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The dog demolishes the garden and what now?

Usually, a dog demolishes a garden for some reason. This dog behaviour is not accidental.
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My dog demolishes the garden

According to the most popular opinion, dogs feel very well and happily growing up at home with a garden. However, often in everyday life, this situation does not look so positive and trouble-free.

Unfortunately, our dogs while playing in the garden cause more or less damage in their surroundings. They destroy flowers and shrubs, dig holes or demolish decorative arrangements.

Can we teach our dogs to not demolish the garden?

In general, yes. Much depends on the nature of our pet, and above all the reasons for his behaviour. The dog can cause damage unknowingly or with full premeditation.

To teach your pet the rules of proper behaviour in your home garden, first of all, you must determine what drives his behaviour. Perhaps it is enough to change the approach to the pooch or provide him with an adequate level of entertainment.

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Why does a dog cause damage in your garden?

There can be many reasons for a garden’s demolition. If you can read the pooches’ intentions correctly, it will be much easier to take specific steps in this situation.

In most cases, the pooch demolishes the garden for a reason. Behind his behaviour are specific arguments that at first glance we can not see or understand.

A correct reading of the signals which the dog this way sends to you will allow you to take the right course of action.

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The dog’s boredom and inaction motivates him to brawl in your garden

One of the most common causes that make our pet begin to demolish the garden is boredom.

Dog owners often assume that the possibility of staying in a large garden provides the quadruped with a sufficient level of entertainment. Nothing more wrong. Indeed, the dog is certainly very happy with the possibility of free, unrestricted running leash.

Hovewer remember that in the long run this is not the kind of activity that will give him a sufficient level of entertainment. Dog very soon gets tired with only the opportunity to walk in the garden and will be looking for a way to make his free time more attractive.

It is at such moments that the pooch begins to bite the bushes or dig holes in the ground. The pet is looking for ways to play, combing the entire infrastructure of the garden, often without realizing that he is doing the wrong thing.

So how should you deal with this situation?

First of all, give the pooch a signal that his behavior does not quite suit you. The dog must realize that he should not do it this way, because this will be disapproved by us.

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Then you need to focus on the key issue in this case, i.e. providing the dog with the right portion of entertainment and fun. To this end, let’s focus on what our pet likes best.

Dog toys at home and in your garden

Various types of dog toys are a great way to spend time actively not only at home but also outside.

If you are afraid that the pooch will bring home toys soiled while playing in the garden, separate those that will be played only outside the home. 

By the way – if your pet has an unbridled number of dog toys, dog baskets for your quadruped friend’s toys are great for organizing them – for example dog basket proposed by Bowl&Bone Republic.

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When choosing dog toys that will stay permanently in the garden, be guided by their material and workmanship. Dog mascots can be great at home but may not be very good when left outside during unpleasant weather.

A much better solution will be dog toys made of thick rope such as BULLET’s from Bowl&Bone Republic.

If your pet likes to spend his free time actively, an interesting solution will be to prepare a small obstacle course especially for him, which will certainly give him joy for long hours.

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The consequences of pooch’s loneliness in your garden

Bored dog, as a result, causes damage in the garden when he is alone. Try to spend more time with him during joint outdoor activities. Even a really large garden will not give the dog maximum joy when he will have to enjoy it alone.

Remember that every pet values ​​the time spent with his beloved guardian the most.

If you often leave the pooch alone in the garden, he may feel unwanted and rejected. Although it would seem that the dog will feel more comfortable when playing in the open air than at home, unfortunately in reality it’s not so simple.

The pet misses you just as much, no matter where it is given to him to spend his free time in your absence. So dogs bite shoes as a retaliation for staying alone at home, and for similar reasons they cause harm in the garden. In this way, the pet wants to tell you that he feels bad in this situation. By demolishing the surrounding space, he shows his dissatisfaction.

To avoid this situation, try to devote more time and attention to the pooch. Remember that having a garden does not release you from the obligation to regularly walk your pet.

The doggy must feel that he is important to you and you value the moments spent together.

A dog versus a pest in your garden

If the pooch demolishes the garden then the reason does not have to be his boredom or loneliness.

When you notice that your pet is notoriously digging up new holes in the ground, check if there is a mole in your garden. Such an intruder is very unwelcome by dogs. Your pet will try to get to his hideout at all costs.

This is due to the inborn instinct of the pooch. In this situation you must quickly get rid of the unwanted tenant.

A doggy can also destroy garden elements when some other dog has visited and left its smell in this place.

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Typically, for a pet, a sufficient solution in this situation will be to mark the tree or shrub with its own smell. However, there are situations when in the eyes of a quadruped it is not enough.

Dog at home with garden

When deciding to choose a garden arrangement when a pooch lives with you, try to choose the infrastructure that will be picked up neutrally by the quadruped.

Rather, give up extensive flower arrangements or richly planted spots beds because in a crisis they will be your dog’s first goal.

If the garden is to be a playground for your pet, provide him with the right conditions for it. This tip, together with previous ones, will cause with great probability, that your dog will not demolish the garden at all 🙂

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