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In what seasons you should take a dog?

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The time of year when we decide to accept a new four-legged family member is quite important. It affects many aspects. First of all, the well-being of the dog and ourselves. So when to take care of a dog? The answer to this question is not clear. Much depends on what kind of dog we take care of. It is also valid what our approach to a given season is.

When deciding on a dog, let’s not focus on a specific time of the year. You might ask why. The transition between one season and the other became the last flowing bars. Therefore, I want to focus on dividing the year into a warmer and colder period. To sum up, novels will work well in spring and summer, and analogically in autumn and winter.

Warm seasons

Taking a dog in during spring and summer seems to have many advantages. A particular convenience is when we have access to the garden. When the weather is nice outside, we can spend a lot of time outdoors with the puppy. In such conditions, it will be easier for us to teach the doggy where he can take care of his needs because the dog will certainly be happy to go outside. In winter, on frosty days, he would certainly be less willing to go for frequent walks.

During warm seasons, we can spend more time with the dog outside the home. For puppies that are full of energy, this is extremely helpful. Playing outdoors is always more fun and rewarding.

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Remember, however, that warm days are also those when the temperatures are very high. Then each longer stay in full sun can have very negative effects for us and our dogs. It is always a very exciting moment for a doggy to appear in a new home. Typically, a contented dog can become scared and apathetic. It could be due to very high temperatures. You must then spend most of the day locked up, thus protecting yourself from the heat. Unfortunately, this can put your dog under additional stress.

Cold seasons

I think that the vast majority of us prefer to spend cold and rainy evenings at home. As a rule, during the cold season, we decide to go outside less often. Taking care of your dog may then be a good idea. That way, we’ll be able to spend more time with him in this early stage of your adventure together. Establishing a good relationship at the very beginning of the relationship is very important.

On the other hand, during warm seasons we usually decide to go on vacation. A small dog is unlikely to feel well during such a trip, taking into account the fact that he has just arrived at our house. On the other hand, leaving our puppy in the care of someone else is usually not a good solution. It’s the time when we just started building a relationship with our pet and it’s important to keep it going. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, taking your dog home in the cold season, when we are at home more often, is a better solution.

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Our personality and preferences also have an important influence on when to take a dog home. For lovers of autumn or winter weather, taking a dog into care during this period will be a better solution. Not everyone likes walking on hot days. For some, the fresh air is much more pleasant and inviting to spend time outdoors. Therefore, the first walks with the new household member will be even more enjoyable.

On the other hand, however, if we are dealing with a person who does not like the cold, then hiring a dog during the cold months will not be a good idea. Why? Puppies will require much more frequent walks than slightly larger puppies. The number of obligatory exits during the day is large for a small dog. Consequently, if you are disturbed by sub-zero temperatures, frequent walks will certainly not be comfortable. When deciding to adopt a doggy, it is worth keeping this in mind.

It is worth mentioning that depending on the season we will need slightly different dog accessories. During autumn and winter, we have to make sure that our pet is warm and comfortable during walks. Here, I recommend you the ASPEN sweaters from Bowl&Bone Republic. Thanks to the wide range of colours, you will surely choose one that will suit your tastes.

In today’s post, I shared a few insights with you about the seasons and their impact on dog ownership. I am curious about what your experiences are in this area. Feel free to share them in the comments section.


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