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Why does the dog cough?

Have you noticed that your dog is coughing and don't know what that means? Much depends on the cause of coughing. Perhaps it was just a one time incident caused by eating too fast or an allergic reaction. However, if the dog cough is repeated systematically then this is definitely a more serious matter. In such a situation, it will be necessary to consult his veterinarian.
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Cough in a dog

Can our dogs be cold? Yes. Moreover, the symptoms of their disease are often somewhat similar to those that we know well.

Overall weakness, runny nose or even a dog cough. Unfortunately, sometimes the case is a little more complicated and our pet can have similar symptoms with much more serious ailments. Do you know why the dog is coughing?

The causes of dog coughing can be really many. That’s why it’s so important for you to know what’s wrong with your pet. This will allow you to react quick enough, which may prove crucial for your four-legged’s health.

What is dog’s cough?

First of all, it should be mentioned that there are several types of cough that can occur with your dog. The treatment method depends on which of them affects your dog . Coughing in a dog usually occurs along with other ailments. Thus they will help us determine what kind of cough it is.

The dog coughs in quite a similar way as a man. That’s why I think you can certainly catch the moment when your four-legged friend starts coughing. As soon as you notice this behavior in your pet, you should start observing it more vigilantly. Make sure it was just a single incident or if your dog coughed a few more times later.

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What does cough mean in a dog?

We can list some of the most popular types of cough in a dog. Some of them are harmless. Others, in turn, should be a signal to you that you need to take your pet for consultation to the veterinarian. If you want to know the most common types of cough in dogs, I have prepared a useful list for you.

Retrograde cough

it is a kind of cough, which certainly provokes fear in every dog caregiver eyes. The dog coughs in such a way that at first glance it looks like he is suffocating. This is because the dog inhales the air very quickly, while not releasing it back. This is often accompanied by snorting by the dog or worse, vomiting reflexes.

What causes the retrograde cough?

– too much excitement, both with positive and negative feelings,

– respiratory irritation,

– sudden change in the air temperature of the place where the dog stays,

– contact with substances that irritate the dog or cause an allergic reaction.

If your pet has a retrograde cough, there’s really not much you can do. Rather, it is a single ailment, caused by a specific situation or event. The only way that can bring relief to the dog is to put your hand to his nose. Why? In this way, your pet will cease to nervously draw in the air, and as a result, his breathing should return to normal.

Cough after a meal

Did you notice that your dog starts to cough after a meal is over? If so, you can be sure that he is in a so-called cough after eating. What does it result from? First of all, from too catchy food.

Dog overeater wants to eat delicious food that you have prepared for him as soon as possible. As a result, many bites can be badly bitten by him, or even swallowed in whole. As a result, too large pieces of food can block the esophagus or worse the trachea.

Such an event can be very dangerous. While in most cases the dog himself can cope with swallowing too large a piece, however, he does not always have to succeed. Then there may be a serious choking, and as a result, even hypoxia of the four-legged.

In such a situation, point the dog’s muzzle down while patting it on the back. If this does not bring the expected effect, then as soon as possible take the dog to the nearest veterinarian.

How can you prevent your dog from coughing after eating? If you notice that your dog tends to eat too catchy, think of a bowl that slows down his eating. It has special tabs so that the dog has to work a little harder to get to his meal.

You can also cut the dog food into really small pieces before giving to the dog. Even if the pet swallows the whole bite, it will not get stuck in his throat.

Dog kennel cough

This is a type of cough, the occurrence of which should very arouse your alertness. It is caused by an infection of a dog with a virus. In the event that the dog cough is due to a bacterial infection, the help of a veterinarian is necessary in the treatment.

Along with kennel cough, the dog also has other symptoms. Knowing them will help you assess what kind of cough your dog suffers. Symptoms that accompany the dog with an affliction, which is a kennel cough are:

– dog lethargy and depression,

– lack of appetite,

– higher temperature,

– tearing of the eyes,

– watery runny nose.

Kennel cough requires drug treatment. In addition, you need to make sure that during this time your dog rests a lot and does not get tired. Keep any stressful situations to a minimum.

Cough due to dog heart conditions

Dogs suffering from cardiac diseases often cough during sleep. This is unfortunately a very common condition in four-legged with heart disease. Unfortunately, we are not able to help a dog with a cough in such a situation. Our main task is then to take care of the dog’s heart and keep it in the best condition and health.

Other types of dog cough

Coughing in a dog can occur due to other congenital defects of the body. What can you do in such a situation in addition to constant contact with the veterinarian? Make sure that your dog’s accessories are always fully clean and hygienic. Good living conditions are essential.  A comfortable bed will help your dog to relax properly during sleep and regenerate its strength.

I recommend you a comfortable, filled with anti-allergic fluff, grey dog bed LOFT from Bowl&Bone Republic. Your pet will be able to fully relax at night.

Dog coughs – what should you do?

Taking care of pets health is one of the key tasks as a dog caregiver. It is in your hands that the happiness of your four-legged friend lies. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your dog’s health, I refer you to an article on our blog – HERE. I answer in it how to approach the care of the four-legged wisely and responsibly.

Dog cough, unfortunately, is one of those ailments that we can overlook if our care and concern for the dog are insufficient. Therefore, if you only notice unusual behavior in your pet, be more alert. A back cough or one that occurs after eating is not a bad thing and you will certainly help the dog to cope with it.

However, in the case of cardiac or kennel cough, the case looks more serious. You will need the help and support of your veterinarian. If you notice this kind of cough in your dog, do not delay the reaction.

Had your dog a canine cough once? If so, what do you think caused it?  I hope that this entry will help you assess what kind of cough in your dog you have to do and how you can cope with it.

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The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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