STEP IN dog harness

WALK-IN harness for your pooch

Your pet loves walking together, but does not like wearing a collar? Put on a harness, with the help of which you will take care of the comfort of your four-legged friend and give yourself full control while playing outdoors. In this category, you will find a lightweight walk-in dog harness that will be a great alternative to a collar – especially for small and medium-sized dogs.

Easy to put on step-in harness with adjustable straps is a practical and fashionable gadget for your pet. Thanks to them, each walk in the fresh air will become a unique opportunity to have fun, explore new places and strengthen relationships with you. Most importantly, this type of harness guarantees comfort also to those four-legged friends who do not tolerate harness put on over the head.

Walking-in harness by Bowl&Bone Republic

Walk-in harness, also known as step-in harness, owes its name to the fact that the dog wearing it enters it while putting it on. A walking harness, distinguished by a simple design and uncomplicated putting on, will be an excellent choice for dogs of various breeds.

The walk-in harness is recommended especially for dogs that walk calmly on a leash that does not pull or try to free themselves. Easy to put on and take off, made of pleasant-to-touch material, allow the pooch to quickly get used to the new accessory. They will give your pet a sense of independence and self-reliance, which is so important during unrestricted play outside.

The ease of use of the walk-in harness is also important, as it is enough to spread it freely on the floor, and inside the resulting two triangles, place the dog’s front legs. Then pick up the harness, fasten it with the buckle on the back and attach the lead – ready! The harness straps, which are arranged in the shape of the letter Y on your pet’s chest, provide him with maximum comfort.

You also don’t have to worry about their cleanliness. The walk-in harness can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine. Suitable for both small, medium and large breeds, the size of the walk-in harness provides comfort to representatives of almost all breeds. Importantly, the designer step-in harness can be purchased in our store in a set with a matching leash. Both will create a fashionable set for every walk.

Step-in harnesses are also gentle on the dog’s neck and windpipe. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the straps, the walk-in harness can also be used by the dog in the future, when he grows up a bit. Check out the stylish walk-in harness for dogs from Bowl&Bone Republic, the European manufacturer of PREMIUM accessories for pets – fun guaranteed!