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Keep the house tidy with your dog

the dog takes a toy from the basket

Taking care of a dog is not only fun but also responsibility. Therefore, keeping the house tidy is often not easy in the case of dogs, especially if our dog is a small mess. How to deal with this?

Mess around the dog – how to deal with it

Do you love law and order at home and get the impression that your dog is the opposite? Life with a dog is full of compromises, but they don’t have to be about keeping your space clean. Nevertheless, a dog with a unique tendency and love to create a mess is quite a challenge.

Disorder around the dog often arises not because of the pet’s disobedience but because of our persistent collection of his things. The dog does not need a dozen or so toys, three sets of leashes or bedding placed in every room of the house. It is often dog accessories scattered in every corner that generate an uncontrollable mess. Therefore, before cleaning around the dog, check if he is the cause of the confusion, not his things.

A few rules for keeping your dog clean

If you want to take care of orders at home with a dog under your care, regularity and consistency in action are very important. Check what you think is the most common cause of clutter and focus on that first. If you want to slightly improve the process of taking care of the order, pay attention to a few fundamental rules that will facilitate effective operation.

Breed of dog

The choice of dog breed is essential in terms of the disorder around the dog. First, if we are particularly annoyed by the ubiquitous dog hair in the house, choosing a breed with lush hair will be a huge mistake. A long coat also has a greater chance that mud, leaves or other surprises will stick to it during walks.

a dog with his guardian in the city

The breed of the dog also affects his temperament and, thus, the level of energy it bursts with. A more active dog will cause more confusion than a typical couch potato. Therefore, if you want to limit the persistent cleaning around the dog as much as possible, choose a breed that is the least problematic.

Systematic action

Don’t let your home turn into a place of constant clutter. Regular cleaning is the best way to control the spreading of disorder. We know perfectly well that we don’t always have enough motivation to see the mess immediately. However, with a little effort and overcoming inner impotence, such immediate action will soon become a habit.

Therefore, cleaning your dog’s paws is the first thing you should remember when returning from a walk with your pet. Thanks to this, the dog will not spread sand or mud all over the house.

If the increased shedding of the dog’s hair begins, regular brushing allows you to slightly reduce the spread of hairballs around the house. Frequent brushing of the dog additionally positively affects the state of his hygiene.

Dog accessories – selection and organization

If you want to keep order around your dog, it is essential to choose his everyday accessories. First, it is worth choosing those whose cleaning will not cause us much trouble.

The dog bed should be able to remove the outer cover for washing. All Bowl&Bone Republic beds have this option. Selecting the appropriate program can also be washed in an automatic machine. It is a highly hygienic solution that allows you to keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh. You can wash good-quality toys or harnesses in the washing machine without worry.

a small dog sits in the grey dog bed

When buying a dog bowl, we recommend choosing one with replaceable inserts. Thanks to this, we can get much easier and more thoroughly clean the part where we give the dog food without fear of damaging the frame.

Another critical issue that positively impacts keeping your pet in order is properly organizing his belongings. How to go about it, and where to start? First, focus on your dog’s toys at the very beginning. Make a selection and eliminate those the dog no longer plays with or is no longer usable.

Place other toys in one place, so the dog has easy and free access to them. All kinds of baskets are perfect. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand has baskets for dog toys of the COTTON line, which will certainly fit all your pet’s toys.

a small dog in the blue dog bed

Also, organize a review of walking accessories. You can give any collars or harnesses the dog has already grown out of to other dogs or hide them as souvenirs. Leave only your daily set of harnesses and leashes at your fingertips.

But my dog ​​loves mess

The constantly created mess with the dog is often due to the personification of the pet. Some dogs are exceptionally naughty and tend to develop excessive disorders around them.

We can often observe that the dog takes out his favourite bites from the bowl and proudly walks towards his lair, where he also intends to eat them. How to deal with this? Serve your dog’s food in a closed kitchen. If the pet insists on eating all the food, taking it out to the ground, then perhaps the problem lies in the dog’s reluctance to the bowl. Change the bowl liner from metal to ceramic and see if that solves the problem.

duo grey and black ceramic dog bowls

If not, it is worth considering a dog behaviourist’s help. However, if this is not a big problem for you, you can put a special mat under the bowl to help the dog keep clean while eating.

When the dog’s favourite activity is carrying toys and leaving them in different parts of the house, designate a place for him to play. Choose a room that will be the main playroom for the dog and try to keep the vast majority of toys only there. It’s good if this place doesn’t lead to the space where the dog sleeps at night. That will help him separate the space to play from the one where he sleeps and rest.

Don’t be angry with your dog

The nature of dogs will often remain unchanged despite our great efforts. Therefore, the dog will always create a mess to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes a better solution is to try to protect yourself from it with the help of an appropriate organization than disastrous aspirations to change the dog’s character and preferences. Let him enjoy playing in the puddle and sometimes turn a blind eye to the scattering of toys around the living room.

Is your dog a little messy?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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