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A closer look at West highland white terrier

a small dog in the blue dog bed

Do you dream of a confident dog who fully respects your commands? That’s what the West Highland White Terrier is like. His cheerful and joyful disposition can melt the ice of even the biggest canine sceptic! I am sure this unique dog breed will steal the heart of every dog lover.

West terrier, in a few words

It’s hard to pass by this snow-white dog with an exceptionally cheerful personality. The beautiful white coat is the hallmark of this breed. The West Terrier, despite his small size, can attract attention ideally.

It gained exceptional popularity in the early 90s and continues to this day. Who is the west terrier suitable for? First, for people who are not afraid to keep clean at home with a dog with such a thick and impressive coat. But isn’t cleaning up time worth the power of a hug with this fluffy friend?

The history of the breed. The ancestors of the White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier has his homeland in Scotland or the West Highland region. That explains the origin of the name of the breed of these dogs. They estimated the beginning of the species in the 16th century.

The white colour of their fur was initially a defect, resulting in the dogs not enjoying special admiration. The turning point for this breed was one of Edward Malcolm Poltalloch’s hunts.

During a hunting trip, his favourite red-coloured dog was shot and mistaken for a fox. This event shocked the colonel, and from that moment, he decided to breed only white terriers based on the appropriate selection of quadrupeds.

The dog’s snow-white fur prevented further mistakes during hunting. In this way, Edward Malcolm Poltalloch became, in a way, the leader of the creation of this breed of dogs.

The close cousins ​​of the West Highland White Terrier are the Scottish Terrier and the Cairn Terrier. Today, the West Terrier breed standard, known to us, was formed over the 1920s, remaining approximate.

What does the West Highland White Terrier breed look like?

Dogs of this breed are relatively small. Their characteristic sign is snow-white fur, incredibly lush and thick. The inside of the ears and belly are usually a light grey colour. The dog’s dark, almost black eyes stand out against the background of exceptionally white fur.

The head of the West White Terrier is minor, in proportion to the rest of the body, with a short muzzle. Ears are relatively small and triangular. In adults, they are in an upright position. The body is strong and set on medium-length legs. The tail of West Terriers is straight, long, and slightly pointed upwards.

white dog sits on the grey mat on the grass

The West Highland White Terrier is a breed of small dog. An adult dog reaches about 28 cm in height. Weight varies between 7 and 10 kg. Life expectancy is, on average, from 11 to even 15 years.

First, I must mention that dogs of this breed are highly self-confident. As a result, they are usually quite sceptical about strangers, be it people or other dogs.

However, this does not mean that dogs of this breed are unsympathetic and unsociable. It’s quite the opposite. They are charming and friendly to people they know well. They are mainly attached to their guardian. He is the dog’s best friend and the most important person.

The character and disposition of West Highland White Terriers

That is an intelligent breed. Indeed, among other things, dogs learn new skills and commands without much difficulty and effort.

They are obedient and non-conflict towards their guardians. Westies love movement and physical activity. They have a great need for active fun and active leisure. Walking together, playing with dog toys, or throwing a Frisbee in the park greatly benefits them.

Neglecting to meet the need for movement in a white terrier can adversely affect the dog’s behaviour. That is because a dog with no way to use its energy becomes capricious and extremely loud.

When deciding on a dog of this breed, consistency in raising a quadruped is worth remembering, especially in the early stages of life. West highland white terriers can be stubborn, so if we allow them to make one-off concessions in many situations, it may not be easy to unlearn them from this behaviour.

If you want to teach your dog obedience and good behaviour in the company, remember about determination and an uncompromising attitude.

Care and health

In the case of Westies, we should mainly focus on caring for their snow-white coat. Due to his colour and density, dogs of this breed require a special coat care routine.

Regular brushing and washing are the basis of reasonable care. In addition, do not forget about visits to the dog hairdresser. I encourage you to read the article about the tasks and help of someone like a groomer.

If you want to take care of the hygiene of dogs properly, remember to clean their ears and teeth.

a small dog stands on the grey dog mat

One health problem affecting this breed’s representatives is all kinds of skin allergies. Therefore, when deciding to buy accessories for Westies, it is worth making sure that, for example, dog beds are hypoallergenic.

Dogs of this breed also have problems with kneecaps. Additionally, they are prone to weight gain. Therefore, to prevent your dog from becoming obese, you should take care of his balanced diet and physical activity.

West terrier accessories

West Highland White Terrier is a dog unafraid of lower temperatures or rain. As a breed that has previously participated in hunting, it is relatively immune to adverse weather conditions.

Westie won’t give up her daily walk, even in the drizzle. If you want to be prepared appropriately for joint, intensive walks, take care of a comfortable harness for your dog.

A model that will work well for the West Highland White Terrier is the ACTIVE line of dog harnesses designed by Bowl&Bone Republic. A slightly more sporty cut perfectly harmonizes with the active personification of the dog.

a small dog walks on the grey leash

When choosing the right dog toy for the west highland white terrier, it is worth choosing one that will allow you to spend time together. Westies love an active form of entertainment, so solid, corded bullets will be a hit.

The bed that will steal the heart of every Westie are all kinds of mats. The Chill line from the Bowl&Bone Republic brand includes mats that will work well at home and on the terrace or balcony. A nap in the fresh air is something that every dog ​​loves!

West Highland White Terrier

White Terrier is about a dog that will steal the heart of every dog ​​lover. That is a breed with a charismatic character and a highly charming appearance.

Do you have a white terrier under your care? Or maybe you are thinking about choosing this breed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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a small dog in the blue dog bed

A closer look at West highland white terrier

Do you dream of a confident dog who fully respects your commands? That’s what the West Highland White Terrier is like. His cheerful and joyful disposition can melt the ice of even the biggest canine sceptic! I am sure this unique dog breed will steal the heart of every dog lover. West terrier, in a [...]

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