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Is the sex of the dog relevant?

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Is sex of the dog important?

When deciding to get a new four-legged family member and introduce him to your life, the question of the sex of a dog cross your mind for sure. Basically, people are indifferent to the pet’s sex. On the other hand, for some guardians, this is an extremely important issue, which should be obligatory consider when deciding on a four-legged companion. Does the pooch’s gender really affect his character, temperament and personification?

What sex do dog to choose?

I think that we should first make one very important point. Namely, none of the genders is better or worse. It doesn’t matter if your pet is a male or a female, each of them will love you equally. I assure you that you will love your pooch, regardless of the pet’s gender.

Nevertheless, if you really care about the wise decision about what pooch you take care of, then it is worth paying attention to the sex of the quadruped. Some features are more prominent and more pronounced for male and other for female dogs. This is very normal. You will certainly agree that women and men have also different disposition. Undeniably, some of the features are typical for male, while others define female gender. This is due to biological conditions. Therefore, we can also observe these differences among the dogs.

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Some facts about the female dogs

At the outset, you should learn some commonly replicated myths about female dogs. Namely, they are not much more peaceful and obedient compared to dogs. I think that this issue is balanced for both sexes. What’s more, it is often said that female poochs get more attached to their guardians than male dogs, which is also not true. A pet will love you equally, no matter gender.

– female dog physiology

When deciding to take care of a female doggy, first of all, we must remember that once or twice a year she will have a liquid. This is a rather absorbing situation during which a pet will require more care and attention from you. Also, at this time certainly arouses interest among nearby pooches.

In addition, some bitches awaken a great desire to have children. It is worth being prepared for this situation and know how you can then help your pet.

– the level of aggression in females dogs

Female dogs are characterized by less aggression than in the case of dogs. She will not immediately attack and take offensive action. What’s more, bitches are a bit timider, so they will choose to escape rather than fight during the confrontation.

Of course, the situation will be radically different when puppies are in the danger. Then you can confidently say that the aggression level of the female dog will become very high and she will decide without hesitation to protect her puppies.

– female dogs respect the rules more

The level of all types of damage is lower for bitches than for studs. What it comes from? First of all, it is worth recalling that male dogs have a strong need to mark the territory in which they are located. Deciding on female dogs, this problem will not affect us.

This is especially important when a backyard garden is our pride and joy, and at the same time, we do not want to create zones designated only for pooches. Then choosing a female dog will slightly reduce the amount of damage and losses that can occur in the garden.

Remember to actively work on your dog’s excess energy, regardless of his sex. The best solution for that is a long walk and having fun together. And when it comes to fun … it’s good to have nice dog toys on hand. Sure, an ordinary stick can also be a great toy, however, with colourful and soft stuffed toys for your pooch, the fun will certainly be more varied.

A male dog

Let’s move on to the analysis and characteristics of male dogs. It cannot be denied that in most cases dogs within one breed are slightly larger than female poochs. However, this is not an iron rule and should not be treated as a fully reliable determinant. What other characteristics are very often attributed to pooches?

– dog strength

In the animal world, males tend to be stronger than females. The situation is similar for our four-legged friends. Dogs are stronger than bitches. They have better physical form in terms of strength. However, it’s good to know that your dog’s physical fitness does not affect the other’s skills. In most cases, female dogs are much faster in the run.

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– male dogs desire to dominate

As we all know for sure, the issue of leadership is very important for males. Dogs also have a desire to dominate. This is especially evident if we have at least two male dogs under one roof. Then there is a high probability of rivalry between them. This can lead to frequent conflicts in the home or visible discrimination of one pooch by another.

– male dog and his interest in the opposite sex

In the case of dogs, males mainly seek the favour of females. You must be aware of this. The doggy may feel nervous or even depressed when a female dog is nearby, during the estrus period which he has no access to. Be particularly vigilant during this time! There were cases that the pooch ran away wanting to meet his lady.

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Every pet loves his guardian equally

So, as you can see, the sex of the dog doesn’t really affect dog-guardian relations. Of course, in a way, it affects the personification and temperament of the quadruped.

Both male and female dogs are great life companions! Deciding to choose a pooch that will become part of our family, the issue of specific sex is, therefore, a more personal preference.


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