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Common mistakes when raising a dog

Raising a dog is a real challenge. Knowing the most common parenting mistakes, you will undoubtedly find the right approach to talking to your puppy.

a puppy with a toy bone

Mistakes when raising a dog

A new dog owner makes many smaller or larger mistakes under the pressure of a unique, unfamiliar situation. He can easily avoid most of them can be. Knowing common mistakes when raising a dog, you can try to avoid them during your adventure with a quadruped.

Awareness is half the battle in this situation. Do you want to know the most common mistakes when raising a dog? Here they are.

Waiting for the dog to grow out of the specific behaviour

Remember that the puppy years are the most porous moments in a dog’s life. Then he can master most commands. At the same time, it is then that the dog learns the rules, prohibitions and restrictions in your home.

a small dog on the blanket lying

Therefore, if we look indulgently at the dog’s minor misdeeds, it will signal that he gets your permission.

If the dog does not get a clear signal about what is and what is not during his puppy period, expecting that when he grows up, he will change his behaviour is entirely wrong.

Dogs don’t grow out of their puppy behaviour. Instead of waiting for the moment when the dog changes his behaviour, take matters into your own hands. Show him what behaviour is good and what is wrong.

Treating the dog like a child

Approaching a dog based on a similar principle of behaviour and messages as with a small child is a huge mistake.

An animal thinks in a completely different way than a tiny human. He can quickly connect facts and learn to take advantage of his caregiver’s indulgent behaviour. Treating a dog like a child, we assume we forgive him for various minor offences.

As a result, the dog will quickly understand that some misdeeds get away with him and he does not have to comply fully with all the rules at home.

a child holding a dog lead with a dog in rose harness

While it does not harm kids, the dog does not feel the consistency and firmness in the behaviour of his guardian. Our authority in the dog’s eyes becomes questionable.

A dog is a brilliant animal, and as soon as he realizes that his behaviour can gain additional benefits from you, he will undoubtedly take advantage of it.

Too much nutritional matters

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and trace elements is often challenging for a freshly baked dog owner. There are two groups of nutrition errors.

The first concerns excessively limiting food portions. Often, inexperienced dog owners, for fear of obesity in their pets, approach their diet too restrictively. Of course, conscious portioning of food is good for the dog, but excessive exaggeration can cause unwanted health problems.

On the other hand, we can also observe the opposite situation. A caregiver obsessed with his dog can’t refuse a favourite treat when he requests it. In addition, when training a puppy for new skills, guardians sometimes exaggerate the number of rewards in the form of treats.

As a result, the dog becomes convinced that each time he behaves the way the guardian expects, he should get a treat as a reward. However, he is sad and disappointed when he does not get the prize.

The excessive attempt at socialization

Every dog ​​guardian wants his dog to feel good in the company of people and other animals. That is why we have tried to socialize the dog since puppy years, wanting to open it to the surrounding world and people. Of course, the desire to stimulate the dog’s curiosity is correct. Nevertheless, it is worth maintaining a healthy balance in this situation.

Too intense and cumulative, supplying the dog with new stimuli from the outside world can hurt the pet. The dog may feel overwhelmed and scared.

two dogs on the grass in the park

Try to dose your pet with new experiences, thanks to which he will accept them willingly and curiously.

No asylum zone at home

Dogs need a space in the house that will be a safe zone. While the canine feels uncomfortable, he seeks shelter in a place he considers his asylum. The dog becomes even more fearful and anxious in a crisis without such a hiding place.

a dog in the graphite dog bed

A comfortable bed is not everything in this case. Make sure that the mattress is slightly out of the way while not limiting the field of observation of the rest of the house. The dog’s corner needs a permanent place without constantly changing the location.

Everyone makes some mistakes while raising a dog

Everyone makes mistakes when raising a dog. Despite many efforts, none of us is a perfect, almost textbook example of a dog’s guardian.

Everyone makes mistakes, small or big, and it is normal. It is essential to be able to see the mistakes you make and find a way to fix them.

If you have doubts about raising a dog, don’t hesitate to ask. I guarantee you that a veterinarian or other dog owner will be happy to provide advice on the problem that is bothering your head.

I often panicked when attempts to control my dog’s behaviour ended in a fiasco. Now I know there is a right way to everything, which I can learn from thanks to the ability to learn from the experience of others. Tell me about how it was in your case.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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