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We know that taking care of a four-legged friend is quite a challenge. Here we have answers to many troubling questions that dog owners ask themselves. It doesn't matter whether they concern the dog's health, its daily care or the selection of the best accessories for the dog.
Every dog ​​lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that bothers them, and we will try to help!

a dog in the red harness

Should my dog wear a muzzle?

A dog in a muzzle When preparing a layette for your dog, you choose accessories such as a comfortable lair, braces with a leash, a bowl and toys that will make it time pleasing to your dog. However, don’t you forget one important thing? It is a muzzle. Many dog ​​carers don’t know if their [...]

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a dog in the pink harness

How to tame your dog to water?

The pooches’ approach to water can, in fact, be divided into two extreme groups. The first of them are true enthusiasts. In other words, dogs who love water feel good and confident in it. The group with different views are quadrupeds, which panic when they see the water. Bathing is a bad experience for them, [...]

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a dog eats from a white duo bowl

What vegetables are good for a dog?

By creating a daily menu for your pet, you certainly want to be sure that you provide it with all the necessary vitamins and microelements. In addition to food and delicacies, it is important that the dog’s diet also includes vegetables and fruits. They are a perfect complement to the pooches menu. Of course, you [...]

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a small dog sits on the red blanket

Games you can play with a dog at home

Playing with the dog at home Having fun together with pooch outdoors is one of my favourite forms of spending free time with my pet. Our favourite activity is fetching and wrestling. During warm summer evenings, we also like to run together along the shore of a nearby lake. Unfortunately, when the days get shorter [...]

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a dog sleeping in the graphite dog bed

What does my dog dream about?

My dog’s dreams Living with a four-legged friend at my side constantly surprises me. When I think that my knowledge about dogs is already really big, I always suddenly come across a topic that is completely unknown to me. So it was recently when my doggy during sleep began to move quite extensively with his [...]

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dogs in harnesses stand on the sidewalk

Is the sex of the dog relevant?

Is sex of the dog important? When deciding to get a new four-legged family member and introduce him to your life, the question of the sex of a dog cross your mind for sure. Basically, people are indifferent to the pet’s sex. On the other hand, for some guardians, this is an extremely important issue, [...]

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dog eats from the duo dog bowl

What fruit can a dog eat?

Fruits for a dog – is it really a good idea? Although it would seem that dogs are typical carnivores, fruit and vegetables also hit their taste buds. This does not mean that plant foods should form the basis of pooches’ meals. The basis of a balanced dog diet shall provide him with the right [...]

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dog resting on the dog mat on the bridge

How to protect your dog from ticks?

Dog protection against ticks One of the threats lurking for your four-legged friend are ticks. They carry many diseases that can be very dangerous to the pooch and in some cases can even be fatal to him. That is why all preventive actions are so important. They will help to protect your pet against the [...]

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