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Why your dog doesn’t like walking?


The doggy doesn’t like walking

Recently, during one of the walks, I had the opportunity to chat with a certain owner of a small doggy named Atos. The visibly worried lady told me that in the case of her four-legged friend, walking together was a real challenge. Atos doesn’t like everyday walks. They are only a mandatory part of each day for him and unfortunately, they do not make him happy. This situation made me realize that not every dog likes walking. Therefore, if your pet belongs to this group of pets, I want to tell you how you can deal with this problem.

The bad relationship between the pet and his guardian

It is not an easy point to discuss, but unfortunately, there are cases where pets do not bond well with their guardian. A doggy can be tormented by both fear and anger towards the person. It is known that among the household members, the pooch chooses the one who has a special place in his heart. It is with him that he likes to spend his time the most, and walks are the most fun.

Perhaps this is the secret of the doggy’s reluctance to walk. The dog is disappointed that he is going to go for a walk with the wrong person. The problem is often not the aversion to the person who takes him for a walk. He is angrier that he will not be able to spend this time with someone else.

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So how do you deal with this situation? Make your pet associate a walk with you with something pleasant. Initially, it may be helpful to bribe it with your favourite delicacies or a new toy. It is to develop positive associations in the doggy that will be directly connected with your walks together. Remember that you do not make the dog recognize you as his favourite man and that your walks together give him complete joy.

The dog may not like walking through the environment

Perhaps your pet does not like walking because of the place where you usually go for walks together. Take your pet to a different place and watch it behave. Just remember to keep the conditions that prevail on your daily walks. Let the doggy wear his harness and leash. The place we choose is also important. A forest or a meadow will give an unreliable result of this observation. The dog will behave differently during a leisurely walk in the park, and differently in an open space that allows him full freedom.

I am well aware that walking to the park away from our house can be a problem. However, if the dog does not tolerate it, we cannot remain indifferent to it. Remember that a walk is primarily a time of relaxation for the doggy. Especially if we live in a block of flats, it is important to provide your pet with a satisfying time outdoors.

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The physical condition of a four-leg friend

I know that you perceive the doggy as the most beautiful quadruped in finding. But I have exercises for you. Try to look at him with a more objective eye. Consider whether his physique and physical condition are in good shape?

Or maybe it leaves a bit to be desired? The poor physical condition makes even low-intensity effort very tiring. For an experienced pooch with a lowly active temperament, a walk will be associated with fatigue and loss of strength, i.e. unpleasant. As a result, the dog does not like walks, because such an outing is associated with an unpleasant necessity.

Bad physical condition is not only obesity or a lack of passion for spending time actively. Let’s not forget about canine seniors. As the years go by, their physical performance begins to decline. It could be a direct reason why the dog doesn’t like walking. If your pet is slowly entering to old age, remember that you cannot expect him to be as lively during walks as in his youth. Perhaps it is worth considering choosing slightly shorter routes for your daily walks.

Spending time outdoors is very important, but when caring for a senior canine, make small breaks. When going to your favourite park, take a blanket to give yourself and your dog a moment to relax in the bosom of nature.

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Additional attractions to take a walk with the doggy more pleasant

If you want to convince your dog that walks can be great, try to diversify this time. Perhaps you are not playing with your pet on a walk? It is a mistake. I take a BULLET throwing toy from Bowl&Bone Republic for every walk. As soon as we find a little empty, green space, we have fun. Every day I try to spend at least 10-15 minutes having fun together during the walk. It is a great influence on our relationship.

What are your experiences of walking together with your pet? Does your dog hate walking? I’d like to read your insights on this in the comments section.


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