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How to make dried dog treats

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DIY dog treats

Standing before a choice of treats for your pooch, you completely don’t know which flavour variant to choose? Or maybe your pet is extremely fussy and did not like any delicacies from the store?

I know how you can handle this. Self-preparation of treats for a dog will work great in these situations. Answering your question in advance: no, it is not difficult. I guarantee that even if you do not have culinary talent, you will certainly manage.

DIY treats for the dog give us full awareness of what we give to our four-legged friend. We don’t have to be afraid of ingredients or preservatives unknown to us. If a pooch suffers from a food allergy, this way you can easily eliminate an unwanted ingredient causing an allergic reaction from his diet.

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We should start with that

First choose the type of meat that will be the basis of your treats. Each pooch has his taste preferences. Thanks to the self-preparation of dog treats, you can choose a taste that will fully suit your pet’s taste. Every dog ​​guardian knows well what kind of meat is most liked by his four-legged friend.

Go to a proven and trusted butcher shop and choose what your little gourmets will surely want. Adjust the amount of meat to the size of the pooch.

Half a kilo of meat is enough for a large jar of dried delicacies, which for a medium-sized dog will last for about two weeks.

What to consider when choosing meat for doggy treats? First of all, pay attention to its structure. All kinds of lines and fat residues are not easy to dry. As a result, they can cause a quick loss of treats freshness. Therefore, make sure that the meat is relatively lean.

This will allow the pooch to enjoy the full flavor of the snacks for longer.

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Action plan

If you already have meat from which you will cook treats, you can move on to the rest of the plan.

In order for the meat to be evenly tried, you must cut it into small strips. The thinner the better, they should not exceed 1 centimeter thick. When processing meat, be sure to remove any cartilage or fat residue. Slices prepared in this way can be subjected to a drying process.

Drying meat for pet treats

Set the oven at about 70 ° C. This is the most optimal temperature that will allow us to prepare perfectly dried dog treats. If you have this option, I recommend turning on hot air and slightly open the oven door. In this way, we will get rid of moisture created during drying.

Prepared pieces are best stuffed with long toothpicks and hung in rows on the oven grate. Thanks to this, we will save some space and once we will be able to dry a larger batch of treats. In addition, upright meat bits will dry much faster and more evenly.

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The whole process should last about 5 hours. Much depends on the thickness of the slices and the type of meat, therefore, the exact drying time must be determined individually, observing the drying degree of treats.

Dog treat ready to eat

When your pieces of meat are dried to a satisfactory level we leave them to cool. If you have such a need, then you can cut the treats into smaller particles, depending on the preferences of your dog.

How to choose the right size of treats for your pooch?

First of all, the piece should not be too big. It’s good for the pooch not to have a problem with putting it in his mouth. On the other hand, the pieces should not be too small. Otherwise, instead of biting your treat, the dog will swallow it right away, which can be very dangerous as a result.

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A good treat is one that will bring your dog to joy not only from the food itself but also from biting.

How to store dog treats

DIY dog treats should be stored in a dry, closed container. All types of jars are perfect for this.

The main thing is that the treats do not get moisture and that they do not dry out too much. Thanks to this, they will be fresh and full of flavour. In this way, treats can be stored for up to 4 weeks.

How often give treats to doggy

Remember that treats are not regular food! Even if they are healthy and you are sure that they are made only from natural ingredients, you can’t use them as standard food. Such treats are much harder to digest than standard food. If your pooch eats too many of them, it may end in a stomach ache or even vomiting or poisoning.

Treats for a pet served as a snack or reward are great during pooch’s training. They are great as a motivation to learn when learning commands or tricks. If your dog does not yet know some commands, for example, stay commands, this post contains information on how to teach a dog this useful skill – How to train a dog stay commands?

If you decide to train outside, you will surely need the right sachet for convenient storage of treats. I will recommend the MIDI dog treat case from Bowl&Bone Republic from my experience.

For the love of a dog

Any dog ​​guardian will probably agree with me that pleasing your pet is a wonderful feeling.

I love to prepare treats for my pooch myself. Not only I am sure that he I give him the highest quality dog treats, it is a great pleasure to prepare them.

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Do not worry if your first or second batch of treats do not meet your doggy expectations. Experiment with the types of meatused for your treats, until you find the taste that your dog will be delighted with.

Perhaps the problem is not the type of meat selected for delicacies, but the degree of drying. Check if your pet prefers hard, even crunchy treats or maybe a little softer and springier.

Although the treats made by yourself are healthier than those bought from a store, you can not give them to the pooches in excessive amounts.

Theoretically, DIY treats maintain their freshness for up to 2 weeks. However, I have never been able to check if it correct time. My little gourmand loves homemade snacks so much that it spoils them completely within a few days?

I can only wish you good luck in preparing delicacies for your pet. Let me know how they came out!


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