travel dog mat

travel dog mats by Bowl&Bone Republic

Having in mind the comfort of dogs also during trips, we have created a line of designer travel mats. Their handy design and the possibility of being rolled up make easy to take them not only to your favourite restaurant or cafe but also for a camping trip, hiking on mountain trails or a camper trip. Regardless of whether you go on a further or closer trip, your dog will be able to rest peacefully on his favourite mat and relax comfortably while watching the surroundings.


In addition to the aesthetics of workmanship, travel dog mats are also characterized by durability and functionality. Their filling is the insulation that ensures thermal comfort, while the outer material is exceptionally solid and pleasant to the touch. The genius of folding travel mats lies in their well-thought-out design. Horizontal stitching keeps the filling in place and makes it easy to roll up for transport. The whole thing is fastened with solid press studs, and the sewn-on handle makes it easy to move the mat from place to place.

foldable travel dog mat – so that your pet can rest anywhere in comfortable conditions!

Every dog, regardless of age and breed, should feel safe and comfortable. These issues are especially important in the case of bedding, in which the dogs rest after an eventful day, wait for their owners and from which they closely observe the world around them. They rest blissfully in them, savouring every moment.

We approached the sewing of rolled travel mats bearing in mind the needs of dogs and the expectations of their owners. We tried to combine aesthetics with quality and functionality. We deeply believe that we have fully accomplished this task! Four-legged friends like to rest on travel mats during shorter and longer trips, and each development of them causes joyful wagging of their tails. Just at the sound of unfastened naps, they come running to lie down on their favourite travel mat.

Travel mats from Bowl&Bone Republic, a premium European brand for pets, are available in many colours and sizes. Thanks to this, you can easily match them with the other elements of the dog’s layette. If, on the other hand, the sizes we offer do not meet the expectations of your pet, be sure to let us know about this fact. We will prepare and sew a mat in the size you prefer. This way, you can be sure that, regardless of the place and time, your four-legged friend will rest in a bed perfectly tailored to his needs.