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Should my dog wear a muzzle?

Dog in a muzzle - duty or goodwill of the owner? You probably often ask yourself this question when taking your pet for a walk. In this post, I will try to dispel any doubts about putting our four-legged friends on a muzzle.
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A dog in a muzzle

When preparing a layette for your dog, you choose accessories such as a comfortable lair, braces with a leash, a bowl and toys that will make it time pleasing to your dog. However, don’t you forget one important thing? It is a muzzle. Many dog ​​carers don’t know if their pets should wear these types of accessories. It often happens that a dog should walk in a muzzle due to legal regulations.

To avoid unpleasant situations, it is worth knowing the rules that regulate this issue. This is important for the safety of both your dog and his surroundings. Remember that it is your responsibility as the pointer’s owner and legal guardian to have the relevant knowledge.

When does a dog have to have a muzzle?

First of all, it should be remembered that there is no one top rule that says that a dog is obliged to wear a muzzle on a walk. The provisions of general law do not regulate the issue of the muzzle clearly and explicitly. Much depends on the country in which we are located, because each country may have its regulations on this subject. Therefore, looking for the answer to the question bothering us whether a dog in a muzzle is an obligation, we should refer to more local provisions of applicable law.

Dog breeds considered dangerous

So how does it look in practice? First of all, legal regulations of individual regions can be very different from each other. The common point is to announce a list of pooches that are considered dangerous. These dogs are required to wear a muzzle each time they are in public places. These breeds include, among others: American Bulldog, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Argentine Dog, Caucasian Shepherd, Canary Dog, Tosa Inu or Akbash Dog.

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So if you are a pooch guardian of any of the above breeds, remember that when going for a walk with a pet, having a muzzle is necessary.

However, on the other hand, it is believed that creating this type of list is not entirely right. Yes, the above breeds have genetic conditions that make pooches more aggressive than the average pooch. However, this does not mean that a dog of another breed may not show a tendency to get nervous quickly and a clear dislike of encountered people or animals.

Travel by public transport

When going on a journey with a pooch using public transport (both long-distance and local), the dog should wear a muzzle. This applies to all dogs, not just breeds considered dangerous. Indeed, this is not directly regulated by national law. These types of restrictions and rules can be determined individually using the regulations of the carrier. When going on a journey with a pooch using public transport (both long-distance and local), the dog should wear a muzzle. This applies to all dogs, not just breeds considered dangerous. Indeed, this is not directly regulated by national law. These types of restrictions and rules can be determined individually using the regulations of the carrier.

So if you await a trip with your pooch by bus, train or plane, remember that having a muzzle will be obligatory. If you want the dog to feel comfortable while travelling, make sure your pet has a well-chosen muzzle. Do you want to know how to do it?

How to choose a muzzle for a dog?

Usually knowing your dog well, his dimensions and preferences is not a problem for you choosing a matching collar or harness. The situation seems to be a bit more complicated when we are supposed to find the perfect muzzle for a pet. So what should you pay attention to before making a purchase? First of all, check what is the circumference and length of the pet’s muzzle. This will estimate the target size of the muzzle. It should be about 2 cm larger than the dimensions of the dog so that it does not rub his mouth. Too large a muzzle can also be troublesome for a pooch to wear because it can overload his head down.

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When choosing the right muzzle for a pooch, you should also pay attention to the straps that are used to attach it. If they are too short, they can squeeze the pooches’ mouth too much and cut into its skin. Well-chosen straps should simultaneously support the muzzle and keep it in the same position, while not putting pressure on the dog’s head.

It is important that the dog, wearing the muzzle, feels full freedom and can easily grow and pant. If the dog experiences discomfort during use, it can very quickly become discouraged with the new accessory. The dog can then try to remove the muzzle himself or become sad and depressed when wearing it.

How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle?

The dog in the muzzle must feel good and confident. If the pooch is just starting its adventure with the muzzle, it is important to prepare properly. Try to gradually get the dog used to the new situation. Initially, put it on only for some time trying to gradually lengthen it. If we skip the process of slowly getting acquainted with the dog’s muzzle, the pet may feel very stressed by the new experience. As a result, seeing the muzzle in your hands once again will not let you put it on.

To encourage the pooch to feel full freedom while wearing the muzzle, you can reward him with treats. Each time before and after wearing a muzzle, praise the pet and give him his favourite treats. Useful for transporting treats are the MIDI sachets from the Bowl & Bone Republic brand. Rewarding treats will build positive associations in the pooch and make him not perceive wearing a muzzle only as an unpleasant compulsion.

No muzzle – what then?

What happens when a pooch in a given situation should wear a muzzle and is not wearing it? Then such an event may end with an instruction from the police and even the receipt of a ticket. If the lack of a muzzle will take place in public transport, the driver can ask the guardian to leave the vehicle with the dog.

Wearing the muzzle certainly doesn’t please the dog. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to make it not unusually unpleasant for him.

And what are your experiences of your pet wearing a muzzle?

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