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Dog supplements

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Supplements are a kind of supplementation or enrichment of the diet with additional minerals or other nutritional microelements. Their popularity is increasing, and their availability on the market is impressive. On store shelves, we can also find supplements intended for our dogs. They are a kind of addition to their food, and their primary purpose is to enrich the menu with vitamins and microelements. Their task is to improve the proper functioning of the dog’s body or strengthen the immune and digestive systems.

When to Reach for Dog Supplements?

The decision to supplement the dog you should make together with the veterinarian. Although dog supplements are an addition to the diet, not a type of medicine, their wrong choice or dosing can harm the dog’s health. If our pet’s menu is well thought out and rich in all the necessary ingredients and microelements, likely, it does not need any supplementation. In no case should we make this decision hastily, under the influence of an advertisement or a read article!

What to look for when choosing supplements

There are all kinds of dog supplements on the market. Moreover, this number is constantly growing. If you want to avoid the compulsive purchase of all accessories that boldly promise that your dog will be healthy and robust thanks to them, you should approach the subject with caution. If our pet is a short-haired terrier, the product that increases hair growth may not be very successful.

Purpose of the supplement

Make sure your pet needs supplementation. If so, choose only those supplements that are necessary for him. It would help if you did not give anything to the dog with the conviction “for a while”. Despite its relatively mild effect, too much supplementation can lead to over-supplementation of the body. When deciding to supplement your dog, let’s approach the topic rationally, carefully check the purpose of the supplement and analyze its appropriateness with the veterinarian.

Manufacturer and brand

When deciding to buy cosmetics or dog food, we often pay attention to their manufacturer, check their opinions, and analyze the composition and country of origin. When choosing supplements for your pet, you should also approach the subject carefully. In this case, a manufacturer not recognized on the market is not necessarily a good choice.

The consistency of the supplement

We give our dog a supplement regularly, in most cases, every day. When deciding on supplementation, pay attention to the consistency of the product. If swallowing pills for our pet is very troublesome, causing discomfort and panic, then giving him a supplement in this form will be burdensome and stressful. In this case, a good solution may be to reach for accessories like a liquid or gel. There are also powdered ones on the market, so you can easily mix them with your dog’s food.

The price

Recently, the market has been full of all kinds of supplements for dogs. Manufacturers are outdoing each other in releasing newer, more effective, and improved products for sale. As in any other industry, the prices of supplements vary and range from a dozen to several dozen or even several hundred zlotys. So what should we pay attention to so as not to overpay? First, you should check the concentration of the product in one dose. Tempted by the low price of the package with many pills, we may ignore the fact that perhaps a single daily dose is not one but several medications a day.


Supplements in their composition may contain ingredients that our dog cannot tolerate. Before buying, it is mandatory to check whether the product does not contain substances that cause allergic reactions in your pet. If the dog takes medications regularly, consult a veterinarian to ensure that the combination of the medicine and the supplement will not cause unwanted side effects in the dog.

Types of Dog Supplements

The range of dog supplements available on the market is awe-inspiring. We will undoubtedly find everything we need. Supplementation supports the functioning of the dog’s body, can improve his well-being, has a soothing effect on past diseases and supports his convalescence.

Supplements available:

supporting immunity

Autumn and winter are times of increased disease risk in humans and dogs. During capricious weather and low temperatures, it is worth thinking about supporting your pet’s immunity. Supplements containing a substance called beta-glucan will be perfect.

taking care of joints and bones

Many dogs, especially those very mature, suffer from arthritis or dysplasia. Their muscle fibres require reconstruction and flexibility. Properly selected supplementation can help relieve pain and positively affect bones and joints. In this case, supplements rich in devil’s claw will work best. This ingredient, in combination with hyaluronic acid, is a compelling duo. These types of accessories are also helpful during recovery after an injury.

increasing energy and vitality

A decrease in energy, poor mood or blues are ailments that affect our four-legged friends. Supplementing the daily diet with supplements supporting their vitality can have a very positive effect on our dogs. The decrease in the dog’s well-being is most strongly felt in the colder months when foul weather and low temperature do not encourage long walks and outdoor play. Energy supplements should contain vitamins such as A, D3, E, K, C, B2, and B12.

supporting the functioning of the kidneys and liver

Dogs suffering from chronic diseases often have to take many medications and specifics. For this reason, their liver or kidneys are heavily loaded. They require protection and support for proper functioning. For this purpose, you should reach for supplements containing yeast and B vitamins.

strengthening the coat and skin

A healthy, shiny coat is a distinguishing feature of every well-groomed and healthy dog. If you want to take care of your pet’s healthy appearance, we can give him supplements containing biotin and omega-3 fatty acids. These ingredients nourish the hair structure and strengthen the skin of our quadruped.

dog eats from the duo dog bowl

Supplementation FOR or AGAINST

The decision to supplement your dog should be thoroughly thought out and not accidental. Before taking any independent steps, let’s discuss this matter with our pet’s veterinarian. Perhaps it will turn out that changing the diet or daily routine will be more effective in many ailments than giving your dog supplements.

Properly selected supplements can be a perfect complement to a dog’s diet. Thanks to them, the general well-being of our pets can significantly improve. In addition, well-chosen supplements can help him fight troublesome ailments and protect him from illness or diseases. They can also improve the condition of your dog’s coat and skin.

Supplementation can undoubtedly have a good effect on our pet if only we approach it with reason. Remember, however, that a supplement will never replace a natural drug. Under no circumstances should you attempt to treat your dog with supplementation.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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