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Separation from the dog and how to deal with it

Separation from your beloved pet is a difficult moment. Help the dog cope with longing and let him feel that you will always return to him.

a small dog on the blanket sitting

How to prepare a dog for separation from his guardian?

Parting with your beloved pet is difficult for our four-legged friends and us, even if it is only temporary. What’s more, let’s consider that the dog does not fully understand the reason for your separation and how long it will last. While each of us should be able to cope with the feeling of longing, this situation is much more difficult for our dogs.

To protect your pet from the stress that your separation will undoubtedly cause him, prepare him in advance for the upcoming situation. Of course, no actions can make the dog feel no longing. Our goal is only to prepare the dog for separation and alleviate the sadness and depression that accompanies him at this time.

A dog in good hands

During our absence, someone else will take care of our pet. Who will we choose for this role? That is a crucial issue because our dog’s well-being during separation depends on who we leave our canine with.

How to choose a temporary sitter for a dog?

The best situation for the dog is to stay under the care of other household members. Then your separation is not accompanied by other unwanted emotions, such as the dog’s fear of new people or an unknown place.

When leaving the dog under the care of another person, make sure that the pet feels as comfortable as possible in the new situation. Choose a person with whom the dog has good contact, and you can be sure that he will give the dog due interest and care. It is good if the canine gets to know such a person’s house beforehand so that he feels good and comfortable while staying there. Familiar scents will surely cheer him up. If you want to prepare the dog for separation, organize a layette for the temporary relocation of the dog. Don’t forget about your dog’s favourite bed and toys. The dog will feel more confident with objects close to his heart. It’s a good idea to bring your dog’s blanket as well. The more familiar scents your dog will have on hand in a new place, the better.

a dog sits on the red blanket

How do we act when we have no one to leave the dog with in our absence? Then a hotel for dogs comes out to help us. That is where the dog will receive comprehensive care during our separation. If you want to know the details of the functioning of the hotel for dogs, check out our entry devoted to this topic HERE. You will find out, among other things, the types of hotels for dogs and the rules in them.

Inform the temporary guardian about the dog’s likes and dislikes

It doesn’t matter if you leave your dog in the care of a family member or the staff of the dog hotel. Remember to provide all vital information about your pet. Each quadruped is different and has different needs, as well as a different rhythm of everyday life. Dogs, just like us, can be inconsistent and do not tolerate certain behaviours or avoid certain flavours.

Prepare detailed guidelines for the proper care of your dog. You should put information on how to feed your pet there. Present his typical diet and list the products he does not like. If the dog is allergic or takes any medications, inform the person who will take care of your canine. If the dog uses a unique bowl – for example, a bowl with ceramic inserts – take it with you to the visit. You can also present the dog’s favourite games and those he does not like very much.

a small dog eats form a duo grey ceramic dog bowl

It is also worth mentioning what the rhythm of your day looked like, what time the dog usually gets up, when it eats meals and what his bedtime is. Proper preparation of guidelines for care will allow you to slightly reduce the feeling of disorientation in the canine with the new situation combined with a longing for his beloved guardian. Maintaining daily rituals, which are evident for the dog, will allow him to maintain stability.

Preparing the dog for our absence

If you are going to leave your dog under the care of another person for the first time, start preparing it well in advance for the time of separation that awaits you. Dogs are animals that are highly attached to their owners. Longing for the beloved owner is a widespread reaction to any, even a short separation. So how to prepare the dog for our absence? First, by gradually getting him used to being under the care of other people.

To prepare your dog for separation, keep the emotionality of your breakups to a minimum. When leaving for work, don’t say goodbye to your dog as if you’re never going to see him again. The dog then has the impression that something is wrong and becomes more nervous. Try going out without a dog regularly every day so that the dog gets used to being left alone and understands that you always come back. The dog must feel that you will not leave him, and your every absence at home always ends with your return.

Let the canine get used to the person under whose care he will be and to the place where he will stay. Your dog’s temporary guardian might take him for a few walks without your participation. That will allow them to establish a relationship, and the dog will feel safe being left without you later.

Show your dog lots of love and warmth every day. Make sure that in no case does the dog feel unwanted and unloved. Otherwise, he may perceive your separation as your willingness to reject him. Take care of your relationship so the pet knows you are his friend and can always count on you.

Be brave!

Separation from a beloved pet is also tricky for us, the guardians of our quadrupeds. Attachment and love for a four-legged friend are great feelings. However, the dog feels the whole situation much more intensely. He doesn’t know what’s causing your absence and whether you’ll come back for him.

Your task is to prepare him for this challenging moment of your absence as best as possible. And how do you deal with such a situation? Do you know how to prepare your dog for separation additionally?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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