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What colour of dog accessories?

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Does the colour of the dog accessories matter?

At the outset, it is worth approaching the topic in more detail. There are two sides to consider: the dog and its guardian. Each of them will have a different approach to the colour of dog accessories. Colour plays a different role for a dog than for a human. So, if we want to make decisions about what colour of dog accessories to choose, we should get to know both of these views to be able to draw the most objective conclusions.

The colour of accessories in the eyes of a doggy

Is the colour of the accessories an important issue in the doggy’s everyday life? The answer is yes, but it does matter in certain situations. It all depends on what role a given thing plays in the life of the pet. It is well known that dogs perceive colours differently from humans. As a result, some colours are more attractive to them, others less.

Therefore, if we want the doggy to pay special attention to a given thing, we should choose a colour that will be seen by the pet more intensely. This is especially true for speed-response training and exercise. Definitely in the case of dog sports where every second count, colour matters. This applies to both discs or balls, and the colour of the obstacles the doggy overcomes.

It’s good to know that colour is also important in everyday life. For example, if we want the doggy to focus his attention on us. This is especially useful for training as well. It will be easier for the dog to concentrate on what we want to convey to him if we are dressed in a way that contrasts with the surroundings. Or, when our clothes have one of the colours that the pooch sees most intensely (for example blue).

However, if the accessories that we want to buy for a dog are to serve us only in everyday life, their colour will not make them more or less happy. The toy will be just as fun and fun if it is pink, yellow or blue. The way it is made, the material it is made of and what is inside it plays a much more important role then.

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How do people perceive a dog through the colour of its accessories?

Undoubtedly that colours are very important to people. They play a large role in the choices you make in terms of both fashion and interior design. Therefore, when buying accessories for our pet, we also pay attention to what colour they are. In most cases, the designers of dog products know and meet these customer needs.

When buying a new dog harness, leash or bed, we can choose from many different colour variants. What colour will be the most appropriate for our pet? It cannot be denied that what accessories accompany our pet in everyday life affects its perception by others, but also by ourselves. Therefore, I want to present to you some important factors that we should take into account when deciding what colour of dog accessories to choose from.

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What to look for when choosing a colour?

Not wanting to make a mistake when choosing the color of accessories for our pet, pay attention to a few tips that I was able to prepare especially for you.

The sex of the dog does not matter

First of all, at the outset, it is worth giving up choosing a colour depending on the sex of the doggy. I think that a long time ago in modern society has managed to break the belief that pink is reserved only for the female sex and blue for the male.

The colour of the doggy’s hair

If you are faced with choosing clothes, harness or collar for your pet, pay attention to the colour of its coat. The colour of the hair and the accessories worn should harmonize well with each other and complement each other. If in the case of a dog with a red hair, you decide to choose an orange collar, remember that you will have a difficult task to locate it, especially during walks in the evening time.

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Match the colour to the character of the doggy

When you are wondering what colour of dog accessories to choose, you can follow the character and personalization of your pet. If your four-legged friend is always cheerful and playful, think about accessories in light shades. However, if he is not very friendly towards others, you can emphasize his individualism with slightly more subdued colours.

I hope you already know what colour of accessories to choose for your dog. Above all, don’t be afraid to stand out. Nobody said that it is not appropriate for an adult, serious dog to wear a collar in shades of pink. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand tries to create its accessories in several different colour variants already at the stage of designing its accessories. Everyone could find something for themselves.


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