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Should the dog wear clothes in summer?

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You are wondering if your dog's wearing clothes is a big mistake or maybe it is perfectly acceptable. If so, I wrote this article with you in mind. There you will find a detailed answer to your question.

Dogs wearing clothes is very often a moot point. However, if your pet belongs to the group of dogs that need additional protection against the cold, it is highly recommended. But should the dog wear clothes in summer? Yes, but only if your pooch needs it due to bad weather.

What will you learn from this article:

  • Some dogs need extra protection from the cold
  • In most cases, dogs should not wear clothes in summer as this can overheat
  • However, if the temperature is very low despite the summer season, the dog may wear a suit

Dog clothes

Some dogs are cold. As soon as the temperature outside the window drops a bit, each going for a walk is perceived very reluctantly by them. As you know, going outside every day is very important to your dog’s health. For dogs that do not like the cold, wearing clothes will be the best solution on cold days. Check entry: Dog accessories for winter.

Dog clothes are most suitable for dogs that need additional support against the cold. They are usually quadrupeds belonging to a group of small breeds, but not only.

However, on the other hand, you are probably wondering what it looks like when dogs wear clothes in summer. I think it is quite a contentious issue and one that could cause a lot of controversies. Therefore, I would like to answer this question and present all the pros and cons.

Does every dog ​​need clothes?

First of all, I would like to focus on an issue that I get questions about very often. Namely, does every dog ​​need clothes? The answer to this question is very simple. Of course not.

Moreover, I think that the percentage of dogs who do not need clothes more than they do. What it comes from? First of all, it depends on what breed your pooch is.

Many small dog breeds will need extra support from the cold in the form of clothing. This group includes, among others, a Maltese, a chihuahua, and an Italian greyhound. Dogs that do not need clothes are certainly wolf breeds, as well as those that are specially adapted to life in cold areas, such as husky or malamute.

Interestingly, most of the mongrels we know do not need clothes. However, this is not a rule because, as you well know, these dogs can be very different from each other. Therefore, in this matter, it is worth observing your pet first of all and objectively assessing whether it may need additional support against the cold or not.

Should the dog wear clothes in summer?

The issue of a pooch wearing clothes in summer may be a bit more complicated than it seems at first glance. It is generally not recommended to put on clothes for dogs when the temperatures are so high that it is not necessary. Otherwise, it may have negative effects on your pet’s health.

Why shouldn’t the pooch wear clothes in summer?

Your puppy can overheat, which can be as dangerous as getting cold. Therefore, if you always put on clothes for your dog, fearing that your dog may get cold, it is very unfavourable for him. You should stop doing this as soon as possible. I’m sure you know this unpleasant feeling when dressed far too warm for the weather. Your pooch feels the same in this situation.

If from an early age your pooch did not have the opportunity to at least slightly harden against lower temperatures, it may have negative consequences for him later in life. On cooler days, he will be more sensitive to catching a cold. He will feel discomfort even at a slightly lowered temperature. Its resistance will be minimal.

He realizes that you care about your dog’s warmth with full concern for his welfare and happiness. Being overprotective also applies to dog handlers. Think about your approach to caring for your four-legged friend. Do you want to overwhelm your doggie too much?

When the dog can wear clothes in summer

On the other hand, however, I cannot fail to mention that it is not the case that your pooch categorically and under no circumstances should wear clothes in the summer. It is a very subjective matter and should also be treated as such. You’re probably wondering what I mean by that. I’m in a hurry to answer you.

The fact that it is calendar summer does not mean that the temperature outside the window cannot be low. Especially at night or in the evenings. If your pooch needs additional protection from the cold in the form of clothes on colder days, it may also be helpful for him on a cold summer evening.

First, be guided by the weather, not just the belief that it is summer, so the pooch should not wear clothes. Some places are extremely windy, especially near the sea or the ocean. In this case, your little dog may feel cold even in the middle of summer.

Watch your doggie’s behaviour

I repeat it often, but it is the most appropriate and necessary approach to raising a dog. Observe his behaviour and how he reacts to different situations. If it’s just the calendar summer, but your dog is shivering from the cold, put on his clothes.

In this situation, your dog’s health and well-being are much more important than the fact that it is summer, so dogs should not wear clothes.

What summer clothes should you choose for your dog?

Since, as we have already established, there may be such situations that your pooch may need additional support against the cold in the summer, now let’s think about what clothes will be best for him.

I would choose, among other things, a dog sweatshirt. Usually, it is made of a slightly less warm material than, for example, a sweater. Therefore, it may be a better summer option for your dog.

My pooch has his favourite CLOUD sweatshirt from Bowl & Bone Republic in beautiful azure. I believe it looks great with the colour of his coat. My pet feels very comfortable wearing the sweatshirt, and you can see it fully. His movements are unrestricted. He derives complete joy and satisfaction from walking together.

For dogs resistant to wearing clothes, a very good solution may be to choose a slightly different form of support against the cold. Namely, I mean the dog chimney. This is a good way to make your dog feel completely at ease and, at the same time, receive additional protection from the cold.

The Bowl & Bone Republic brand offers a line of JOY chimneys for the dog in many beautiful colours. Certainly, every pooch will find the best option for himself.

Summer is often rainy, so in such situations, you can reach for your dog’s typical raincoat. It will protect your dog from cold raindrops.

Dog clothes for the summer

As in many different matters related to our pets, also in the case of wearing clothes in summer, you should be guided primarily by your intuition. If you see that your pooch is freezing, put on a sweatshirt or coat for him.

Do you wear clothes for your dog in the summer? Write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to bring up a topic in the next post, share them with me in the comments section.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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