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Petting a strange dog – yes or no?

Should you pet a strange dog or not? Do you, as a dog sitter, know the correct answer to this question? Contrary to popular belief, this is a slightly controversial issue, although you may not have looked at it that way. Dogs do not always like to be petted by strangers unknown to them.

a dog with his guardian in the city

We should not pet a strange dog because it can be stressful for him. Dogs allow contact with someone they know and trust. Only stroking a loved one gives them absolute joy and is friendly. Therefore, before petting an unfamiliar dog, realize how stressful it can be for him.

What you will learn from this article:

• Dogs don’t like being petted by strangers

• Petting is pleasant for a dog when it is done by someone he knows and trusts well

• If a stranger pets a dog, it can be a very stressful experience for the dog

Stroking a strange dog

As a dog lover, I can’t pass by every dog ​​I meet on my way. Do you have it too? If you love dogs as much as I do, then you certainly understand me.

However, I try to curb my enthusiasm for dogs I don’t know because I know that the nature of the pet I meet may be different than expected. Not every dog ​​needs to be open to the attention of a stranger, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I am also a bit reserved with new people I meet.

So, surely you are asking yourself, how is it with this petting a strange dog? Is it appropriate or not? Although it may sound a bit trivial, I believe it is an extremely important issue in our lives.

Is it okay to pet a strange dog?

First, tell me why when you see a dog, you want to pet him. Okay, I know the answer to that question as a dog lover. It is difficult for me to pass by indifferently the quadrupeds I meet. However, from the experience of being a dog sitter, I know that not every dog ​​likes to have any contact with a stranger.

Although he is quite a friendly pet, my dog needs time to trust a newly met person. That’s why he initially treats strangers with reserve. If someone unfamiliar with him tried to touch him, my pet would surely be flustered and try to withdraw.

For him, this is a violation of his comfort zone. He likes stroking and hugging, but only when he fully trusts the petting person.

Only my pet’s attitude towards stroking made me realize it can be stressful for other dogs. Until now, I assumed every dog ​​likes to be stroked and cuddled. Now I know that the problem may be completely different.

Therefore, due to respecting the feelings of this living being that is a dog, I believe that we should focus not on whether we want to pet a strange dog but on whether he likes it. I think that’s the critical point that we should focus on in this situation.

a dog with his guardian in the city

Don’t touch a strange dog under any circumstances in these situations

How to recognize a problem when stroking a peculiar dog is not a good idea? It is worth remembering that such behaviour can cause fear in a dog and many other negative emotions. The dog may become aggressive or nervous.

You can’t predict how an unfamiliar dog will react when you cross his zone by stroking. In extreme cases, the dog may even attack you, wanting to defend his space.

Do not pet a strange dog during training

If the dog you meet is in training, this is not the moment when you can approach and pet him. Why? Because the dog is just in a training atmosphere. He focuses all his attention on the correct execution of the command because he knows he will receive a reward from his guardian.

Accosting a dog during training can upset him because you interrupt him while he is trying to concentrate on his task as much as possible. Dog training should be free of anxiety and unnecessary external stimuli.

Do not pet a guide dog

I hope you know perfectly well that you can pet a guide dog in no, but absolutely no, case. Nevertheless, I think that due to the seriousness of the situation, I will mention it again. A guide dog does his job constantly, even if, at the moment, he is lying calmly next to the person he is looking after.

A guide dog must remain alert at all times. Stroking could cause his focus level to be lower at the moment. That may prevent the dog from noticing the danger threatening the person he cares for.

Do not pet a strange dog while playing

Dogs love to play. While playing, they engage with their whole being, and the world around them ceases to matter momentarily. Therefore, stroking a strange dog while he is playing, either alone or with another dog, can be a form of shock for him.

The dog does not understand why someone interrupts his fun. He can react aggressively, even if he does not want to hurt anyone. It would be best if you remembered that when dogs do something that engages them strongly, they focus on it very much. An attempt to interrupt them, especially by a stranger, or an unfamiliar person, is surprising and unsettling for them. They don’t understand what you mean.

Do not pet a strange dog while eating

I don’t think anyone likes being interrupted mid-meal. Especially if we are starving and a favourite dish is on the plate. Dogs don’t like it, either. Moreover, they can react angrily when someone disturbs them while eating.

Dogs do not know the intentions of the person who interrupts their meal. Their first thought is that someone must be trying to take their food away. Therefore, they are nervous and even aggressive in such a situation.

My dog ​​deserves to eat peacefully, so I never disturb him. Even though it is my dog, I wouldn’t choose to pet it while eating.

That’s why you shouldn’t pet a strange dog while it’s eating. Dogs have a lot of instincts from the times when they had to fight for food. You don’t know how a strange dog will react in this stressful situation.

How to refuse a stranger to pet your dog

You now know why petting a strange dog is not a very good idea and in what situations you should not do it. Now let’s put ourselves on the other side. As a guardian of my dog, I know very well that he does not like being petted by strangers. Therefore, wanting to ensure the psychological comfort of my dog, I try to prevent such situations when other people he has not known before want to touch him.

Many people I meet in the park or on the street ask, “Can I pet the dog?”. I’m sure it’s happened to you too many times. People are often surprised when I say no. This question is asked more as a courtesy when the person is already reaching out to pet the dog.

I’m sorry, but unfortunately, many people perceive this as an attack on them, and I want to take care of my dog’s well-being above all else. A dog is not a mascot to be stroked and hugged whenever we feel like it. It is a living being that feels and thinks. He has the absolute right not to want a stranger to invade his personal space.

Politely decline and explain how your dog feels

I always try to explain why stroking a strange dog is not good. If only I had the opportunity to make others aware that it is entirely different from being petted and hugged by people from my closest surroundings and me than when a stranger does it. For a dog, these are two completely different situations.

Many people mistakenly believe that dogs like to be petted all the time, which is invalid. Yes, they like it a lot, but only if they feel safe and trust this person. Otherwise, it is stressful for the dog, even if, at first glance, they are delighted with it.

a samll dog with a red scarf palys

Petting a strange dog is not a good idea

I hope I was able to explain to you why you shouldn’t pet a strange dog. It’s not that dogs don’t like it at all. There are just situations where it’s stressful for them. However, I recommend not to strange pet dogs if the dog does not approach you, obviously asking for it.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Perhaps your dog loves being petted, whether he knows the person or not. Tell me about it in the comments.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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