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Spring with a dog

dog resting on the dog mat on the bridge

We long for this moment at the beginning of Spring during frosty winter days. That is the moment for changes, also in our dogs’ lives. Could you give him a dose of spring freshness?

How does a dog feel in Spring

In Spring, the weather outside the window encourages more and more walks. The days are getting longer, and the temperature is getting nicer. The warm sun, which we missed so much all winter, brings all the vegetation around us to life. Spring is a time when, in a way, we wake up from winter sleep and enter this wonderful time of the year with new energy. This positive mood spreads not only to us but also to our four-legged pets. In the Spring, the dog will be more and more easily persuaded to take long walks or play outdoors. Joint trips no longer end with a hurried return home on frozen paws because of a five-minute walk.

As we enter a new season, we feel like making a change. We refresh our appearance, wardrobe and even the interior. We need to experience a breath of fresh air that makes life take on new colours every Spring. And how exactly does Spring affect our dogs? Does it affect their behaviour and, above all, their well-being?

Spring – how does it affect my pet

A new season means a new beginning. The moment when all resolutions and decisions taken seem to have more power. I love this time of year. Seeing the surrounding nature come to life, I can’t stay behind. For our quadrupeds, the new season is also a pretty breakthrough moment. The changes taking place are different than in the case of humans, but they are no less important.


During the Spring, we can often observe a change in the coat. Of course, dogs lose hair or fur throughout the year, but this process becomes especially noticeable, among others, during the spring solstice. Not only can a dog moult in Spring, but his skin’s pigmentation can also change slightly.


Spring is when our dogs wake up to life after a lazy winter. We can observe increased activity in them and, thus, an increase in the need for physical activity. On the one hand, this is due to the natural, biological rhythm of life to which the dog’s body adapts himself. However, the weather undeniably impacts the increased demand for dogs to spend time together outdoors.

Warmer, sunny days are attractive not only to us but also to our dogs. Because of long, grey winter days, a breath of warm wind or the touch of the sun’s rays is a feeling you cannot compare to anything. The dog in the Spring is much more sense to play together. Being outdoors gives him pleasure and does not cause.

a dog in the pink harness

Prepare your dog for the new season

Despite the generally prevailing positive aura, the spring period requires dog guardians to prepare their pets for the new season properly.

Spring is when not only the vegetation comes to life but also the organisms living there. If you want to protect your dog from unwanted tenants on his fur, ensure he is appropriately protected against ticks and other parasites. We don’t want the new season to start with an unscheduled visit to the vet.

Spring dog care becomes a bit more demanding. That is due to the previously mentioned fact that with the new season of the year, dogs tend to shed. Losing hair or coat requires more frequent brushing. Regular brushing allows you to slightly control the dog’s hair leaving in almost every corner of our house. In addition, take your canine for claw trimming and ear care. The dog also needs to feel fresh in Spring.

With the beginning of Spring, the dog needs more movement and physical activity. Make sure you give him enough time outdoors. Think about going on a trip together or visiting a dog park other than the one you regularly visit.

a small dog walks on the leash

It’s time to refresh your favourite accessories

With the beginning of Spring, each of us feels a solid need to refresh the surrounding space. Thorough cleaning or buying new decorative trinkets can put us in a particular mood. An orderly environment adds energy and willingness to act. When organizing spring cleaning, don’t forget about your pet’s belongings! He will also enjoy refreshing the space around him. Don’t you know how to go about it? We’ll try to make it a bit easier for you:

Washing dog accessories

First, before throwing your pet’s things into the washing machine, read the information on the label and make sure that you can wash them. When buying dog accessories, pay attention to the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. We advise avoiding products you cannot fly in the washing machine, even on the most gentle program. Keeping your pet’s belongings clean and hygienic makes it much more difficult.

If you have such an opportunity, take advantage of the spring weather and hang the washed clothes on the balcony or in the garden. They will then be even fresher and fragrant. You will find more important information on the washing of things for dogs in the entry to this subject, i.e. HERE.

Thorough review

Spring is the perfect time to review all your pet’s accessories. It may quickly turn out that some toys do not arouse interest in him but only pointlessly lie in the corner. What’s more, perhaps it’s time to replace the bedding with a new one because the next wash may not bring the expected results regarding its cleanliness.

Also, check that your pet’s bowl is in good condition. Even if you have not thought about the need to refresh your dog’s layette daily thoroughly, Spring is the perfect time for it.

News for the dog

If, as a result of the spring inspection, you have concluded that the condition of half of your dog’s things leaves much to be desired, it is a sign that it is high time for changes! Don’t forget that a new bed can please your pet and you. The choice of a fashionable cut and colour of the bedding will give your interior a unique character.

The LOFT line of dog beds by Bowl&Bone Republic is a perfect combination of care for the convenience and comfort of a canine with a stylish design. Your dog will surely be happy with a new toy that will allow you to play together outdoors. Frisbee or traditional-material dog toys will be perfect for this.

bulldog eating from a wooden bowl

Enter the new season with your dog with energy and willingness to act. Do not be afraid of changes and accept them with open arms. Spring is a great time to start something new and exciting. Don’t let the winter blues try to keep you with them. Our dog also needs a breath of fresh air in the Spring. We’ve given you our ideas for stepping into the new season. What are yours?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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