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How to prepare a dog for moving to a new home

For a dog, the house in which he lives is a space in which he feels completely free and safe. It is a place where he finds himself perfectly well, knows every corner and every smell. Therefore, moving can be extremely stressful for our pet. If you want to protect your dog from negative emotions, it's a good idea to prepare him for changing the environment.

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Baby steps method works also with dogs

If you know the destination in advance, it is worth getting  your pooch familiar with the new surrounding. Even if our new home or flat is not yet available to us, let’s  take our pet for a walk in this area. It will allow him to get acquainted with new scents and corners. Thanks to this, at the time of moving, he will not feel completely unfamiliar in the new area.

A joint sightseeing of a new area with your pet is a great opportunity to make new friends. Dogs like people enjoy the company, in their case, dog company. It may soon turn out that the neighbor’s dog will become best dog friend of our pet. Thanks to the joy of playing together, our dog will not even feel the stress of changing the environment.

How to prepare a dog for a relocation

The moment we first bring our pet to a new place is crucial. First of all, we must make sure that this event is as stressless as possible for him. Doggy must have the feeling that despite the new place he can still feel good and safe with us. Let us not be afraid to show him tenderness and full attention.

We must ensure that during the first visit to the new home nothing would cause the feeling of anxiety or fear in our  pooch. Let’s make sure that the dog will not suddenly come across a rustling foil or other noisy element. It is important that the first visit to the new place will not cause negative emotions in the pooch.

When entering the new place, let’s allow  him get to know each corner and nook. In this way our dog will not feel pressure, and at the same time will spread his smell around the house. A good solution is to bring a dog’s thing, such as a your pup blanket or his favorite dog toy, with you. A familiar scent in the new place will provide  him with comfort.

If you want your dog to have positive memories of his first stay in new home, take with him his dog bowl and his favorite food. For most dogs food is one of the favorite activities. A delicious meal eaten in a new place will make the dog feel really good here.

If possible, try to have fun together. Let your dog know that joy and good fun awaits him there.

Moving day can be confusing for your dog

The pooch first night in the new place arouses the greatest concern among the owners. How do you get your dog used to a new dream place? Of course, we should bring an old dog bed with us. A new bed in a new apartment could turn out to be too much for him for one moment. A familiar scent will allow him to fall asleep without fear.

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Your dog before bedtime may feel a bit confused and he might walk around a new place looking for a room to fall asleep. To avoid this, let’s close the door to most rooms in the house and leave open only where we want our pet to sleep. In this way, doggy without being too confused will involuntarily go to the right place, where his dog bed will be waiting for him in prepared spot.

Proper preparation of our dog for changing the environment is the key to success. We can save a a lot of unnecessary stress , both for ourselves and for the pet. Remember that your dog is a member of your family and when we move, you change the house not only for yours but also for your dog.


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