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How to care for dog clothes

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If you properly take care of your pet's clothes, I am sure that they will be able to serve your dog for a long time. It is essential to wash dog clothes properly, following the manufacturer's recommendations on the product label.

If you want your dog’s clothes to serve him for more than one season, you must take care of them properly. The method of cleaning is essential. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. An important issue is the drying method and the frequency of cleaning dog clothes.

What will you learn from this article:

• Proper care of the dog’s clothes extends its life

• Before cleaning, check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label

• If you notice slight damage to the garment, try to repair it as soon as possible

Take care of the dog’s clothes

When you buy good-quality clothes, you try to care for them in a particular way. Thanks to this, they will serve you much longer and keep their original form. It refers to the clothes for our four-legged friends. They will serve your dogs much longer and look good if you care for them.

What can you do to keep your pet’s clothes in good shape for as long as possible? It is my job to answer this question. I’m sure neither of us likes to spend money senselessly. Unfortunately, not taking care of your dog’s things may mean that you will need to buy your dog new ones constantly.

You cannot deny that the quality of the clothes is the basis here. Even your strenuous efforts will not prolong its pleasing appearance because of low-quality materials.

That is why I say so often that when choosing accessories for a dog, it is worth focusing on the quality of products. After all, your dog is unaware that he shouldn’t force his clothes too much because they are made of poor-quality materials and, therefore, more susceptible to damage.

Your dog will treat each piece of clothing he wears the same way. Therefore, it is up to your choice whether your dog can enjoy his clothes a little longer.

How often to wash your dog’s clothes

You cannot deny that washing clothes in an automatic washing machine mean that, to some extent, it loses a bit of its original glow after each subsequent one. Even if we follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label in total, you cannot expect that the item is not susceptible to an infinite number of washes.

That is why I believe it is worth answering how often you should wash your dog’s clothes. Unfortunately, I have bad news for those who want to clean their dog’s clothes. If I were to wash my dog’s clothes, every time there is even the slightest stain on them, I would have to do it after each walk.

Sometimes I get the impression that in my dog’s case, ​​there is a rule that the dirtier he gets while playing, the more happy and happy he is with it. Of course, it’s not that if my dog’s sweater is covered in mud, I don’t wash it because a certain amount of time has not passed since the last cleaning. I try to assess the situation on an ongoing basis and act as needed.

However, if my dog does not want to run in puddles and the clothes are not dirty, I wash them every week and a half. Despite the lack of stains, I also care about the hygiene and freshness of my dog’s accessories.

How to care for dog clothes

I will tell you some proven ways to make your dog’s clothes look new for longer. It is not difficult at all. However, it is essential to be systematic and consistent in your actions. I believe that this is a crucial point. More prolonged neglect is much harder to salvage in some way. Moreover, it costs much more time than regular operation.

Therefore, first of all, you need to be patient and develop some new habits. I am sure that once you get used to action, it will quickly become your new routine.

I take care of my dog’s clothes fully instinctively. I do not think about my actions; they are entirely natural and constitute a permanent element of my respect for my four-legged friend.

dog coat checkered brown beige classy

Washing in an automatic washing machine

I have mentioned more than once that I focus primarily on dog accessories you can wash in a washing machine. It is crucial to me because the hygiene and freshness of my dog’s things are my priority.

It is often complicated to clean an item by hand washing thoroughly. Moreover, it costs us a lot more effort. Therefore, she always chooses to wash in the washing machine. Then I have peace of mind that my dog’s clothes are spotless.

However, it is worth noting that not all dog clothes can wash in an automatic machine. Therefore, before you clean the item, check the manufacturer’s recommendations. If there’s instruction on the label that the product should only be hand washed, I would not recommend you go against this information. The garment may likely lose its original shape.

Drying dog clothes

As in the case of our clothes, it was drying clothes is very important for our dogs. After washing, be sure to straighten a cardigan or doggy sweatshirt so that it can dry in its original form. Thanks to this, it doesn’t crumple.

I dry some of my dog’s clothes flat. I do this, for example, in the case of a dog sweater made of wool. As you may know, wool tends to stretch. Therefore, this form of drying is the most recommended in her case.

Quick repair of dog clothes

If I notice that my dog has made a hole in his clothes, I try to fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my dog tends to go where he shouldn’t, primarily in thick bushes. Squeezing between the twigs, he sometimes hooks his clothes on them and, as a result, makes a hole.

If I hadn’t sewed it up right away, I know perfectly well that my curious dog would start pulling the protruding threads with his teeth. As a result, a huge hole would be created from the small hole very quickly. That is why I try to act expressly in such situations. As soon as I notice damage to my four-legged friend’s clothes, I try to repair it right away.

I highly recommend this action to you. What’s more, I know that if they notice any damage in their dogs’ clothes, they throw them away and buy new ones. That is a huge mistake. If you are buying good quality products, it is definitely worth repairing your dog’s accessories.

I am sure the sewn-on sweatshirt will serve your dog for a long time. After all, its damage was caused not by regular use but by your dog’s actions. So you don’t have to worry that another destruction will happen soon.

Well-kept dog clothes

By following these few, in my opinion, straightforward rules, your dog can enjoy his clothes for a long time. I don’t know about your pet, but mine gets used to things very much and doesn’t like changes. That’s why I want his clothes to serve him as long as possible.

How do you take care of your doggy’s clothes? Share your ways with me in the comment.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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