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Is the dog man’s best friend?

They said a lot about the beauty of friendship between a dog and a human. What does it look like? Is friendship between a dog and a human possible? I want to answer all of these questions that are sure to bother you so that your relationship with your pet can be even more beautiful.

a dog with his guardian in the city walk

The friendship between man and dog is a kind of fantastic bond, incomparable to anything else. You are the whole world to your dog, and he has love and complete trust in you. Can a dog be a man’s best friend? Absolutely yes. Just note that this is a relatively unique type of relationship.

What will you learn from this article:

• The bond between the dog and the handler is powerful

• Your dog has a lot of trust in you

• Friendship with a dog is different from that between people

The dog is a friend of the man

The dog is often said to be man’s best friend, but how is it? Can you forge such a deep and strong bond with your pet that it can be called a true friendship without hesitation?

I want to reflect on this issue a bit in this article. How is friendship created between a dog and a human, and what is the basis of this relationship? You are also curious whether a company with a pet can, to some extent, replace the one that arises between two people.

My dog plays a crucial role in my life. I can’t imagine what my day would look like without a morning walk with my dog, fun together, and an evening rest on the couch. I can say that he is my friend. Just what does this mean in reality and everyday life?

How a dog shows friendship

You cannot deny that friendship is a relationship that basis on kindness for another person with reciprocity. So the basis of friendship with your dog is also his attitude towards you. Do you know how to tell if the pen likes someone or not?

It is worth noting that dogs show emotions differently than humans. So at the same time, your dog will show you his friendliness in his doggy way.

One way dogs show that they like and trust someone is when a pet rests his head on someone’s lap. If your pet behaves this way, you can be sure you are important to him.

Another way your dog shows friendliness is by wanting to play together. If the dog invites you to spend time together, it could mean that he enjoys your company. The dog will not be happy to play with every person.

Tail wagging is another way a dog shows good feelings towards you. However, it is worth observing the dog’s behaviour closely. Not every tail wagging a quadruped has to imply a positive attitude. If you want to learn more about what the dog’s tail says, I refer you to the post entirely devoted to this topic. You can find it HERE.

Can a dog be a man’s best friend?

Whether a dog can be your best friend depends on your expectations of friendship. I want to mention here that you can like your dog very much, be attached to him, take care of him, and not see him in terms of your friend. That is fine. I would not like you to feel unnecessary pressure associated with a template definition of your relationship with your pet.

The guardian’s relationship with the dog

Friendship relies on the bond between two people, a dog and his guardian. How strong this relationship will depend primarily on understanding each other’s needs.

To be able to talk about friendship with a dog, you need to focus not only on how you perceive your dog. It is also essential to how your pet perceives himself. As two people, they must see each other as a friend. It would not be easy if one saw the other as a friend and the other had an entirely different opinion of this relationship. In the case of dogs, it looks the same.

It can’t be that you recognize your doggie as a friend, and he doesn’t identify you. When can such a problem arise? When your dog shows you his love and affection, you don’t love him back. If you don’t care about your relationship with your dog and don’t devote as much time to him as he needs, his feelings towards you will weaken.

You can’t expect your dog to treat you as his best friend no matter what. For a dog, his guardian is the most important person in his life, but even the selfless friendship that your dog has for you also has its limits. If you stop treating your dog as he deserves, his attitude towards you may eventually change.

a small dog with her guardian in the park

Your expectations for friendship with your dog

Think about what you expect from your relationship with your pet. Are you looking for a companion to spend time together or perhaps someone who will be with you for good or bad? Your dog won’t judge your decisions in everyday life. Of course, if you are a good person and your pet knows you care for him.

For some dog guardians, the canine is like a companion. He walks right through life. It is evident to them that the dog is one of the family members. The doggy acts as a friend for them.

Friendship with a dog is lovely. You know you can tell your pet anything; he will keep it a secret and will certainly not judge you. I cannot imagine today, after many years with my dog by my side, how I could cope without this friendship before. No relationship with a person brings with it this kind of emotion.

On the other hand, however, I would like you to remember that, as human beings, we also need someone in our lives to establish a dialogue and who can relate to what we want to tell him. If you are not interested in developing closer relationships with other people while taking care of your pet, this is, unfortunately, very wrong thinking.

It is never a good idea to close yourself off from relationships with other people. I agree that friendship with a dog is lovely, but despite this, I cannot imagine my life without people close to me. Every person sometimes needs to talk to someone to get to know someone’s point of view on their problem. Friendship with a pet, although it is beautiful, does not give us such opportunities.

Can a dog be one man’s friend?

As I mentioned before, man is a social being, and one of his natural needs is to be among other people. A dog can be a friend of a human being, but I think it should not be the only one. A human friend and a doggy perform entirely different functions.

Your dog’s approach to being your only friend can harm your relationship. Your expectations for the dog may be too high, making you feel disappointed when the dog does not meet them.

a dog with his guardian in the city

Dog and man – best friends

The friendship between a dog and his owner is a beautiful, incomparable relationship. As a guardian canine, you understand this kind of attachment to your four-legged friend very well.

What do you think about it? Can a dog be a man’s best friend or not? I was hoping you could write me your answer by leaving a comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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