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Layette for a dog

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How to prepare for the maintenance of new dog – looking strictly from the cost side?

The appearance of a new four-legged friend at home is a great joy and happiness. However, you must also focus on new expenses charging our family budget. Owning a pet is associated with incurring fixed costs of maintaining a dog, which should be taken into account when deciding to take in a pet.

Thinking about expanding the family with a canine member, we often ask ourselves if we will be able to provide him with the right conditions for a happy life. The dog needs from us not only love but also to ensure dignified living conditions, veterinary care, as well as the possibility of free play.

By deciding to take care of the dog, you declare to provide him with decent living conditions. In the end, it is equivalent to an additional financial burden. If our budget does not allow for keeping the dog, despite sincere intentions, you should not decide on him.

Purchase a dog from a breeding or adoption from a dog shelter?

When deciding on a pooch, we often know in advance what breed we are looking for. Buying a pooch from certified kennel costs a significant amount of money. The list of legally active kennels is published by the kennel club which is established almost in every country around the world. Choosing a pooch from an approved kennel, you can be sure that he has an authentic pedigree.

Another way to bring a pooch to your family is by adopting a shelter. Fees associated with adopting a dog may vary depending on the centre where the quadruped was staying. Usually, the fee is symbolic or there is no fee at all.

What should include layette for a dog?

For a start, your pet will need a dog’s layette, which includes things that the dog uses every day. Accessories for everyday use include, but are not limited to, a dog bed and dog bowl.

So what should a well-composed dog layette includes and, above all, what is its cost?

Comfortable dog bed

The lair is one of the key elements of every pooch’s layette. The dog spends a lot of time on its bed, so it must be comfortable and well-fitted.

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The price of the bed depends on the size, as well as the materials from which it was made. Of course, you will pay more for a good quality bed with an antiallergic fitting. It is not worth saving on the comfort and convenience of the pooch, because a poorly selected dog bed may affect his poor health in the future.

Dog collar or harness and lead

Daily walks with your pet will not do without a dog collar or harness. These accessories should, therefore, be included in every dog layette.

As in the case of lairs, the size, material and workmanship have a significant impact on the price. Dog harnesses are in contact with a significant part of the pooch’s body, including the abdomen that is extremely sensitive to abrasions. Therefore, the material from which they were made should allow the skin to breathe freely.

Unfortunately, cheaper harnesses are usually made of poor-quality materials that not only quickly deteriorate but can also irritate the pooch’s skin. The same is also true for collars.

Dog bowl

A bowl full of beloved delicacies is often a favourite element of any quadruped’s dog’s layette. Although it may seem that the bowl is one of those things where quality does not matter, this is a misconception.

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Low-priced bowls are usually made of plastic. This material is usually very light so that the bowl can move while eating, which can cause doggy discomfort when eating. Also, plastic can adversely affect the taste of food and also cause an allergic reaction in some pooches.

Dog toys

Yes, every pooch needs toys, even a senior dog. Manufacturers of dog accessories offer a wide range of various toys that are well suited to dog’s layettes. It is important to choose a toy that is appropriate for the age of the dog and his personification.

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When deciding to buy a dog toy, you should pay attention to whether it contains small parts that the pooch could easily bite off and then swallow. Purchasing several toys made of durable material is a more economical solution than constantly replacing plastic gadgets, which are quickly destroyed.

Dog accessories for dog caregiver 🙂

Of course, our dog will need a lot more accessories than just bed, bowl, harness or toys. The basis of daily walks are poop bags that allow you to keep your favourite park clean. Poo bags are not expensive but they are priceless for everyday routine.  To make sure that we always have them with us, it is worth buying a handy dog waste/poop bag holder that you can easily attach to your pants or leash.

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For many dogs, clothes are an inseparable element of autumn and winter walks. Dog clothes are designed to protect the dog from wind and low temperature. Because every dog is different it’s not easy to find perfect hoodie, sweater or jacket for your dog. It will require some strong will to get right products but everything can be done with a little patience.

The cost of maintaining a dog should also include products to maintain proper hygiene of our pet. During the bath, you will need a dog shampoo and conditioner, if necessary. For many breeds, you will also need to regularly brush your pet’s coat or hair.

Dog layette is not everything

For everyday life, a dog will need much more than a soft bed or a comfortable harness. Caring for your four-legged friend means also providing him with valuable food. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for its proper functioning. In addition, our task is to provide the dog with medical care and maintain his health in good shape.

Of course, there are things that have no price. Our attention and love is something that a dog friend needs badly to feel inner peace and joy of life. Even the most elegant lair or stylish harness in a layette for a dog will not replace a dog’s pleasure of having fun together or long walks together.

The cost of having a pooch is to devote your free time to him. However, this is a price worth paying for a great, lifetime friendship.


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