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How to teach a dog command”speak!”?

How to start learning the “speak!” command dog? First, the right place for training is significant, as well as the appropriate reward that will be satisfactory for your pet. Learning a voice recommendation dog is easy and fun. I’m sure your dog will understand very quickly what it is.

a samll dog with a pink scarf stands on the grass

The command to give voice belongs to the group of commands that we most often teach our dogs. Its mastery by the dog allows the dog to understand better our intentions and what we expect from him now. You can train your dog with commands in four simple steps. They classify the command as one of the easiest for a dog to learn.

What will you learn from this article:

• The “speak!” command is relatively easy for your dog to learn

• You can teach your dog this command in four simple steps

• Thanks to the command, let your dog learn what you expect from him at the moment

Teach your dog the “speak!” command

What commands should you teach your dog? This group should undoubtedly have a “speak!” command. First, it is worth paying attention to the fact that training a dog’s new skills is essential for every pet. Constant development, stimulating his mind, and the satisfaction of spending time with his beloved guardian give us a lot of pleasure.

I can confidently say that this command is one of our dogs’ most accessible commands to learn. It is simple and uncomplicated, and its effect is easy to achieve. What more could you want?

Before starting the training, I would like you to learn the most important rules for training your dog. That will allow you to understand your dog’s needs and approach your training together in the most effective and accessible way. Therefore, I refer you to the post that deepens this topic, which you can find HERE. I hope you will find everything you are looking for in it.

Why is it worth teaching a dog a voice command?

Your four-legged friend has a natural urge to bark in most cases. This is how dogs communicate with the outside world, with other pets and with us. Therefore, even if we do not like our dog barking, we cannot expect him to stop doing it.

In my everyday life with a dog, the command gives a say, and the reverse order instructs the dog not to bark at the moment, allowing me to control my pet a bit. My goal is not to limit the dog’s freedom of communication but to make him understand that there are moments when such behaviour is inadvisable.

Therefore, I believe that learning the command “speak!” allows the dog to understand our intentions better, what we expect from him at the moment, and what could be the reason for it. In situations where the dog’s barking may cause the problem, the pet’s understanding that there are times when we ask him to speak or not speak will help him fulfil our request.

Joint training with your pet is a great way to strengthen your bonds. Dogs like to learn new things, so in most cases, training with their owner will be a lot of fun. My dog enjoys playing together as much as he likes to overcome new challenges while learning.

Learning new skills is also very important for your dog’s proper development. In this way, we take care of his mind, stimulate his senses and speed up his reactions. Our dogs need this kind of stimulus. Otherwise, they may become depressed and bored.

Training various commands stimulate slightly different parts of the dog’s mind than playing. That is the kind of challenge your dog is trying to accomplish. It’s all about adrenaline, the willingness to present yourself at your best and overcome your barriers and weaknesses.

Step by step, teach your dog the voice command

Where should we start learning the command “speak!”? First, prepare an appropriate reward for the dog for the correct order execution. Think about what your four-legged friend likes best.

It would help if you prepared your pet first

If you want, you can make treats for your pet yourself. I have prepared a straightforward recipe for DIY dried treats for you. My dog loves them. At the same time, I am sure that he gets a product of good quality meat, which does not contain any unnecessary preservatives or flavour enhancers. You can find the recipe entry HERE.

It’s a good idea to store your reward treats in a treat sachet, so the dog will not be focused on the packaging with flavours and will focus on the correct implementation of your command. I recommend you the MIDI treat sachets from Bowl & Bone Republic. With the help of the clip, you can attach the product comfortably to the belt and reach for treats during the dog’s training.

In addition, you can also keep dog pouches in the sachet, which you can easily remove through the built-in dispenser. It is a very convenient solution in everyday life with a four-legged friend.

– command learning space

You already know what to prepare when learning new skills with your dog. Another training element will be finding a suitable space to exercise with the dog.

When teaching your dog to give a voice, we must remember that he will make loud noises. Such training can be a chore for your neighbours if you live with your dog in a block of flats. It will be a different form of barking by the dog than when the dog communicates with us or the environment.

Therefore, I recommend choosing a park or other space for your training. Make sure there is no playground or other place nearby where your dog’s loud barking might disturb other people around you.

If you have already found the most comfortable place to train with your dog, we can move on to the next stage of training. Let us speak.

– the first stage of learning a “speak!” command

Stand in front of your dog, and make sure your pet entirely focuses on you. Give the command if the dog is ready and waiting for your move. Of course, your pen needs to understand what the command you just gave it is about. Therefore, if your pet makes the slightest noise after saying the command, give him a treat as a reward. In this way, we let the four-legged know that he is getting a reward for giving a voice.

– stage two of the “speak!” command

Once your dog understands the voice command, we can move on to the next stage of learning. Namely, reward your pet with a treat when the dog barks when giving the command.

At this point, we no longer reward the dog for howling or whining. That is very important as your dog needs to understand what kind of sound you expect from him. Therefore, praise your dog if he barks, even if it is still tranquil.

– stage three – complete barking of the dog

At this stage of the learning process, you will only reward your pet when it gives a whole, loud bark when commanded. So you are at the most crucial stage of learning.

Initially, the dog may be surprised that he does not receive a reward from you for each bark. However, dogs can quickly understand what behaviour leads to a prize from the guardian.

– fourth stage – preservation

Suppose you manage, together with your dog, to develop a level of barking that is entirely satisfactory to you after giving the command and providing a floor. In that case, you can go to the final stage of learning. Namely, try to slowly move away from rewarding the dog with treats.

Try alternately praising the dog verbally and with treats. Systematically reduce the proportions until the dog obeys your command. Only give praise for your praise.

a dog in the red harness

A “speak!” command voice in four steps

That is what the command learning plan looks like. Give you a voice in four simple steps. My dog ​​understood this recommendation very quickly and efficiently. Hopefully, it will be easy learning for your dog as well.

Tell me what it was like for your pet. Didn’t he have any problems as well? Or maybe some stage of learning made him difficult?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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