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Preparing a dog for autumn

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Prepare your pet for the new season

Changing the season from summer to winter requires us to look a little more meticulously through our wardrobe. Put light, airy clothes on further shelves, thus making room for warm sweaters and jackets. This is a good time to think about which things stay with us and which are already damaged enough to replace them with new ones. During these autumn cleanups, we must of course not forget about our beloved pets. Preparing a dog for autumn also requires careful inspection of his clothes and accessories.

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While the temperature outside starts to drop and the wind turns unpleasantly cold, we need to take more care of our dogs. Changes in the weather are felt not only for ourselves but also for our pets. Moreover, some breeds need extra support from the cold in the form of a sweater or jacket on cooler days.

Protection of the pooch against low temperature

Autumn is the time of falling leaves, but not only. It is also the moment of the year when hot days become just a memory and give way to the ever colder aura. The lower temperature is felt not only by ourselves but also by our dogs.

During the autumn, many dogs will need extra protection from the cold to stay warm and comfortable while walking together. If the weather is still fine, we can put on the dog’s chimney in the autumn. There is a pleasure hug for the doggy during colder days. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand has created a line of JOY chimneys, especially for our beloved pets. They are available in five unique colours: red, blue, pink, mustard and ecru.

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Dog clothes in cold weather

However, if your pet is sensitive to cold, in order to be able to walk on cold days, it will need more protection against low temperatures. In this situation, dog clothes will work best.

We have a large selection of available options, so you will surely find something suitable for your pet. If the dog feels good in warm sweaters that wrap him, I can recommend the ASPEN line from Bowl&Bone Republic. Their sweaters are made of lamb’s wool, which makes the garment soft to the touch, and at the same time perfectly protects the dog from the cold. A roll-up turtleneck is excellent preparing a dog for autumn. It protects not only the dog’s body but also the neck. Also, the sweater has a charming, unique weave, thus giving it a stylish and elegant look.

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Another option for protection against the cold is dog sweatshirts. They are perfect for those dogs that appreciate freedom and a loose cut. What’s more, this type of clothing will give them character and a unique look. When looking for the right sweatshirt for a dog, check out the Bowl&Bone Republic brand. They offer three beautiful lines of sweatshirts: LOVE, YOLO, and CLOUD. They all have a sporty, urban cut. Both the bottom of the sweatshirts and the place for the dog’s paws are finished with a welt. It allows your pet to protect itself from the wind. All models also have a hood that adds charm to the sweatshirt.

Rainy days and the doggy’s comfort

Autumn is a very rainy season. I don’t think any of us likes to get wet. In such weather, a jacket will come in handy, which, at least to some extent, will protect the dog from getting completely wet. On such days, let’s give up long walks in the park. Not only us, but dogs can also catch a cold in such weather. The SPIRIT jacket is an invaluable companion during rainy walks. It will allow the dog to comfortably take care of its physiological needs during this unpleasant aura.

Remember, however, that no product will provide your dog with complete protection against rain. Avoid being outside for long periods on wet days. Even if your pet seems to be very happy with the rain, it can harm his health later on.

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Autumn evenings with your pet at home

Long autumn evenings are the perfect time to spend time together in the warm comfort of your home. Nothing wraps a dog with its warmth like a fluffy blanket for a dog – NAP. It is my pet’s favourite as soon as the temperature outside becomes unpleasant. A blanket, a comfortable sofa, a caregiver stroking behind the ear is a perfect combination for every four-legged friend.

Preparing a dog for autumn is, as you can see, quite an important issue. I’d like to know your opinion on this. I believe that the care of a doggy is also based on the exchange of experiences, so I strongly encourage you to comment.


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