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Dog Socialization – What You Need To Know

Taking care of a puppy is a very responsible task. It will be up to you how the future life of this little dog will go. One of your tasks as a guardian is to show your dog what the world around him looks like and what rules and relationships prevail in him. The socialisation process for a puppy is essential.

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Living in society is a fundamental issue not only for people but also for dogs. That is why we should socialize our dog from the first moments of his appearance in our home. The socialization of a puppy consists primarily of the ability to be in the company of dogs and other people.

What will you learn from this article:

• Socialization is essential in any dog’s life

• You should start socializing your puppy right from the start

• Socialization teaches, among other things, intercourse with other dogs and people

Dog socialization

A young dog entering social life needs our help to find himself among people and other dogs. The puppy’s socialization is an essential process. It has a direct impact on the later functioning of your dog in the outside world.

You may not realize it, but your dog, living in society, is constantly in contact with other individuals, whether for a walk, going out together, or when you invite guests to your home. In each of these situations, your puppy must be able to find himself in harmony with his character and the applicable rules.

I believe it is essential to familiarize your dog with the adult world from the beginning. Trying to protect the dog from the outside world at all costs, often wanting to do well, we unconsciously act to its disadvantage because such a dog becomes very dependent.

When should the puppy’s socialization begin

What is the right time to start your doggie’s socialization process? It is impossible to determine the optimal age of a dog unequivocally. However, the sooner, the better. A puppy’s mind, like a child’s mind, is very receptive.

So if you want to teach your dog specific rules, you cannot get him a free ride. It may seem very difficult because we are talking about a small puppy who can soften the heart with his gaze.

However, if we succumb once, twice or three times, it will be challenging for us to enforce correct behaviour in the puppy. And no wonder. The doggy will not understand why he is being punished for something his guardian looked at so far favourably. That is a very confusing situation for a dog.

Puppy’s socialization – areas of activity

Your puppy’s socialization is a process that affects various levels of your pet’s life. Each of them is important, and it is good for you to be aware of them. Remember that the process of your puppy’s socialization affects his later behaviour in adulthood.

Socialization with other dogs

As a good guardian, you must ensure that your pet can find himself in the company of other dogs from childhood. That is very important because if you do not take care of it in the early stages of your dog’s life, it may be more difficult for him to establish relationships with other pets later.

Don’t try to isolate your little pet from other dogs. I understand that you may be concerned that larger dogs may harm your puppy. Try not to be too caring, though. Be close enough to be able to react in time in the event of a conflict situation.

Let your little dog know from an early stage of life that other quadrupeds deserve respect and recognition of their personal space. I don’t see any reason we should socialize a puppy with other dogs only when he is more mature. It will then be less natural and obvious for him.

Puppy attitude towards people

A small puppy’s relationship with a human is usually twofold. We are dealing with a dog who loves people. He enjoys spending time in their company. He then feels excellent and entirely comfortable.

On the other hand, some puppies are incredibly fearful. Contact with a stranger arouses tremendous fear and anxiety in them. Then they look for support and protection in the arms of their guardians.

Admittedly, in the case of the first group of puppies, socialization with humans will not cause any significant problems. They probably don’t need it at all. It will be enough to teach your doggie the basic principles of good manners.

The situation is a bit different when we deal with a dog that is quite reluctant to interact with people. When he finds himself in a situation where he meets someone new, he tries desperately to seek support from his guardian.

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Doggy approach to people

What should you do if your pet belongs to the other group of dogs? Do not expect your pet to become the life of the party overnight. It will be a success to familiarise your pet with members of your close family or friends.

Meet the doggie with new people one at a time and intervals. Before you introduce your dog to another person, let him bond with the previous one. That way, your little dog won’t feel overwhelmed.

Puppies love to play. Therefore, an excellent way to socialise with your dog is to spend time actively with him. All kinds of games will work here, where the new person can play with your pet. An example of spending time is throwing a frisbee or stretching and wrestling with a bullet.

From my experience, I can recommend the heavy rope bullet from Bowl & Bone Republic. It is perfect for active play with your pet. Playing together with the dog will allow him to form a bond with a newly met person.

In addition to having fun together, a great incentive to break the ice for every dog ​​will be his favourite treats. However, if you do not want your dog to feel bad after eating too many treats after such a meeting, you must act carefully.

When you know that you are taking your pet to a new company, where he will get to his favourite delicacies, please give him a slightly smaller meal on that day before you go out. Overeating can make your dog overweight, and I’m sure you don’t want to let that happen.

The puppy’s socialisation also means getting used to the environment

The puppy’s socialisation teaches him how to behave in different places, e.g. at home, in the park or when visiting someone. The young dog needs to know what good behaviour and bad behaviour are.

That is a fundamental and complex process. The doggie learns that not everything he can do in his home is welcome when you visit someone else. Even if your dog can be on the couch daily, when he is with someone, he must see that he needs your consent in such a situation.

You cannot deny that it will often be difficult for us to explain to the dog why sometimes his behaviour is acceptable to us and sometimes not, as it was in the example of getting on the couch. Nevertheless, you must also pay attention to this area of ​​socialisation for your puppy.

When the puppy’s socialisation is successful

We cannot determine the level of puppy socialisation by which we can conclude that they completed the task. Dogs, just like people, learn to function in society throughout their lives.

The socialisation process takes time and a proper approach to the doggy. How long it will take until the dog understands the basics is very individual.

And how was it with your pet? Did he quickly learn how to behave among people and other pets, or on the contrary, did it take him a pretty long time?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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