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Your dog’s feelings

a small dog in the blue dog bed

How do dogs show their sympathy, and how do they communicate that someone is not particularly close to their heart? It’s good to know what emotions speak through your pet. That allows you to understand what your dog likes and what he tries to avoid. Dogs show that they want someone in a different way than we do. Do you know how they do it?

Dog’s feelings

Communication between a dog and his owner seems to be very simple. However, we often forget how we express ourselves differs from how our dog feels.

So how to find out what the dog thinks and his attitude towards other people he meets or us?

Dogs mostly communicate through their behaviour. They express their attitude towards a given person, object or situation through what they do. Observing the dog’s behaviour and awareness of the meaning of the signs the pet is trying to convey will help us understand his feelings.

The dog shows sympathy or dislikes in his way, utterly different from what we might expect. A dog’s feelings manifest differently, so knowing how to read them correctly is worth knowing.

Do you know how your dog shows his feelings?

First, it is essential to distinguish your pet’s negative feelings from positive ones. That will allow you to react appropriately in a given situation and be aware of how you should behave towards the dog.

a dog sits on the dog bed

How a dog shows affection

– tail wagging

That is perhaps one of the most popular signs of showing affection by a dog. Yes, wagging the tail by a quadruped means the dog is happy to see us. However, the matter is a bit more complex.

It depends on how the dog moves his tail.

When the dog wags his tail from side to side, sits more or less in the middle of his height, and has a relaxed body posture, the pet is happy. That is how he shows us that he is pleased to see us.

However, if we notice that the dog has his tail set vertically and the movements it makes seem nervous and impulsive, it is a sign that the pet is concerned about something.

It is essential to distinguish between these two dogs’ behaviours and what they are trying to communicate to their environment.

licking the face

Although this form of showing affection by a dog is not entirely considered pleasant by people, in the eyes of a pet, it is one of the most tender gestures he can make towards his guardian.

The dog wants to show us his gratitude and affection and lick us on the face.

– looking for your scent

Surely you had noticed more than once when you came home that your dog decided to adopt something of yours while you were away. What’s more, the dog did not destroy this item at all. It lies in the pet’s bed or another place it likes.

Why is this happening? Your dog is so attached to you that he misses you when you are away. The pet looks for your scent to ease the feeling of loneliness a bit.

He often finds one of his shoes in my dog’s LOFT bed when he returns from work.

– not stepping aside

If your pet is with you almost all the time when you are at home, you can be sure that he has great sympathy for you. The dog behaves this way because he feels safe with you and knows nothing threatens him then. He wants to always have you with him because your presence gives the dog great joy.

This behaviour also means you are a role model for your dog, who admires your every move.

How a dog shows that he doesn’t like someone

an adverse reaction to the voice

Dogs have excellent hearing. They can recognize many sounds that are barely audible to humans. Hearing is essential for them, through which they essentially analyze and discover what surrounds them. Dogs can easily recognize human voices and assign them to a specific person.

The sound of the voice of someone close to you is charming for the dog. The situation is quite the opposite in the case of a person the dog does not like. The very sound of this person’s voice can make the dog feel anxious and dissatisfied.

avoiding eye contact

Making eye contact for a dog means something different in the case of a human than in another quadruped.

By looking straight into the eyes of another pet, the dog shows his readiness to confront or start a clash.

The situation is entirely different in the case of human interaction. The dog quickly understands that when he stares pleadingly straight into his guardian’s eyes for a long time, sooner or later, he will be able to ask for his favourite treat effectively.

Therefore, maintaining eye contact does not make much sense if the dog does not like a person.

– no response to the call

If a dog doesn’t particularly like someone, it will try to ignore any attempts to interact with that person. Such a dog will not respond to his calls.

Moreover, if the dog is particularly hostile towards someone, he does not want to play or spend time together.

a samll dog with a red scarf stands on the floor

Understand your dog’s feelings

A dog’s feelings are significant and should be respected accordingly. After all, dogs are living creatures, just like us, full of emotions; they can like something or someone or, on the contrary, be harmful.

Dogs don’t form their opinions about people too hastily. Before they fully trust someone, they need to ensure they can feel safe and secure with that person.

The same is true when the dog has a negative attitude towards someone. That is not a coincidence; the dog had severe reasons to stop liking someone.

If your pet suddenly stopped liking someone around you, think about what could have caused it. Please share your insights with me in the comments.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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