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How to teach a puppy to take care of himself outside?

What to do to make your puppy’s cleanliness lessons quick and efficient? First of all, you have to be very patient. It may take more or less time for any four-legged friend to learn to take care of himself outdoors. Be sympathetic to your dog. He is just taking his first steps. There is still a lot to learn before him.

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One of the first skills we want to teach a puppy is to take care of himself outside. However, you know that this is a command that will require a lot of patience and composure. You need to bring your puppy outside multiple times a day. Remember about the reward as your puppy dutifully takes care of himself outdoors.

What will you learn from this article:

• Learning to clean is one of the first things you’ll teach your puppy

• For settling outside, you should reward your puppy

• You need to be very patient while learning this skill

How to teach a puppy to take care of themselves outside

When you look after your puppy, you know very well that a responsible job awaits you. From now on, it is in your hands to raise this little creature. There is much work ahead of you, but I’m sure you can do it. When we become caretakers for a small four-legged friend, we ask ourselves how to teach a puppy to take care of himself.

That is one of the first skills we will teach our little pet. I think you will fully agree with me that it is crucial in your everyday life for your little dog to be able to settle outside. Therefore, having learned from my experience when my dog was still a baby and advice from other dog handlers, I will tell you how to teach your pet to this.

I hope that I will be able to make the dog training process easier for you and that it will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible for you. I know very well that a lot depends on the dog himself, on the environment in which he stayed right after birth.

Often, dogs that observe the behaviour of their parents or older siblings from the first moments of their lives remember their behaviour and try to recreate them. Such a dog will undoubtedly be more accessible to learn to take care of outside than the one for whom it is a complete novelty.

Step by step how to teach a puppy to do housework

First, as I mentioned before, I cannot accurately answer the question of how quickly your puppy will learn to clean outside. It is a very individual matter for each quadruped. Therefore, if your pet does not understand what you are trying to teach him at first, remember that you have to be very patient with this. I’m sure you’ll succeed in this science sooner or later.

Set the frequency of your walks

If you want to start teaching your puppy to clean, you should know how often you should go outside with your pet. Why is it so important? Because the dog’s restroom times are constant, it’s the first step in learning to care for himself outdoors.

A regular schedule of the day makes it easier for your pet to understand and remember when there is a time when it can and should take care of itself. It will help you a lot in the training process.

How often you should go outside with your puppy so that he can take care of himself depends on how young he is. If your dog is about two months old, he will need to go out every 3 hours, which is perfectly normal then. The more months your dog is over, the longer the intervals between the daily toilet can be.

Of course, I was hoping you could note that this is only a guideline. If you see that your pet needs to go for a walk at a given moment, do not wait until the agreed time, but take your dog outside immediately.

a dog with a blue harness on the leash

Walking accessories

Your dog needs to be aware of when it’s time to go for a walk. To do this, he needs signals that you are going outside so he can go about his business freely.

Therefore, remember to put your dog on his harness and leash even if you only go out to the neighbourhood square. This is also important for security reasons. Puppies can be very fearful. Therefore, even though you are in a fenced area, you do not know how your little dog will react in a high-stress situation. He can run blindly ahead, slip between the legs of someone just opening the gate and run away.

I recommend the SOHO harness from Bowl & Bone Republic for a puppy. This harness style has a comfortable fastening on the dog’s back, which can be a great help in the case of a puppy. Their cut prevents pressure on the dog’s body and makes them very comfortable to wear.

Additionally, when we go outside with the dog to teach him new skills, we must not forget about the reward. You will certainly admit that one of our dogs’ favourite forms of approval is receiving their famous delicacies. Teaching your puppy to be clean is a very effective way to motivate your pet.

The MIDI sachets from Bowl & Bone Republic are another walking accessory to consider if you want convenient access to your pet’s treats. It is an excellent product because, at the same time, we can put dog pouches and pet treats in it. While my dog was learning to do things outside, the MIDI sachets were invaluable.

The Bowl & Bone Republic brand also offers smaller MINI pouches. The unquestionable advantage of this sachet is that it can be attached not only to a belt or trousers but also to a leash. Thanks to this, you do not have to remember about it every time you go outside with your dog.

A recipe for how to teach a puppy to do his errands outside

All right, we can now move on to the right stage of learning. Initially, you will, unfortunately, have to go out with your dog, even when he does not have such a need. In this way, we will limit his ability to deal with his needs at home.

Every time we go outside with the dog, and he wants to take care of himself, we must remember the reward. The doggie needs to understand what he gets praised and rewarded for.

She knows that this is probably one of the most challenging things our dogs will learn. That is because training is entirely dependent on the dog’s needs. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to take the dog outside at the right moment. That is the ordinary course when learning how to clean your dog.

Regularity and persistence with the dog

How quickly the dog understands that dealing with his affairs outside is associated with praise and reward is an individual matter for every four-legged friend. I know that you may feel resigned at first if the training results are not immediately what you expected. I understand you. I had it too.

Nevertheless, persistence and tenacity are essential in this situation. Sooner or later, your puppy will only get into cleaning outside.

Putting aside the treats

If your dog fully learns to do business only outdoors, you can slowly give up the treats. Remember to do this gradually. Otherwise, your dog will find he is no longer getting his reward.

Therefore, despite the lack of delicacies, do not give up verbal praise. Thanks to this, the dog will still feel that he is following your instructions and get rewarded.

You can give up verbal praise when it is evident that your dog is to get things done outside.

Learning to clean a dog is not that scary

As you can see, a puppy learning cleanliness is not a complicated process. Perseverance can be discouraging, and you cannot deny that we want the dog learn this skill as soon as possible.

And what was your four-legged friend’s cleanliness study like? Maybe you are in the middle of training and need some tips. If so, I hope you will find my advice helpful.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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