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How to choose the right toy for your dog?

Having toys for your dog is the right thing to do. What's more, not having things to play with can actually have bad effects on the health o...
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A dog behaviourist – who is this?

Dog care | 27 April 2019
Friendship is a great bond that connects you and your dog. Sometimes, however, there are moments when despite your good intentions, you cann...
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Your dog’s first visit to the vet

Dog care | 9 April 2019
A visit to the vet is certainly not at the top of your dog’s list of favourite things to do. In most cases, going to the vet is a very str...
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How can you strengthen your dog’s immune system?

Dog care | 4 April 2019
Dogs, just like us, are exposed to unwanted infections. Providing your dog with adequate support for his immune system will help him to avoi...
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Dog vaccinations – everything you must know

Dog care | 2 April 2019
Vaccinations protect your dog against contagious diseases that can be very dangerous for your dog's health, and, unfortunately, a lot of the...
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A pet sitter. What is his work about?

Dog care | 30 March 2019
Pet sitters take care of your dog when you are away from home. They care for your pet’s basic needs, but also spend quality time with him....
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How to train a dog to walk on a leash?

Everyday life with a dog | 26 March 2019
Dogs do not immediately understand how to walk on a leash. That being said, walks are an important part of our everyday life, so we should m...
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Groomer – invaluable help with your dog’s care

Dog care | 21 March 2019
Caring for your beloved dog is more than just regular bathing and brushing. If you want to take the best care of your pet, it’s a good ide...
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Dog hotel in practice

Dog care | 19 March 2019
Faced with the dilemma of figuring out whom to entrust with the care of your beloved pet if you must leave him behind for a time, one of you...
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Is your dog overweight?

Dog health | 14 March 2019
The problem of obesity in dogs is becoming more common and should not be overlooked. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough physical acti...
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