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What should a dog eat to stay healthy?

What should be in your dog’s bowl to make sure you care about their health? First, the dog’s meals should be rich in protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. These elements are in meat, vegetables and fruits.

a dog eats from a brown dog bowl

Dogs should eat meals rich in proteins, and fats, mainly those of animal origin, plant ones, and carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and trace elements in your dog’s diet. Therefore, they must be permanently present in your four-legged friend’s diet.

What will you learn from this article:

• a vital element in the diet is proteins

• The dog should eat both animal and vegetable fats

• The healthy diet of the dog must also include fruit and vegetables

What should the dog eat?

The basis of your four-legged friend’s health is a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. How can you be sure that what you give your doggie meets all these conditions? Providing well-balanced food is about more than just buying recommended food. A significant factor is what you give your canine in addition to the ready-made food.

Unfortunately, dog handlers often forget that dogs should eat not only karma but all kinds of vegetables and fruit that provide them with nutrition.

It is crucial to know what a dog should eat to stay healthy. Therefore, I need to provide you with all the necessary information. Often, you may not be aware of what your dog’s body needs to be full of strength and energy to function.

Proper nutrition of the dog

First, I want to focus on what ingredients should be included in your dog’s diet to keep him healthy, full of strength and energy to act. It looks a bit like our diet. There won’t be any nutrients you don’t know from everyday life.

dog eats from the duo ceramic dog bowl

Fats in the dog’s diet

Fats are a crucial element of a healthy dog’s diet. Both omega-6 vegetables and omega-3 play an essential role. Their proper balance gives your dog the fats he needs in the diet.

Fats strengthen the immune system of pets. They also inhibit inflammatory processes.

Additionally, fats are essential for adequately absorbing vitamins in the body. Therefore, when giving a dog a portion of vegetables, it is recommended to enrich it with a few tablespoons of good-quality fat, e.g. in the form of olive oil.

However, remember that fats are a calorific ingredient in your dog’s diet. Of course, they are healthy and needed, but not in excessive amounts. Too much fat consumed by your dog can make him obese. Being overweight is a disease. Therefore, as soon as you notice that your pet has gained extra pounds quickly, rethink whether his diet is balanced correctly.

You can read more about overweight dogs in my other post, which you can find HERE.

Protein in the dog’s diet

Another essential nutrient in your dog’s healthy diet is protein. It is the main building block that directly impacts the dog’s development and the regeneration of its strength. Proteins are the primary source of energy for dogs.

The amino acids contained in the protein are essential for the proper functioning of the dog’s body.

The protein in your dog’s diet can be both animal and plant-based. However, it is essential that eating meat provides proportionally more protein than eating vegetables. The ratio should be approximately 70% to 30%.

What types of meat will be a good source of protein for your dog? This group includes pork, lamb, beef, poultry, and rabbit meat.

Fish such as cod and salmon are also good sources of protein.


Another nutrient for your dog’s healthy diet is carbohydrates. Where can you find them? Among other things, in potatoes and cereals, such as oats.

What is the function of carbohydrates in your dog’s diet? It is a kind of fuel for the dog’s body. They help to maintain the temperature. They also have a direct impact on the dog’s strength to exercise.

Although fats and proteins are the basis of a dog’s healthy nutrition, don’t forget carbohydrates. They complement the entire dog’s diet.

a dog eats from a white duo dog bowl

Vitamins and trace elements

Vitamins and trace elements should complement your dog’s diet’s fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Their source is mainly fruits and vegetables, so it is essential to include them in your dog’s daily diet.

However, you need to know that not all vegetables and fruits are suitable for dogs. Some even should not be given to pets under any circumstances. If you want to find out which fruits are ideal for your dog and which you should avoid, I refer you to the entry that you can find HERE. That is very important because otherwise, giving them to your dog can make him have stomach problems.

What exactly should your dog eat?

You already know what nutrients your dog should eat. The question remains, however, in what form he should take them. Should you base your dog’s diet on ready-made food or cook his daily meals yourself?

I think that it is quite a controversial issue among dog handlers. Both solutions have their supporters and opponents. Moreover, I also will not clear your doubts about it. Why? Because, in some ways, both ways of feeding your dog may be perfectly correct.

Preparing meals for your dog yourself

The matter of time and skills you have in the kitchen plays an important role here, as well as the appropriate and thoughtful selection of ingredients. You can’t deny that preparing meals for a dog alone is not the easiest thing to do.

First, you need to know what nutrients your dog’s body needs. Moreover, it is essential to consciously choose what your pet’s meal will consist of. Pets can eat not all vegetables and fruits. Some are even harmful to them.

You can’t deny that preparing meals for your dog also takes time. Products such as meat, groats or vegetables can cook for a long time. Therefore, you must prepare food for your dog in advance so he does not wait hungry.

Nevertheless, when you prepare meals for your pet, you have complete control over what your pet eats. You can choose especially for him the best quality products from proven sellers. You know your pet gets the best.

Ready-made dog food

Is it wrong to give your dog ready-made, commercial dog food? No, of course, if you do it wisely. There are many different feeds for pets on the market. Some are very good, and you can give them to your pet without reservations. Unfortunately, there are also some whose composition can scare you.

Therefore, reading the label carefully is essential in selecting dog food. Always read the composition of your dog’s food that you are buying. It doesn’t take long and is necessary for your dog’s good diet. Believe me.

If you want to learn how to read dog food formulas correctly, I refer you to my other post, where I explain in detail what to look for. You can find it HERE.

Treats for the dog

I think every dog ​​loves treats, and nothing is wrong with that. It is a suitable type of snack for your pet in between meals. Remember, after all, treats in too much are not ideal for your dog, even if the ingredients are okay.

They cannot replace an average dog’s meal. If you want to ensure that your dog’s treats are of good quality, you can make them yourself. I always try to make my dog ​​eat treats made by me.

Whenever I have free time, she prepares dried treats for my dog ​​. The recipe I use can be found HERE.

What to feed the dog

The basis of your dog’s health is a proper diet. But what exactly should a dog eat? Meals are rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

What is your approach to what a dog should eat? What do you pay special attention to? Tell me about it in the comments.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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