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The best dog breed for a child

Are you wondering which doggie is best for your child? First, one who will become his best and most devoted friend, who will be patient and understanding towards some of the behaviours of the youngest. It is worth it that you adjust the dog breed to our child’s age.

A dog breed for a child: which one is the best?

If we decide to enlarge our family with a four-legged friend, it is worth choosing a breed that feels good in the company of children if we are parents. However, when making a choice, we should be guided primarily by the character traits of a breed, not children’s temporary preferences. Most importantly, the dog should be a good friend and part of our family. Which dog for a child is the best, then?

At the outset, it should be clear to everyone that the new dog will be a particular member of our family, not its addition. Make everyone aware, especially children, that the dog is a living creature that needs to be looked after, regardless of the weather, humour or other factors.

Therefore, if we decide to take care of a dog only because of the requests of our youngest, it is worth considering this decision seriously and considering all the pros and cons.

Taking care of a dog is a very responsible and demanding task. It is a critical decision that brings much joy into your home and additional responsibility for years to come.

What dog breed for a child: big or small?

A common stereotype repeated when choosing a dog breed raised in the same house with children is the preference for small quadrupeds. However, this is not always the right approach. Why? Find out which breed of dog will work best for your child.

Small dog

If we decide on a dog as one of the tiny breeds, there is a possibility that the child will accidentally hurt the pet. We are not able to predict the behaviour of the youngest. The child may perceive the little dog as one of the toys and, as a result, pull the dog by the ears or tail.

That is especially true of very young children who cannot fully comprehend the world around them. Therefore, in such a case, choosing a dog breed for children like the Chihuahua is not a very good idea.

dog in the grey hoodie

Big dog

On the other hand, let’s consider the issue of choosing a large dog breed for children. Parents who own a large house with a garden make this decision. They believe that the bigger dog should not be a problem as he will have a large area at his disposal. Consequently, the child and the dog will not confront each other as often as in the case of a small apartment.

Remember, however, that a big dog, even a gentle one, can cause fear in a child with his posture. A 2 or 3-year-old may feel insecure or uncomfortable around a large dog. A small child will not fully understand that this large, fluffy dog ​​can become his best friend.

Choosing the size of a dog is a very individual matter. We cannot clearly define the dog size that will suit children of all ages. First, we should approach the subject rationally, considering our child’s personification.

An important issue is his empathy towards animals, timidity, and fear of the unknown. Only then should we decide the size of our new family member.

What dog breed is for a child of a certain age?

The nature and needs of a child change with time. So, our 5-year-old can get along better with a given dog than an adolescent.

Of course, this does not mean that when our little child grows up, we should decide on a new dog. In no case! When considering what dog breed is most suitable for a child, consider the moment they first meet and begin forming a relationship.

A young child

When deciding on a dog with a young child, remember that we cannot expect full responsibility from him and help with the pet. Presumably, the vast majority of duties will fall on us. Nevertheless, helping with caring for the dog works excellently for the child’s development and stimulates empathy and respect for animals. So what kind of dog should we choose when we already have a few-year-old child?

If we are targeting smaller dogs, it is worth considering such breeds for children as Cavalier, Cocker Spaniel or Maltese. Dogs of these breeds will surely be good buddies for a child. Their joyful and quite lively personification will work well in contact with an equally energetic child. Playing together will bring great joy to the child and our four-legged friend.

However, if the choice falls on a slightly larger dog, I suggest a samoyed, Scottish shepherd collie or wheaten. These dogs are friendly to children while being patient enough to deal with the frequent unruly of the youngest. A dog breed for a toddler should be somewhat playful and energetic, with a good temper and calm ability


Choosing a dog breed for a teenager gives us more significant  ​​possibilities. First, we can count on the help of our child in caring for the pet. Some activities, such as feeding the dog or going for walks with him, can be easily delegated to a teenager.

Remember that your child should bring a case for MINI pouches. They can learn how to clean up after their dog.

Moreover, most teens want to be able to choose their dog breed, and we shouldn’t forbid them to do so. Of course, everything is within common sense. It would be best if you discussed each choice of a child. Such a decision should be supported by thorough verification and made as rationally as possible. Sometimes it isn’t easy in such a situation to separate emotions from logical thinking, but you always have to try.

a dog with a blue harness on the leash

Very often, a dog for a teenager becomes his true, faithful friend. It is worth bearing in mind when deciding on a specific dog breed for children of this age.

So, such a pet should be open to another person, like his company, and also be able to form a strong bond with its owner. Examples of such dogs are representatives of breeds such as the German Shepherd, Retriever and Irish Setter.

What breeds should you avoid if the dog is to be looked after by a teenager? First, very demanding. We should remember that the enthusiasm and commitment to caring for a dog often weaken in older children.

Admittedly, a teenager will still be strongly associated with his pet. However, he may forget to brush regularly in the case of dogs with demanding coats, or he may not have enough time for long walks.

Each period in a child’s life has its own rules. There comes a time when there are so many classes that it is sometimes difficult to reconcile everything. It is worth considering all of this when planning a four-legged friend.

a dog on the blanket

The dog is the child’s best friend

Caring for a child and a four-legged pet at the same time is often quite a challenge. However, they say with certainty that a child growing up in the company of a dog learns responsibility, empathy and love.

What’s more, the dog often becomes the best friend, the confidant of the greatest secrets and support in the difficult moments of your child.

Choosing the best dog breed for a child is essential. However, the bond that will be born between them is the most critical, incomparable to any other relationship.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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