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How to choose the best blanket for your dog

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Dog blanket – how to choose?

Evenings with a dog on the couch are probably my favorite moment of our daily routine. After a long, busy day, it is a wonderful form of relaxation and tranquility.  After my dog’s reaction, I see that he also appreciates this type of rest. Since my pet is a huge permafrost, our indispensable requisite is a blanket for a dog.

Before we could find the perfect one, we had some more or less successful approaches. However, fortunately, after many attempts, we managed to find such a blanket that suits all the needs of my dog. Therefore, if you want to learn how to choose a perfect dog blanket, then I will gladly share with you a few tips.

What is the purpose of a dog blanket?

First of all, consider what will be the purpose of the dog blanket that you will choose for your four-legged. Will it have the task of protecting it from the cold, being a soft addition to its bed, or can it be an independent form of bedding?

The choice of a dog blanket will depend on which of the above features is crucial.

Blanket as a bedding

If the blanket for your dog is to be a form of a bedding, then first of all it should be sufficiently thick and soft. Although dogs are very fond of sleeping on a flat surface, I think that as a good caregiver you will certainly want to provide the pet with a comfortable place to sleep. Therefore, in such a situation, fluffy dog blankets will work better.

My favorite is the brown NAP dog blanket  from Bowl&Bone Republic. It is so fluffy and pleasant to the touch that I am sure that it will also work not only as a blanket itself, but also as a form of bedding for the dog. In addition, it is very convenient to move from one place to another.

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Blanket to protect against the cold

One of the basic functions of a blanket for a dog is to protect the four-legged from getting cold. For my pet, this is the key task of the blanket.

So what should you remember when choosing a blanket for your dog? It should not be too heavy. Otherwise, dog covered with such blanket will feel discomfort while lying down.

The purpose of the blanket is to wrap our pet, protecting it from freezing. Therefore, it should be as soft as possible, so that we do not have a problem with covering our dog. Moreover, each dog likes to lay under a blanket on its own in a favorite way.

When looking for the right blanket to protect your pet from the cold, pay attention to the dog blanket ROYAL model. It is the perfect combination of two muted and elegant colors.

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One side of this fleece blanket is in navy-blue color, while the other is red. In other words, the dog blanket ROYAL is a some kind of plaid for pet.

Blanket as an dog accessory

Some dogs especially appreciate the softness of the den on which they sleep. They have one simple rule: the more cozy and softer during sleep, the better. So if you want to provide the best conditions for your pet, you should think about the addition to his den, which is a blanket for a dog.

A fluffy blanket for a dog is a mandatory element of bedding for any demanding four-legged. It is important that it is sufficiently soft, thus ensuring adequate comfort and convenience during sleep.

Not knowing which blanket to choose to make sure it meets the considerable requirements of your four-legged? I recommend the ZEN line, available in two colors: dog blanket ZEN grey and dog blanket ZEN graphite.

What else to look for when choosing a blanket for a dog?

Choosing a blanket for a dog can be easy, fast and pleasant if you only know well what you should pay your attention to. I am sure that you want your dog’s blanket to meet all its needs and requirements.

– dog blanket size

What size should be a blanket for a dog? First of all, it should be large enough for your dog to be able him to fully stretch freely on it. Therefore, when choosing a blanket, it is crucial to know the dimensions of your dog. If it turns out to be too small, unfortunately, it will not be able to fully perform its function well. Lying on it will not be as comfortable for your dog as it could be.

On the other hand, too large blanket can be uncomfortable for a dog. This is especially true for dogs from a group of really small breeds. A dog can get caught in a blanket that is far too large. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling for him.

– easy to clean

Taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene of my dog’s accessories is very important to me. Therefore, I always choose such products, the cleaning of which is easy. I pay special attention to the fact that a given item can be washed in a washing machine. This way of cleaning gives me the feeling that my dog’s accessories are fully hygienic.

If this is equally important to you, then when deciding on a blanket for your dog, make sure that the manufacturer allows you to wash it in a washing machine. If this is not recommended, then by automatic washing it may lose its original qualities. Keep this in mind.

– blanket quality for a pooch

I have often told you about the importance of the quality of the accessories of our dogs. First of all, this allows us to avoid constantly buying new products. Poor quality accessories can lose their original properties after a really short period of use.

It is impossible to hide that for most of us the appearance of accessories of our pets plays a big role. The blanket, which due to its poor manufactured quality will quickly lose its original appearance, and thus disturb our sense of aesthetics, will look careless and messy. For me personally, it is unacceptable, because I care about to provide my dog with the best possible living conditions.

Want to know more why you should choose good quality dog products? Read more on our blog!

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– the appearance of a blanket for a pet

After all, no one said that the accessories of our dogs cannot also please our eyes. Choosing a new thing for your pet, of course, is guided first by his needs and expectations. However, my later criterion in choosing dog accessories is their visual aspect.

I pay a great importance to the interior design of my house. It is impossible to hide that the accessories of our dogs are a permanent part of the place where we live. Therefore, I turn attention to the fact that the thing nicely blends with the rest of the house. When choosing a blanket for the dog, choose one that will not only be fully functional, but will also hit your taste and sense of aesthetics.

Best blanket for a dog

I hope that choosing a blanket for your four-legged friend will now be a little easier for you. Every dog needs a nice and pleasant to the touch blanket. This is a very functional thing, because in an easy and convenient way we can take it together anywhere.

In our case, I take my pet’s favorite blanket for every trip. A familiar smell in a new place gives him encouragement and a sense of security. The dog does not feel restless and confused, being able to snuggle in a soft, very well-known blanket.

Does your four-legged friend have a favorite blanket he can’t part with? Or maybe you are just facing the choice of a new blanket for your dog? If so, I sincerely hope that you will find the one most suitable for your dog.


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