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What clothes to choose for Maltese?

Are you wondering what clothes to choose for your Maltese? When making this decision, you must remember that the quality of the garment and its size are of great importance. You can choose the design depending on the character and temperament of your four-legged friend. Is he quiet and calm or maybe lively and self-confident? Provide your Maltese with maximum comfort and protection from the cold.

a dog in a pink sweater

Clothes for the Maltese

Do you have a Maltese dog under your care and want to prepare a good layette for him? If so, I will be happy to help you. I will tell you here what clothes to choose for Maltese. This is a breed that undoubtedly needs extra protection from the cold and low temperatures. Therefore, when choosing an outfit for a doggy, you must be sure that it is not only nice but also functional.

Good dog clothes are important. Not every cut will suit your pet. Therefore, do not be discouraged after the first possible failure. I’m sure you’ll notice how your little dog feels in his clothes. Is it fully comfortable for him or not while wearing it? The selection of clothes models is really large, so you will certainly find something suitable for your dog.

Choosing clothes for a Maltese – what you need to consider

Before we move on to choosing a specific cut for Maltese, you need to find out what to look for in the first place.


It cannot be denied that Maltese dogs belong to the group of really small dog breeds. Therefore, the clothes they wear should be as small as possible. None of us would like to wear an overly large coat or jacket during walks. It would certainly be very uncomfortable and would restrict your freedom of movement.

The same applies to your Maltese. A good size of clothes for such a small dog is very important.

His small stature and body weight make even slightly too-large clothes very troublesome for him during everyday wear.

The material of the dog’s clothes

Pay special attention to the fact that your Maltese needs real protection from the cold on colder days. It is a breed that is extremely sensitive to bad weather. What should you pay attention to when choosing a garment?

Focus on the material from which it was made. You certainly know from your own experience that synthetic fibre materials are not very good at protecting against cold.

That is why I recommend the ASPEN sweater made of French wool by Bowl & Bone Republic. It is my pet’s winter must-have. High-quality wool makes the outfit perfectly insulate the dog against cold and wind.

Another noteworthy material from which a garment for a Maltese man can be made is cotton or fleece. Avoid accessories made entirely of acrylic and polyester. They will not be effective protection against the cold for your dog.

Ease of cleaning

A walk for your dog is the moment of the day when it can unload his energy. It does not matter if the weather is beautiful outside, or if huge puddles and mud form after heavy rain. Every moment of play is good for a dog.     

My dog comes back extremely dirty from most of our walks to the park because he walks in every puddle he sees.

As they say, a dirty dog is a happy dog. I think I would confirm it is true. Instead of worrying about your dog coming home in dirty clothes, make sure you choose one that will be easy to clean. Unfortunately, not all clothes are suitable for washing in the washing machine.

I do not have to clean all of my pet’s clothes by hand. That is why I always pay special attention to whether the product can be easily washed in the washing machine.

What model and cut of clothes for a Maltese

You already know what to always look for when choosing clothes for your four-legged friend. It’s time to analyze specific styles and models. Find the one that suits your doggy’s needs and expectations.

Sweater for a Maltese

A dog sweater is one of the most convenient and comfortable to wear clothes. It works especially well when the dog is reluctant to wear any outerwear. The sweater will perfectly fit your dog’s body, making it very comfortable for him. It provides full freedom of movement while protecting against the cold.

Maltese sweatshirt       

Despite their small size, some Maltese dogs can be very confident. So what could be better suited to such a pet than a dog sweatshirt? It is a garment that gives the dog a sense of freedom and a sporty style. A dog sweatshirt will also protect your pet from the cold, as well as make it feel fashionable.

dog in the grey hoodie

You can choose the cut of the dog hoodie. Every Maltese will look fabulous in this fashion. 

Jacket for Maltese

If you want the clothes for your dog to work well in the rain, pay attention to the dog jackets. They are designed not only to protect the Maltese from low temperatures but also to prevent it from getting wet during walks.

two dogs on the walk in the park

The enjoyment of time outdoors will be much less if all of your dog’s hair is wet after just a few moments. A jacket for a Maltese dog will also work well during snowfalling.

A chimney for a Maltese man

The temperature outside is not always so unpleasant that your Maltese will need a full suit. In such situations, a dog chimney will be perfect.

I especially recommend this solution for true dog colds who need additional protection even when the temperature outside the window seems to be quite pleasant.

When a Maltese should wear a garment?

The Maltese are a breed that is very sensitive to low temperatures. Therefore, we cannot say that these dogs should only wear clothes during autumn and winter. Even a walk in late spring may turn out to be too cold for a Maltese. It is a very fragile breed, so it may often need a piece of warm clothing.

Remember that your Maltese dog may need to wear a garment not only being outside. On cold winter days, your dog should wear a suit even at home, if it’s too cold. This is perfectly normal for this breed. Some Maltese can be extremely chilly!

a small dog with her guardian in the park

Stylish clothes for the Maltese

You can’t deny that dog clothes should, above all, be comfortable and warm. However, if your Maltese can look both stylish and trendy, why not?

The white hair of this breed means that many colours of clothes will match your doggy. I think that the appearance of our pets’ accessories matters. Therefore, if we can make our dog feel fashionable and confident in his clothes, let’s do it.

And what do you pay attention to when choosing clothes for your Maltese? Do you consider just the functionality, or maybe design is of equal importance to you?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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