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How you can reward your dog in several ways

Good motivation to learn new skills is the key to success in training the dog. The reward for the dog for good execution of the command does not have to be only a treat. There are several ways to show your pet that it has done his job correctly and that you are very proud of it.

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How to reward a dog

If you want to encourage your pet to learn new skills effectively, it is good to know how to reward your dog and what kind of motivation is the most effective in his case.

There are many ways to reward your dog; they don’t have to be just a treat. Not every dog ​​is a greedy little dog.

In this case, we need to find a way to encourage your pet to learn without treats. In addition, if you only rely on food rewards, then as your dog’s skills increase, his weight will also increase. And we wouldn’t want that!

The way you encourage the dog should be tailored directly to his preferences. As guardians of the dogs, we know best what our four-legged friend likes. It is this knowledge that we can properly use as a way to reward your pet.

Ways you can reward your dog

So, there are several ways to motivate your doggie. Moreover, it is worth noting that the reward does not have to be physical.

Dogs are not materialists and visuals at all. Our gestures and words are also significant to them and give them great pleasure.

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Treats to encourage your dog

All kinds of treats are perhaps the most popular form of rewarding dogs.

If we want it to be an effective and safe motivation for the dog’s health, we must remember a few essential issues. First, let’s choose treats made of the highest quality ingredients.

You can easily make your own if you don’t trust store-bought snacks. You will then be sure that your pet gets only the best.

If you do not know how to make tasty and healthy dog ​​treats, read the text – How to make dried dog treats where you will find many of my helpful tips :).

Training after his meal will not work as the vision of getting treats will not be so tempting for him. Remember that.

It is also essential because they can eat every treat we offer them even when they are full enough. Overeating too much can be very dangerous to your dog’s health.

If you train outdoors, you will need a sachet for dog treats. It would be great if it also had a place for bags so that nothing would surprise you during the session. The MIDI sachet from Bowl & Bone Republic works for us.

Playing with a dog and his toys

Spending time with a beloved guardian is one of the dogs’ favourite pastimes. It is worth taking advantage of this fact when looking for an appropriate method of motivating your pet to learn.

Admittedly, this is not an easy form of reward. It requires a bit more patience and commitment on our part than with the classic treat in the form of a treat. I want you to know this and not give up if this form does not work for you immediately.

First, the dog should be made aware that after each well-done training, he will have an excellent time playing together. It is primarily about making the dog associate learning with later entertainment. As a reward, choose the type of play that your pet likes the most.

A reward for a new toy will be a very effective way for your dog to be motivated to exercise. However, it is worth using this option only from time to time.

Let it be a tribute to the dog’s involvement in training or acquiring a new, difficult skill. Otherwise, our dog will quickly gather many new toys, which it will not be able to enjoy fully.

Admittedly, there are ways to deal with a large number of toys. You can find a specially designed basket for dog toys to keep it tidy.

the dog takes a toy from the basket

So this is a most exciting method of rewarding your dog, but it is limited to extraordinary occasions.

The praise of the dog is critical

Dogs love to feel that their owners are proud of them. When you praise a dog, he feels appreciated and loved.

Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind during training. Remember that verbal praise should accompany every exercise well done by the dog, even if we reward him with a treat.

In this way, we strengthen the dog’s sense that we appreciate him for his efforts and commitment to the correct execution of commands. That is very good for your relationship with your dog.

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Verbal praise, however, will not be a practical and, above all, sufficient encouragement in every situation. Sometimes, this reward may seem too small for a dog, inadequate for the effort your dog makes in return.

Remember about it and do not expect your pet to approach training with total commitment and stamina, knowing that the only form of motivation awaits him is a good word from the guardian. Interchange this type of incentive with other methods known to you.

Choose the best type of reward

If you are looking for an answer to rewarding a dog, you need to be aware that there is no optimal solution for every dog.

Knowing the character of your pet, try to choose the option that will suit him the most, and it will give the best results immediately. If your dog is a fussy eater, I think relying on the incentive in the form of treats may not be an excellent idea.

On the other hand, if your four-legged friend appreciates the most common evenings on the couch, active play after a challenging training will be more of a punishment than a reward for him.

The best way of rewarding a dog is by mixing them. Thanks to this, we will take care of the variety of positive stimuli provided to the dog after training. The dog will feel more motivated to work, knowing that rewards await him. Maintaining a healthy balance is the success of skillfully rewarding your dog for his effort and commitment. How do you reward your doggie?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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