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Pedigree dog – what does it mean

pedigree dog

Why is a pedigree dog so important?

When deciding to buy a purebred dog, the issue that we must undoubtedly pay attention to is the origin of the pooch.

Being sure that the dog comes from a registered kennel, we can be calm about his roots and living conditions.

Unfortunately, there are still active breeders on the market who deal with the subject in a way that is against the law, without maintaining the standards of breeding purebred dogs specified in the regulations. For such people, profit from sales plays a key role. A proper and responsible approach is secondary.

What is cynology?

When starting a discussion on the importance of obtaining pedigree in the case of purebred dogs, at the beginning it is worth learning what cynology is.

It is a field of science centred around knowledge of dogs. More specifically, it relates to all information about dogs, their breeding and proper training. So cynology is not only focused on dogs, but also on their relationship with humans. It deals with issues related to purebred dogs, their characteristic features, as well as accepted patterns.

purebred dog

Kennel associations are created to maintain order in dog breeding environments. They bring together dog lovers and breeders. We can distinguish between national organizations and those established on an international scale. Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the largest of them.

The tasks of the cynological association include, inter alia, the protection of established patterns of dog breeds. Therefore, to obtain a true pedigree of the pooch must come from a kennel that will be fully accepted by the official Kennel Club in force in the given country or region. If the kennel is not in the register, it means that puppies from it cannot get a pedigree.

What is a pedigree of the dog?

Knowing what is the basis enabling breeders to sell purebred dogs with the possibility of receiving a pedigree for them, we can move on to the question of what exactly this pedigree is.

Kennels that are registered in a cynological association have under their care dogs that are fully genetically healthy. Thanks to this, we are sure that the dog will develop properly, and its personalization and appearance will be characteristic of individuals of this breed. Additionally, thanks to this we have an insight into the history of previous generations of the doggie.

pedigree of the dog

So how can we get our pet’s pedigree? First of all, we must first discuss the difference between a dog’s record and pedigree.

Each dog born in a registered kennel receives a birth certificate. It contains information about a given pooch, from which kennel he comes, as well as details about his parents. The record is a type of certificate that assures us that the pooch is purebred.

Based on this we can get a pedigree for the pet. So when buying a pooch from a registered kennel, one of the documents we receive is the birth certificate. The pedigree is made on its own request.

How to get a pedigree?

The basis for the possibility of obtaining a pedigree for our pet is having a birth certificate. So the pooch must be thoroughbred, raised in a legally operating, registered kennel. Lack of metrics completely prevents the possibility of getting pedigree.

If you want to get a pedigree for your pet, you should go to one of the units of the cynological department with his birth certificate. In most cases, you can get a pedigree immediately. As long as there are no obstacles, then having a birth certificate guarantees you obtaining a pedigree without delay. Having a birth certificate is an official certificate saying that the dog comes from legal breeding and meets all standards applicable to a given breed. Therefore, issuing a pedigree is then a matter of completing the formalities.

The pedigree of the dog contains all the information that appears on his birth certificate, although it is more in-depth and detailed. There you will find, among others, pooch name, date of birth, breed and sex, as well as chip number, breeder and owner details.

how to get a pedigree

In addition, there is information about the dog’s ancestors, not less than three generations back. As confirmation of the accuracy of the above information, the pedigree includes the signature of the issuing authority, as well as a stamp.

What gives to your dog a pedigree?

A pedigree dog is above all a guarantee of the purity of the breed and its full compliance with accepted standards. His ancestry line at least three generations back are clean and there were no cases of crosswords.

what does pedigree dog mean

Having a pedigree, among others, allows the pooch to participate in dog shows. Such a dog receives the official status of a breeding dog.

If the offspring of our pedigree dog after birth also receive the right to obtain a pedigree, they must be notified to the cynological association.

It is also very important that the pedigree dog is a guarantee that we do not support illegal breeding!

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