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An orthopedic mattress for dogs is a solution that provides your pet with maximum comfort when resting and sleeping. This bedding is particularly suitable for older dogs with skeletal problems, but also for puppies whose bones are developing intensely.

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Dog orthopedic mattress for your pooch

Every dog needs his own place where he feels safe and which additionally supports his health. With the needs of pets in mind, we at Bowl&Bone Republic have developed the BLISS line of orthopedic mattresses, which are dedicated to older dogs with various health problems, as well as puppies and representatives of breeds that are genetically burdened with joint problems.

Dog orthopedic mattresses BLISS are made of two layers of foam – elastic and memory foam, thanks to which they provide maximum comfort for pets during rest and sleep. The insert of the orthopedic mattress is additionally secured with a cover made of waterproof material, which effectively protects the filling against leakage or dirt, which can happen when the bed is used by a puppy or pooch during convalescence.

Orthopedic mattress BLISS for a dog

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we always try to ensure that high quality and aesthetics distinguish our premium pet accessories. For this reason, we have prepared BLISS orthopedic mattresses in as many as six colours: grey, red, yellow, pink, blue and beige. You can easily match the orthopaedic dog mattresses style to your apartment’s interior. The size guide is available in three variants, and the option to sew an orthopedic mattress for a dog to size will also help.

So whether you are looking for an orthopedic mattress for a puppy or older dog with joint problems or other ailments, the BLISS orthopedic mattress will be a good choice. The BLISS mattress consists of two layers of foam that effectively protect the dog’s joints, promoting regeneration and rest. The top part of the mattress, made of memory foam, perfectly adapts to the shape of the dog and guarantees even distribution of the dog’s body weight on the surface of the lair, which has a beneficial effect on blood and lymph circulation in the body. That, in turn, translates into more effective and faster regeneration during lounging in the bed during the day and sleep.

The advantage of BLISS orthopedic mattresses for dogs is the waterproof cover, which can be easily removed and washed. In the case of puppies just learning the rules of cleanliness and older dogs that have problems walking, have undergone surgical procedures or suffer from various types of paresis, this solution provides comfort without fear of losing the original qualities of the mattress insert.

The BLISS orthopedic dog mattress can support your pet from the first months of life. It perfectly adapts to the dog’s body, which ensures proper support for the spine, bones and joints. So you can be sure that the memory foam orthopedic mattress will provide your dog with harmonious development.


What is an orthopedic dog mattress ?

An orthopedic mattress for your pet is a bed that provides additional support for your dog’s bones and joints, especially the hips and elbows. When the dog lies down on the orthopedic dog mattress, it should not feel the ground through it.

The best orthopedic mattress for a dog should have a sufficiently thick, durable, supportive filling. For this reason, the designers of Bowl&Bone Republic decided to make the orthopedic dog mattress of high-quality flexible foam and a layer of memory foam. Thanks to this, they provide adequate support to the joints, eliminating pain and preventing degeneration in the future.

Do dogs need orthopedic mattresses?

Some dogs need orthopedic mattresses to relieve joint and muscle pain caused by inflammation or injury. Orthopedic mattresses reduce their joints and muscles by evenly distributing the weight, which provides good support. Even those dogs who do not need an orthopedic mattress due to ailments can benefit from its comfort.

Providing a place to rest in this form can help your best four-legged friend feel better and potentially prevent degeneration and injury. For this reason, BLISS orthopedic mattresses are also recommended for puppies and dogs during recovery, for example, after an illness or surgery.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress for a dog?

The best orthopedic mattresses for dogs provide cushioning and support that relieves pressure on joints and muscles. The BLISS orthopedic mattresses for dogs offered by Bowl&Bone Republic are made of two layers – 5 cm thick elastic foam on the bottom and an additional 3 cm thick layer of memory foam.

This combination gives excellent results in supporting the joints of both older and puppies. That is a fundamental issue for breeds genetically burdened with these problems.

An additional advantage of BLISS orthopedic mattresses is waterproof covers that you can wash without fear of losing their quality. Therefore, BLISS dog mattresses are conducive to health while guaranteeing many moments of blissful relaxation for dogs.

How do you know that a dog needs an orthopaedic mattress for a dog?

Observation of your four-legged friend will tell you if your pooch needs an orthopedic mattress. If you notice that your dog:

– He has difficulty getting in and out of a typical bed

– after sleeping all night on a regular bed, he is stiff and moves slowly,

– cannot settle comfortably on a regular bed and constantly changes positions,

– does not want to sleep in his usual bed and looks for alternatives at home,

then orthopedic mattresses for dogs may be the best choice.

Can only older dogs use an orthopedic mattress?

Not. We can choose the orthopedic mattress for older dogs that suffer from joint pain and other ailments, puppies whose joints are still developing, and for all representatives of breeds that, due to genetic burden, are at risk of degeneration within the joints.

We recommend the orthopedic mattresses for dogs that struggle with:

– arthritis,

– hip dysplasia,

– bone or soft tissue injuries

– significant thinness of the figure.

Orthopedic mattress for a dog – should it have a memory foam filling?

An orthopedic dog mattress should have an appropriately selected filling to protect a quadruped’s joints effectively, bones and spine. In this role, memory foams work best, as they remember the shapes of dogs, giving them the maximum sense of comfort.

BLISS orthopedic mattresses, signed with the Bowl&Bone Republic logo, are made of memory foam and a layer of elastic foam. Thanks to their combination, the dog bed is over 8 cm thick with the cover, which effectively protects your pet’s joints from the hardness of the ground.

Orthopedic mattress for a dog – what will happen when your dog doesn’t have one?

If you are looking for a bed for a dog that has joint problems or is elderly, your four-legged friend probably already suffers from pain. Specialist bedding is needed to ease these symptoms, so the progressive disease and age do not cause further complications.

Orthopedic mattresses are made of a special foam that adapts to the dog’s body to protect muscles and bones. Without this support, your dog may feel worse.

An orthopedic mattress is also suitable for puppies and breeds genetically at risk of joint dysfunction. Using it from the first months of a pet’s life should be treated as prophylaxis

Orthopedic mattress for a quadruped – is it worth buying?

Orthopedic mattresses for dogs differ from traditional beds, mainly in filling. Their size, cover or aesthetics do not differ from those commonly available on the market. The BLISS orthopedic mattresses have elastic and memory foam inside, thanks to which it adapts to the dog’s body without any problem.

The cover is waterproof and, at the same time, pleasant to the skin of the dog material, guaranteeing quality and long and trouble-free use. The purchase of a dog mattresses with orthopedic properties is, therefore, a rational choice if you have a puppy. It works well too when your dog suffers from joint pain or other ailments and requires specialist care – then the BLISS orthopedic dog mattress will always be a great choice.

What sizes is an orthopedic dog mattress available in?

The BLISS orthopedic dog mattress is available in three standard sizes:

S – 60 cm x 50 cm x 15 cm,

M – dimensions 75 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm,

L – dimensions 95 cm x 75 cm x 22 cm.

However, if your pooch has different needs and preferences, Bowl&Bone Republic designers can sew orthopedic dog mattresses to size.

What colours is the BLISS orthopedic mattress available in?

The orthopedic mattresses for a dog is also available in several colours, apart from the wide size. Thanks to this, you can easily match its style to the interior of your home. Decide whether you choose an orthopedic bed in grey, red, yellow, pink, blue or beige.

How to order an orthopedic mattress for a dog to size?

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we perfectly understand the needs of dogs and their owners. We also know how important comfort is for older quadrupeds and puppies or dogs struggling with various ailments.

We offer the possibility of sewing an orthopedic bed for a dog to size for each dog that needs to rest in comfortable conditions conducive to a quick recovery.

To place an order for an orthopedic mattress, please send an email to info@bowlandbone.com. Please specify your preferred size and colour. Our designers will prepare an orthopedic mattress for your dog in about five working days.

Can an orthopedic mattress for a dog be washed?

The orthopedic mattress for a dog BLISS is made of elastic and memory foam. The cover’s waterproof material and the zipper installed make it easy to take off and perform care treatments when needed.

We know perfectly well that dogs using an orthopedic mattress face various health problems. If the orthopedic mattress gets dirty, you can remove the cover and wash it – both by hand and in the washing machine in a delicate/manual cycle at a temperature of up to 30 ° C. To maintain the highest quality of the bedding, please do not chlorinate it, and do not use bleach or dry clean it. After cleaning, remember to dry your dog’s orthopedic mattresses completely.

Orthopedic mattress BLISS for a dog – where is it produced?

Orthopedic beds BLISS for dogs are produced in Poland. Thanks to this, we have complete control over the process of their creation, which means high quality, durability, functionality and aesthetics.

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