for activity. The lazy dog does not always have to mean a small marauder. Lack of willingness to make an effort or lower activity may also result from the fact that the dog feels unhappy. Try to analyze what serious changes have taken place in your life recently and whether any of your behavior could make a damage to your dog’s attitude.

What is your relationship with your dog?

Maybe the laziness of a pooch comes from a decrease in your involvement in your relationship? When you are busy with everyday affairs, did you often ignore your pet when he tried to invite you to play together? Pooch alone will fail to take a walk or a hike by himself. The fall of our own energy often affects our pet. Dog who does not feel the incentive to actively spend time together, will eventually lose their motivation. If we neglect the pooch condition, it will be difficult to persuade him to join physical activity again.

How to encourage a lazy dog to activity?

If your dog is not happy about walking together, and what’s more, you get the impression that he tries to avoid them at all costs is a sign that something is wrong. At the beginning, consult your observations with the vet to make sure that the lethargic nature of the dog does not result from health problems. If the problem is not connected with disease or a shortage of vitamins, try to stimulate your canine.

Above all, remember that the struggle with approach that the dog created will require some time. You have to be patient and remember about the regularity of your actions. Observe the progress of your pet and adjust the intensity of subsequent activities.

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  • Regular walks with the dog

Common walks are the basis from which you should start to stimulate your dog’s physical activity. Remember to run the whole process slowly, in small steps. Otherwise, the dog may quickly become discouraged or even worse – to get injured from pushing through.

Begin the training adventure with your doggy by taking regular walks. Remember about the appropriate preparation. Comfortable, be sure to use well-fitting harness, to ensure your dog’s maximum comfort during joint hiking. The dog harnesses from Bowl&Bone Republic will be perfect for this purpose.

Start with short and frequent 15 minute walks. Do not force the doggy to run or take on intense fun. The time for it will come eventually. Watch the dog’s behavior. If you notice that it is more and more tolerable for walking together, and returning home he is no longer exhausted, you can begin to gradually extend the time of walks. The first improvement in the dog’s condition should be noticeable after about a week. But this is not a fully reliable determinant. Each dog is slightly different, and thus his return to form may take longer or shorter.

After a month, thanks to regular walks, the doggy should improve his physical condition, and the walks will become less tiring for him. At this moment, the dog should be able to walk for about an hour. Show your pup that walking is more than just a moment for a daily toilet. Joint trips are the time when you discover new places, enjoy the surrounding nature, and explore the previously unknown routes.

  • having fun with your dog

Another way to stimulate the energy in your doggy is to have fun together. Dogs love when we give them time. In this way they feel that they are important to us. If the physical condition of your pooch is very weak, start with less demanding play. For this purpose, all kinds of dog mascots or balls will be perfect. You can play both outdoors and at home. At this stage the dog is not ready for intense running on large areas.

When your pup condition improves, you can enrich your joint physical activity with slightly more demanding games. All kinds of tearing toys that will force the dog to fight with us but also retrieve will prove to be very good. Bowl&Bone Republic has excellent dog toys in their offer that will be a perfect complement to your common play.

  • try a little bit of sport

It’s about time you try some sports with your dog. Of course in a very accessible version. Running with obstacles is a great idea for introducing new activity to the life of a pooch. You do not need specialized equipment to enjoy the fun. The role of obstacles and cones can be played with toys that you have at hand. Or maybe a classic hide-and-seek at home? Dogs are excellent in this area thanks to their sense of smell. We guarantee that they will find every hiding place without any problem!

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Tired dog is a happy dog!

During physical exertion, endorphins are released in our body, which makes our well-being significantly improved. This also applies to our pets. The lazy dog needs our help in order to uncover his athletic spirit.

Do not act impulsively. Small but regular steps count the most. Just a moment, and your little friend will be happily wagging his tail at the thought of another walk or playing outdoors in the open air.


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