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Why dog destroys his stuff?

What is our pet’s liking?

When you buy your doggy new thing, do you sometimes think, “He’ll love it!” If so, I want to assure you that this is perfectly normal and most dog lovers think the same. But how is it? Do our dogs have good taste and can judge whether they like a given thing or not? The answer is yes. But it works in a slightly different way than it does for humans. Often, a dog breaks things up for no good reason. On the other hand a given thing can evoke negative memories and that is why the dog destroys it.

For example, my little dog doesn’t like one of his toys, very inconspicuous appearance, middle size, blue ball. One day, while playing in the park, the ball rolled so far that it fell into a small pond. The dog didn’t think too much and tried to pull it out from water and jumped into the pond. In the heat of the fun, he had completely forgotten that he hates water. As soon as he felt the water, he ran away in a hurry and was unhappy. Since then, he has been giving this blue ball a wide berth. When I tried to encourage him to play with this ball and throw it to retrieve the ball, he looks at me puzzled and avoids the toy.

After many attempts to convince my doggy to the blue ball, I gave up. Indeed, the pet did not destroy it, but it was safe to assume that he would soon find a way to make the ball disappear. If your pet does not like a given thing, think about the reasons for this.

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Pooch’s bad memories

As I mentioned earlier, dogs can be very memorable. If someone hearts him, your pet will likely remember it for a long time. This applies to contacts with people, other pets and just things.

The dog may not like his toy, leash, or bowl precisely because he has bad memories associated with them. Therefore, in effect, the dog destroys things because he is simply trying to get rid of them. In such a situation, do not try to force the dog to change. If it is problematic, exchange the item for another, and if it is in good condition, give it to another doggy. This will save your pet from unnecessary nerves.

Poor quality dog accessories

As we all know, we can buy most of the products in better and worse quality. It is up to us which option we choose. Do we care about durability and solid workmanship, or is the price playing a more important role for us? Accessories for our dogs may differ when it comes to the quality of workmanship and the class of materials that were used during production. Hence, this may be one of the reasons why a dog destroys things.

A pet can dislike he’s toy not because it was meant to be played during play, but because it was of very poor quality. A few moments of fun was enough for the material to break and individual elements to fall off. In such a situation, we cannot blame the dog, rather ourselves. To save money, we only made it necessary to buy another toy.

dog cushion bed loft grey toy bullet bowl and bone republic ls1sa

The situation is similar in the case of a dog bed. Usually, low quality bedding does not have a removable cover that can be easily washed. As a result, a dirty dog bed that we cannot wash by hand becomes useless. So if you want your doggy to enjoy his belongings for a long time, I recommend the articles of the Bowl&Bone Republic brand. The dog beds are made with great care, the high quality materials in such a way as to meet the needs of even the most demanding pets.

Your pet’s boredom and loneliness

Perhaps your pet is destroying his belongings because you give him too little attention. Dogs often use this to communicate us that they need our attention. If your dog has recently damaged some of his belongings, consider whether you are spending too little time with him. You may be doing this unconsciously. In the vortex of work, study or daily duties, it is easy to get a little lost.

A doggy is an animal that requires a huge amount of love and commitment. Keep this in mind and don’t be angry with your pet the next time he bites something, as he may be trying to attract your attention.

I am curious if your dog destroys his accessories. I encourage you to share your experiences in the below comments section.


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