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What should a valuable dog food contain?

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Valuable dog food that is what?

What should be valuable dog food? Certainly, every canine guardian has often asked himself this question. Of course, it is very important that the food meets the taste of your pet. Otherwise, no matter how rich it is in all kinds of vitamins and microelements, you won’t convince the pooch to eat it anyway.

Nevertheless, we all know that what we eat has a direct impact on our health and the proper functioning of the body. This applies to both: people and our four-legged friends. Therefore, wanting to take care of your pet’s health, make sure that his meals contain only good and valuable ingredients for him.

Read the composition on the food packaging

First of all, if you want to make sure that the food is suitable for your pooch, you need to develop the habit of reading the ingredients on the packaging. Remember that even if the producer promises that the product is rich in meat, in fact it may turn out to be just a marketing catch.

So what should valuable dog food contain and in what proportions?

– meat or/and fish are essential in dog food

The dog’s food base should be meat or/and fish. It is a basic component of the valuable dog’s diet, which is extremely important for the good functioning of his body. Make sure, however, that the composition actually contains meat or fish in real form, not just semi-products.

Adjust the taste of food to your pet’s preferences. There is a large range of food with different flavors on the market. Certainly even the biggest dog poor eater will find something for himself. Meat is the main source of protein in dogs’ diets. Is a source of energy and also supports metabolic processes. Meat or/and fish should constitute a minimum of 50% of food.

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– fats and oils

Oils are another very important ingredient in dog food. They should be rich in fatt acids such as omega-3, DHA, and EPA. Oils are a very important source of energy for pets. They form a layer that protects internal organs against cold. In addition, oils support the effective absorption of certain vitamins by your pet’s body.

Remember, however, that excess fat consumed by a pooch can lead him to obesity. Therefore, it is recommended that they constitute a maximum of 20% of the valuable dog food.

– vegetables and fruit in your pooch’s food

The diet of your doggy should be rich not only in meat and healthy fats, but also vegetables and fruits. They are an important source of vitamins, microelements and other nutrients.

What vegetables and fruits are best found in dog food? This group includes, among others, carrots, apples, spinach and potatoes. For the proper functioning of the pooch’s body, he needs, among others, B vitamins, as well as vitamin A or E. Besides that it is important to provide him the right amount of calcium, magnesium, zinc or phosphorus.

– herbs and other plants are important as well

The last, but not least, element of valuable dog food are all kinds of herbs. Thyme, oregano, chamomile, parsley and sage belong to the group of those that are particularly important in the diet of our dogs. Although these ingredients constitute only a small part of the dog food, they are equally important and important.

Valuable dog food is a good balance of all the above-mentioned ingredients. What’s more, they need to be of good quality and reliable source of origin. Avoid suspiciously low-price food, because you can be sure that its composition leaves a lot to be desired.

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What should be avoided in dog food

In the composition of dog food, in addition to our preferred ingredients, there may also be ones that we should rather avoid. This group includes all kinds of artificial preservatives. It is a cheap solution used to maintain the freshness of our pet’s food, however, it does not have a positive effect on dog’s health. You can’t avoid preservatives in dog food. Nevertheless, those based on natural solutions and ingredients are definitely better.

Another ingredient that needs special attention when choosing food for your pooche is artificial flavors and dyes. All such additives used to enrich the taste or smell of food are a chemical and cheaper replacement of their natural equivalent.

It is also worth notice the ingredients that your four-legged friend is allergic to. For dogs with extremely severe allergies, even traces of a given allergen can have a negative impact on the pet’s well-being. If you suspect your dog may be allergic to any of the popular dog food ingredients, be sure to discuss this issue with your veterinarian.

Take care of your dog’s health by giving him good quality and valuable food

Well-chosen food equals a healthy and happy pooch. To properly care for your pet, make sure that what he eats every day is good for his body.

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Don’t be afraid to experiments with the taste of food. It is important to find a composition that will fully satisfy your pet. Valuable dog food will be slightly more expensive than those with inferior composition, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, I believe that we should not save on the health of our doggies. For my dog I try to choose only those foods whose composition does not raise my reservations.

Remember – if you have any doubts about the food given to your pooch, contact your veterinarian for advice. He will dispel all your doubts and help in choosing the best and valuable dog food for your four-legged friend 🙂


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